Event: Thundersports The Gold Cup Oulton ParkDate: 20.4.1984
Track: Oulton Park (United Kingdom), 3.792 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Thundersports Oulton Park

Thundersports (round 1)

(Car Information)

0Ibec P6FordCobra/Smith3795 cc V8/90° 4v DOHC N/A
1Lola T530HU10Chevrolet5700 cc V8/90° 2v OHV N/A
2Lola T610HU2FordCosworth DFL3300 cc V8 N/A
7Grid S1GA01FordCosworth DFL3300 cc V8 N/A
13Kellygirl Ford1780 cc Turbo
14Royale RP37Ford/Neil Brown2300 cc N/A
33Lola T594CMazda13B1308 cc Rotary
52Lola T594CVW1600 cc N/A
54Chevron B1971-30FordCosworth BDG/Richardson1994 cc L4 4v DOHC N/A
55Chevron B8FordCosworth FVA1594 cc L4 4v DOHC N/A
57Chevron B36B26-74-02HartCosworth BDX1995 cc L4 4v DOHC N/A
60Chevron B1971-28FordCosworth BDG1995 cc L4 4v DOHC N/A
67Chevron B60FordCosworth BDA1600 cc L4 4v DOHC N/A
68Lola T296BMWM121996 cc L4 N/A
69Martin BM8FordCosworth BDX1970 cc L4 4v DOHC N/A
71Tiga TS84FordCosworth BDX1999 cc L4 4v DOHC N/A
81Royale RP37FordPinto/Neil Brown2000 cc L4 N/A
88Lola T492FordPinto/Nelson2000 cc L4 N/A
90Chevron B60FordPinto/Neil Brown2000 cc L4 N/A
91March 84SFord/Nelson2000 cc N/A
117Chevron B60FordPinto/Swindon2000 cc L4 N/A
137Crosslé 37SFord/Aldon2000 cc L4 N/A
144Royale RP37Ford2000 cc L4 N/A

Entered cars that did not arrive:

77TOJ SC205BMWM121964 cc L4 N/A
82Royale RP37Ford/Neil Brown2000 cc N/A
98March Ford/Nelson2000 cc N/A
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