Event: The Canadian Grand Prix for The Pepsi Cola TrophyDate: 22.9.1962
Track: Mosport Park (Canada), 3.862 kmsOrganiser: British Empire Motor Club

GP Canada Mosport

(Car Information)

1Porsche 718 WRSPorsche1998 cc F8 N/A
2Lola Mk.1BR16ClimaxFWA1098 cc L4 2v SOHC N/A
3Lola Mk.1BR4?1097 cc N/A
4Chaparral 1Troutman-BarnesChevroletV8 N/A
5Lotus 23FordCosworth1475 cc N/A
6Cooper MonacoCM/2/61Climax2699 cc L4 DOHC N/A
7Ol'Yaller Mk VII5300 cc N/A
9Lotus 23Climax1500 cc N/A
14Porsche 718 RS 61048?Porsche1587 cc N/A
15Porsche 718 RS 61066Porsche1682 cc N/A
25Lotus 19959Climax2700 cc N/A
27Porsche 718 RS 60054Porsche1587 cc N/A
36Ferrari 250 TRFerrari3000 cc V12 N/A
39Porsche 718 RS 60057Porsche1678 cc N/A
44Ferrari 330 TRI/LMFerrari4100 cc V12 N/A
65Lola Mk.1BR1011475 cc N/A
69Lotus 231475 cc N/A
71Lotus 19Climax2700 cc N/A
74Elva Mk VI1100 cc N/A
77Lotus 19953ClimaxFPF2751 cc L4 2v DOHC N/A
94Ferrari 250 TR0714TRFerrari2988 cc V12 N/A
96Lotus 199512700 cc N/A
132Lotus 15Climax1960 cc N/A
169Stebro Mk III5200 cc N/A
411Dailu Mk IunnumberedSadlerChevrolet3686030 cc V8 N/A

Entered cars that did not arrive:

8Cooper MonacoCM/4/62ClimaxFPF2700 cc L4 2v DOHC N/A
10Cooper MonacoCM/3/62Climax2500 cc N/A
11Buick MustangLister3500 cc N/A
12Bearcage SpecialMakinsBuick6380 cc N/A
17Porsche 718 RS 60Porsche1700 cc N/A
18Cooper MonacoClimax1500 cc N/A
26Porsche 718 RS 60Porsche1700 cc N/A
28De Tomaso 1500 cc N/A
29Elva Mk IV
41Ferrari DinoFerrari N/A
45Lotus Mark IXClimaxFWA1098 cc L4 2v SOHC N/A
47Ferrari Ferrari N/A
49Porsche 550Porsche1588 cc F4 2v DOHC N/A
55Comstock Chevrolet6000 cc N/A
95Ferrari 250 TRFerrari3500 cc N/A
99Porsche 718 RS 61Porsche1689 cc N/A
125Lister JaguarXK3865 cc L6 2v DOHC N/A
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