Event: Carrera PanamericanaDate: 23.11.1953
Track: Carrera Panamericana (Mexico), unknown lengthOrganiser: unknown

Carrera Panamericana

(Car Information)

1Chrysler New YorkerChrysler N/A
3Chrysler New YorkerChrysler N/A
4Ferrari 340 Mexico0222ATFerrari4100 cc N/A
5Ferrari 250 MM0352MM=>0239EUFerrari3000 cc V12 N/A
6Talbot-Lago T26GS110 055Talbot N/A
7Gordini T24S0036SGordini2500 cc N/A
8Gordini T16S0038SGordini2000 cc N/A
9Packard Motto SpecialPackard
10Solana Oldsmobile
11Caballo de Hiero Oldsmobile N/A
12Ferrari 375 MM0358AMFerrari4500 cc N/A
13Glasspar Mercury
14Cadillac Cadillac
15Ferrari 375 MM0318AMFerrari4500 cc N/A
16Chrysler New YorkerChrysler
17Kurtis Kraft 500Cadillac5400 cc N/A
18Jaguar C-typeXKC 029JaguarL6 2v DOHC N/A
19Ford V8FordV8
20Chrysler New YorkerChrysler
21Kurtis Kraft 500Chrysler
22Lancia D240003Lancia3099 cc V6 N/A
23Ferrari 375 MM0322AMFerrari4494 cc V12 N/A
25Jaguar XK120Jaguar3442 cc L6 2v DOHC N/A
26Ferrari 375 MM0320AMFerrari4494 cc V12 N/A
34Lancia D240002Lancia3099 cc V6 N/A
35Ham Special
36Lancia D240004Lancia3099 cc V6 N/A
38Lancia D230001Lancia3000 cc N/A
45Ferrari 375 MM0286AMFerrari4500 cc V12 N/A
50Lancia D230002Lancia3100 cc
51Lincoln Capri N/A
52Lincoln CapriLincolnV8 N/A
53Lincoln Capri N/A
54Lincoln Capri N/A
55De Soto Diplomat N/A
56Chrysler New YorkerChrysler N/A
57Chrysler New YorkerChrysler N/A
58Cadillac Series 62Cadillac N/A
59Packard MayfairPackard N/A
60Lincoln Capri N/A
61Lincoln Capri N/A
63Lincoln Capri N/A
64Lincoln Capri N/A
65Lincoln Capri N/A
66Chrysler New YorkerChrysler N/A
67Chrysler New YorkerChrysler N/A
69Lincoln Capri N/A
70Chrysler New YorkerChrysler N/A
72Cadillac Series 62Cadillac N/A
73Oldsmobile 88Oldsmobile N/A
74Packard MayfairPackard N/A
75Mercury MontereyMercury N/A
79Lincoln Capri N/A
80Cadillac Series 62Cadillac N/A
82Lincoln Capri N/A
83Lincoln Capri N/A
85Lincoln Capri N/A
87Oldsmobile 88Oldsmobile N/A
88Buick Buick N/A
89Oldsmobile 88Oldsmobile N/A
92Cadillac Series 62Cadillac N/A
93Buick Buick N/A
95Lincoln Capri N/A
96Mercury MontereyMercury N/A
97Mercury MontereyMercury N/A
99Lincoln Capri N/A
101Chrysler New YorkerChrysler N/A
102Oldsmobile 88Oldsmobile N/A
103Oldsmobile 88Oldsmobile N/A
113Oldsmobile 88Oldsmobile N/A
114Oldsmobile 88Oldsmobile N/A
118Lincoln Capri N/A
121Lincoln Capri N/A
147Mercury MontereyMercury N/A
148Mercury MontereyMercury N/A
149Lincoln Capri N/A
150Cadillac Series 62Cadillac N/A
151Porsche 356Porsche1500 cc F4 2v OHV N/A
152Porsche 55002Porsche1500 cc F4 N/A
153Porsche 356 SL356/2-062Porsche1488 cc F4 2v OHV N/A
154Porsche 55001Porsche1500 cc N/A
155Borgward Hansa 1500 RSBorgward1500 cc L4 N/A
156Borgward Hansa 1500 RSBorgward1500 cc L4 N/A
157Osca MT41134OscaL4 N/A
158Porsche 356 SuperPorscheF4 2v OHV N/A
159Porsche 55003Porsche1500 cc F4 N/A
160Porsche 55004Porsche1500 cc F4 2v DOHC N/A
162Porsche 356 SuperPorsche1500 cc F4 2v OHV N/A
165Siata 208SBS5031600 cc V8 N/A
199Porsche 356 SL356/2-054Porsche1488 cc F4 2v OHV N/A
200Porsche 356PorscheF4 2v OHV N/A
201Ford V8FordV8 N/A
202Ford V8FordV8 N/A
203Studebaker ChampionStudebaker N/A
204Hudson Jet N/A
205Plymouth BelvederePlymouth N/A
207Ford V8FordV8 N/A
208Plymouth BelvederePlymouth N/A
209Ford 6Ford N/A
210Studebaker ChampionStudebaker N/A
211Ford 6Ford N/A
212Ford 6Ford N/A
213Ford 6Ford N/A
214Studebaker ChampionStudebaker N/A
215Nash Statesman N/A
216Ford 6Ford N/A
217Chevrolet 210Chevrolet N/A
218Ford 6Ford N/A
219Chevrolet Chevrolet N/A
220Chevrolet 210Chevrolet N/A
221Ford 6Ford N/A
222Plymouth BelvederePlymouth N/A
223Ford 6Ford N/A
224Ford 6Ford N/A
225Hudson Jet N/A
226Ford 6Ford N/A
227Ford VictoriaFord N/A
228Ford VictoriaFord N/A
229Ford VictoriaFord N/A
230Chevrolet Chevrolet N/A
232Ford 6Ford N/A
233Ford 6Ford N/A
234Willys AeroWillys N/A
235Hudson Jet N/A
236Ford V8FordV8 N/A
238Ford 6Ford N/A
239Ford 6Ford N/A
240Chevrolet Chevrolet N/A
241Ford 6Ford N/A
242Ford 6Ford N/A
243Chevrolet 210Chevrolet N/A
244Chevrolet 210Chevrolet N/A
245Chevrolet 210Chevrolet N/A
246Ford VictoriaFord N/A
247Chevrolet Chevrolet N/A
248Ford 6Ford N/A
249Ford 6Ford N/A
250Kaiser Manhattan N/A
251Ford VictoriaFord N/A
252Ford VictoriaFord N/A
253Ford VictoriaFord N/A
254Ford VictoriaFord N/A
255Chevrolet Chevrolet N/A
256Chevrolet 210Chevrolet N/A
257Chevrolet 210Chevrolet N/A
258Ford 6Ford N/A
259Chevrolet 210Chevrolet N/A
261Ford 6Ford N/A
262Ford 6Ford N/A
265Ford 6Ford N/A
266Ford 6Ford N/A
267Ford 6Ford N/A
268Chevrolet Bel AirChevrolet N/A
269Ford 6Ford N/A
270Willys AeroWillys N/A
271Chevrolet 210Chevrolet N/A
272Ford 6Ford N/A
273Chevrolet 210Chevrolet N/A
275Ford 6Ford N/A
276Ford 6Ford N/A
277Ford 6Ford N/A
278Ford 6Ford N/A
279Chevrolet 210Chevrolet N/A
280Ford 6Ford N/A
282Ford 6Ford N/A
285Plymouth BelvederePlymouth N/A
286Chevrolet Chevrolet N/A
288Chevrolet 210Chevrolet N/A
290Ford 6Ford N/A
295Ford 6Ford N/A
296Mercury MontereyMercury N/A
300Ford 6Ford N/A

