Event: Date: 17.8.1957
Track: Harewood Acres (Canada), unknown lengthOrganiser: Sports Car Club of Toronto

Harewood Acres [S2.0]

Non championship race

(Car Information)

25Triumph TR2Triumph1991 cc L4 N/A
38Arnolt-Bristol BristolL6 N/A
165Arnolt-Bristol BristolL6 N/A

Entered cars that did not arrive:

3Triumph TR2Triumph
10Triumph TR3Triumph
14Triumph TR2Triumph
16Morgan Plus 4
18Triumph TR3Triumph
19Triumph TR2Triumph
23Morgan Plus 4
28Triumph TR3Triumph1991 cc L4 OHV N/A
36Triumph TR2Triumph
37Porsche 356Porsche
67Triumph TR2Triumph
68Triumph TR2Triumph
70Porsche 356Porsche
72Porsche 356Porsche
75Triumph TR2Triumph
76Triumph TR3Triumph1991 cc L4 OHV N/A
77Triumph SpecialTriumph
79Triumph TR2Triumph
86AC Bristol
92Triumph TR3Triumph
102Porsche 356Porsche
109Triumph TR2Triumph
114Arnolt-Bristol BristolL6 N/A
333Triumph TR3Triumph
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