Event: 4 Hours of MonzaDate: 11.5.2019
Track: Monza (Italy), 5.793 kmsOrganiser: unknown

LM Cup Monza

Le Mans Cup (round 2)

(Car Information)

2Norma M30402019NissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
3Norma M30362019NissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
4Ligier JS P3OR03-73Onroak2016NissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
5Norma M30192018NissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
7Mercedes-AMG GT3AMG GT3 190 16 0482016Mercedes-BenzM1596208 cc V8/90° 4v DOHC N/A-6
8Ferrari 4884444MichelottoFerrariF154CB3902 cc V8/90° 4v DOHC Twin-TurboFerrari/Xtrac -6
9Norma M30262018NissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
11Norma M3038NissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
14Ligier JS P3OR03-10OnroakNissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
16Ligier JS P3OR03-70Onroak2016NissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
20Norma M30372019NissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
22Ligier JS P3OR03-58Onroak2016NissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
23Ligier JS P3OR03-84OnroakNissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
24Ligier JS P3OR03-94OnroakNissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
25Norma M30172018NissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
30Norma M30202018NissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
35Mercedes-AMG GT30212Mercedes-BenzM1596208 cc V8/90° 4v DOHC N/A-6
39Norma M3009NissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
43Ligier JS P3OR03-45OnroakNissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
50Ferrari 4884412MichelottoFerrariF154CB3902 cc V8/90° 4v DOHC Twin-TurboFerrari/Xtrac -6
51Ferrari 4884274MichelottoFerrariF154CB3902 cc V8/90° 4v DOHC Twin-TurboFerrari/Xtrac -6
54Mercedes-AMG GT31442017Mercedes-BenzM1596208 cc V8/90° 4v DOHC N/A-6
55Ligier JS P3OR03-79OnroakNissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
71Ferrari 4884230MichelottoFerrariF154CB3902 cc V8/90° 4v DOHC Twin-TurboFerrari/Xtrac -6
74Ligier JS P3OR03-04Onroak2015NissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
83Lamborghini HuracánALSCGT2016000532016Lamborghini5204 cc V10/90° 4v DOHC N/AHör -6
88Porsche 991 GT3 RWP0ZZZ99ZKS199535Porsche4000 cc F6 4v DOHC N/APorsche -6
90Ligier JS P3OR03-60Onroak2016NissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
96Ligier JS P3OR03-86Onroak2017NissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
99Aston Martin Vantage AMR16A-001-1Aston MartinMercedes-AMG/AMR3982 cc V8/90° 4v DOHC2xBorg WarnerXtrac -6

Entered cars that did not arrive:

12Ligier JS P3OnroakNissanVK50VE/Nismo-Oreca5000 cc V8 N/A
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