Event: Nissan presents The Camel Grand Prix of Southern CaliforniaDate: 22.10.1989
Track: Del Mar Fairgrounds Road Circuit (United States), 2.575 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Del Mar 2 Hours

(Car Information)

0Porsche 962004=>104CPorsche2994 cc F6 Turbo
00Porsche 962007Porsche2994 cc F6 Turbo
01Spice SE87L001Pontiac3000 cc L4 N/A
4Spice SE88P002Buick3000 cc V6/90° 2v N/A
5Alba AR9001Buick4500 cc V6 N/A
9Spice SE88PBuick3000 cc V6 N/A
12Tiga GT287342Chevrolet3000 cc V6 N/A
19Tiga GT288367Buick3000 cc V6 N/A
33Spice SE89P001Pontiac5300 cc V8/90° 2v N/A
34Spice SE89P002Pontiac5000 cc V8 N/A
55Spice SE86CLPSGTPL2Pontiac3000 cc L4 N/A
60Jaguar XJR-10389AdvancedJaguar3000 cc V6 Turbo
61Jaguar XJR-10589AdvancedJaguar3000 cc V6 Turbo
62Spice SE88Pex-worksPontiac5300 cc V8 N/A
63Kudzu DG-1001Mazda13B Racing1308 cc 2R RotaryHewland DGZ
64Spice SE89P003Chevrolet6000 cc V8 N/A
67Porsche 962108C (C02)ChapmanPorscheType 962/722994 cc F6 2v SOHC Turbo
79Spice SE87L003Pontiac3000 cc L4 N/A
83Nissan GTP ZX-T88-01ChapmanNissanVG30 GTP/Electramotive3000 cc V6/60° 2v1xGarret TO3
84Nissan GTP ZX-T88-04ChapmanNissanVG30 GTP/Electramotive3000 cc V6/60° 2v1xGarret TO3
86Porsche 962121Porsche2994 cc F6 Turbo
99Eagle HF-89Toyota3S-GTM2140 cc L4 4v DOHC1xToyota 2-entry CT44-STHewland VGC-6
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