Event: 4 Hours of Le CastelletDate: 26.8.2017
Track: Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet (France), 5.861 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Le Mans Cup Paul Ricard

Le Mans Cup (round 4)

(Car Appearance)

3Norma M30 NissanDKR EngineeringMichelinclosedmid
4Ligier JS P3 NissanCool Racing by GPCMichelinclosedmid
5Mercedes-AMG GT3RAM RacingMichelinclosedfront
7Mercedes-AMG GT3Lee MowleMichelinclosedfront
8Lamborghini Huracan GT3SVC Sport ManagementMichelinclosedmid
9Ligier JS P3 NissanDuqueine EngineeringMichelinclosedmid
14Ligier JS P3 NissanRLR M SportMichelinclosedmid
22Ligier JS P3 NissanUnited AutosportMichelinclosedmid
23Ligier JS P3 NissanUnited AutosportMichelinclosedmid
33Ligier JS P3 NissanIbran Pardo JavierMichelinclosedmid
46Lamborghini Huracan GT3EbimotorsMichelinclosedmid
48Ligier JS P3 NissanKox RacingMichelinclosedmid
53Ligier JS P3 NissanM. Racing - YMRMichelinclosedmid
55Ligier JS P3 NissanSpirit of RaceMichelinclosedmid
65Ligier JS P3 NissanGraffMichelinclosedmid
75Audi R8 LMSOptimum RacingMichelinclosedmid
79Ligier JS P3 NissanNielsen RacingMichelinclosedmid
98Ligier JS P3 NissanMotorsport98Michelinclosedmid
99Ligier JS P3 NissanN'RaceMichelinclosedmid

Entered cars that did not arrive:

44Ligier JS P3 NissanSPV MotorsportMichelinclosedmid
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344 - Alfa Romeo 1900 TI