Event: The Lombabk Trophy Race InglistonDate: 6.10.1968
Track: Ingliston Motor Racing Circuit (United Kingdom), 1.658 kmsOrganiser: Scottish Motor Racing Club

Ingliston [Special GT]

Non championship race

(Car Information)

02Lotus 4747-GT-04-78FordLotus Twin-Cam1594 cc L4 N/A
19Fisher GT1100 cc N/A
21Lotus 4747-GT-69Ford1594 cc N/A
22Lotus 471594 cc N/A
23Chevron B8CH-DBE-53FordCosworth FVA1598 cc L4 4v DOHC N/A
24Jaynick GTLotus1600 cc N/A
26Chevron B8BMW1991 cc N/A
28Mercury GTLotusFord1148 cc N/A
29MG MidgetMG1293 cc N/A
30MG MidgetMG1293 cc N/A
31Marcos Mini1100 cc N/A
32Austin-Healey BMC2912 cc N/A
34Project FourFord1100 cc N/A
35MG MidgetMG1147 cc N/A
36Austin-Healey SpriteBMCA series1293 cc L4 N/A
40Austin-Healey SpriteBMCA series998 cc L4 N/A
98Honda S800Honda818 cc N/A

Entered cars that did not arrive:

01Chevron BMW1991 cc N/A
33Honda S800Honda791 cc N/A
37Lotus EliteClimaxFWE1216 cc L4 2v SOHC N/A
38Lotus Elan1558 cc N/A
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