Event: Date: 6.8.1963
Track: Brands Hatch Circuit (United Kingdom), unknown lengthOrganiser: British Racing and Sports Car Club

Guards Trophy Brands Hatch [S2.0]

Non championship race

(Car Information)

41Lotus 23Climax1960 cc L4 N/A
42Attila Mk.2Climax1960 cc N/A
43Cooper MonacoClimax1960 cc N/A
44Lotus 23Ford1650 cc N/A
45Lotus 23Ford1594 cc N/A
46Lotus 23Ford1594 cc N/A
47Lotus 23Ford1594 cc N/A
48Lotus 23Ford1594 cc N/A
49Lotus 23Ford1594 cc N/A
50Elva Mk VIIFord1594 cc N/A
51Elva Mk VIIFord1594 cc N/A
52Brabham BT5Ford1594 cc DOHC N/A
54Elva Mk VIIClimax1148 cc N/A
56Lotus 23Ford1098 cc N/A
57Lotus 23Ford1098 cc N/A
58Lotus 23Ford1098 cc N/A
59Lotus 23Ford1098 cc N/A
60Lotus 23Ford1098 cc N/A
61Elva Mk VIIFord1098 cc N/A
62Elva Mk VIIClimax1098 cc N/A
63Merlyn Mk.6Ford1098 cc N/A
65Lola Mk.1Climax1098 cc N/A
66DRW Mk.5Ford1098 cc N/A
67Diva GT1098 cc N/A
68Lotus 23Ford1098 cc N/A
71Lotus 23Ford1098 cc N/A

Entered cars that did not arrive:

53Merlyn Mk.4Climax1475 cc N/A
55Deep Sanderson 3011139 cc N/A
64Merlyn Mk.6Climax1098 cc N/A
69Brabham Ford1594 cc N/A
70Lola Mk.1Climax1098 cc L4 N/A
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