Entered cars that did not arrive:

2Thorne-Sparks Sport
14Jaguar C-typeJaguarL6 2v DOHC N/A
24Lancia Lancia
47Post Chrysler
48Post Chrysler
62Jaguar Mk VIIJaguar
68Lincoln Capri N/A
76Chrysler New YorkerChrysler
78Chrysler New YorkerChrysler
81Lincoln Capri N/A
84Chrysler New YorkerChrysler
86Chrysler New YorkerChrysler
90Chrysler New YorkerChrysler
91Mercury Mercury
94Mercury Mercury
98De Soto Diplomat
100Lincoln Capri N/A
105Packard Packard
106Lincoln Capri N/A
142Mercury Mercury
206Ford V8FordV8
209Chevrolet 210Chevrolet
215Studebaker Studebaker
222De Soto Diplomat
231Ford 6Ford
237Ford Ford
252Ford V8FordV8
253Ford V8FordV8
260Chevrolet 210Chevrolet
263Chevrolet 210Chevrolet
264Ford 6Ford
274Ford 6Ford
279Ford 6Ford
281Ford 6Ford
283Ford Ford
284Ford Ford
289Ford Ford
291Ford 6Ford
292Chevrolet 210Chevrolet
293Kaiser Manhattan
294Kaiser Manhattan
Jaguar C-typeXKC 038Jaguar3442 cc L6 2v DOHC N/A
Ferrari 212 Export0292MFerrariV12 N/A
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01 - Riley Mk XXVI Ford #MkXI-004=>AA-004 - Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates