Event: The Lumbermens 6-Hour Camel GT North American Sports Car ChampionshipDate: 5.9.1982
Track: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course (United States), unknown lengthOrganiser: unknown

Mid-Ohio 6 Hours

(Car Information)

00Lola T600HU7ChevroletV8 N/A
01Ford MustangFordV8 N/A
05Porsche 911 Carrera911 360 0610PorscheF6 2v SOHC N/A
09Porsche 935000 0009Kremer1980PorscheF6 2v SOHC Turbo
2Porsche 935K4/01Kremer1981Porsche3000 cc F6 2v SOHC Turbo
3Grid S1GA01FordCosworth DFLV8 N/A
4Lola T600HU5Chevrolet5700 cc V8 N/A
5Porsche 935935 L 1Gaaco1982Porsche3000 cc F6 2v SOHC Turbo
8Porsche 935009 00043Kremer1980PorscheF6 2v SOHC Turbo
10Chevrolet CorvetteChevroletV8 N/A
16March 82G4ChevroletV8 N/A
19Porsche 911 CarreraPorscheF6 2v SOHC N/A
22Porsche 934930 670 01621976PorscheF6 2v SOHC Turbo
25March 82G2BMWM13500 cc L6 N/A
26Porsche 914914 043 05381970PorscheF6 2v SOHC N/A
31Chevrolet CorvetteChevroletV8 N/A
32Datsun 280ZXDatsun N/A
34Porsche 924Porsche924 t/cL4 2v SOHCKKK
35Porsche 911 CarreraPorsche911/75F6 2v SOHC N/A
36Datsun 280ZXDatsun N/A
38Mazda RX-7Mazda Rotary
43Datsun 280ZDatsun N/A
44Chevrolet CamaroChevroletV8/90° 2v OHV N/A
44PJaguar XJR-5001Group 441982Jaguar/John Huber5343 cc V12/60° 2v SOHC N/A
46Porsche 935JLP-3Gaaco1981PorscheF6 2v SOHC Turbo
51Mazda RX-7Mazda Rotary
62Rondeau M382002Chevrolet5700 cc V8 N/A
63Mazda RX-7Mazda Rotary
66Mazda RX-7Mazda Rotary
70Porsche 935009 0002Kremer1979Porsche3000 cc F6 2v SOHC Turbo
72Mazda RX-7Mazda Rotary
73Chevrolet CamaroChevroletV8/90° 2v OHV N/A
74Chevron GTPBuick N/A
76Chevrolet CorvetteChevroletV8 N/A
78Porsche 911911 030 0568PorscheF6 2v SOHC N/A
82Mazda RX-7Mazda Rotary
83Datsun 280ZXDatsun2800 cc Turbo
85Lola T240Mazda Rotary
88Chevrolet CorvetteChevroletV8 N/A
91Porsche 934930 890 00141978PorscheF6 2v SOHC Turbo
92Toyota CelicaToyota N/A
95Datsun 280ZXDatsun N/A
98Toyota CelicaToyota N/A

Entered cars that did not arrive:

0Lola T600HU6ChevroletV8 N/A
08Porsche 935PorscheF6 2v SOHC Turbo
11BMW M1BMWM883498 cc L6 4v DOHC N/A
12Chevrolet CorvetteChevrolet
14Pontiac FirebirdPontiac
31Chevrolet MonzaChevrolet
33Porsche 911 CarreraPorscheF6 2v SOHC
39Porsche 911 CarreraPorscheF6 2v SOHC
40Chevrolet CamaroChevroletV8/90° 2v OHV N/A
49Chevrolet CorvetteChevrolet
64Porsche 911 CarreraPorscheF6 2v SOHC N/A
84Datsun ZDatsun
89Porsche 911PorscheF6 2v SOHC N/A
96Porsche 911 CarreraPorscheF6 2v SOHC N/A
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