Event: Thundersports Gold Cup Meeting Oulton ParkDate: 17.4.1987
Track: Oulton Park (United Kingdom), unknown lengthOrganiser: unknown

Thundersports Oulton Park

Thundersports (round 1)

(Car Appearance)

1Lola T530 ChevroletHaslereme Sports Cars Ltd.red (+white/silver)FAILSAFE/FALMER JEANS/CSF for all your digital systemsAvonopenmid
2Lola T530 ChevroletBurke Ratcliffe Racing Ltd.white (+green/yellow)Burke Ratcliffe RacingAvonopenmid
10March 827 ChevroletSimpson Engineering Ltd.white/red (+silver)Camelot Cars Couriers Ltd./SimpsonAvonopenmid
29Lotus Esprit CosworthTony Sugdenyellowclosedmid
33Harrier LR5 FordBlue Hawk Home Improvement Productswhite/red (+blue)BLUE HAWKopenmid
51Lola T492 FordJohn Lord-mid
55Grange 85T BMWForth Electrical Servicesopenmid
66Lola T594C HartDon Platerblueopenmid
71TOJ SC205 BMWF.A.I./Motive Trupartred/white (+black)FAI/GOOD YEARAvonopenmid
76Royale RP42 FordFulmar Racing with Formula Servicesyellowopenmid
77Royale RP42 FordSealink British Ferries with Fulmar Racing-mid
81Royale RP37 FordDavid Buckley/Max Wardopenmid
82Royale RP37 FordBill Coombs-mid
99Shrike P15 FordSpeedsport Promotions-mid

Entered cars that did not arrive:

8BMW M1 ChevroletStraight Six Historic Racingclosedmid
9Frissbee GR3 ChevroletPlumtree-Wykehams Racingopenmid
27Lola T492 FordDave Fletcher--
30Dome RC83/87 ChevroletDirect Car Firms (U.K.) Ltd.--
31Grid S1 FordJames Stevensonopenmid
52Chevron - BMWCRW Racing--
96Tiga SC87 FordAnrick Engineering/Hilton Racing--