Event: The Los Angeles Times presents the 5th annual Grand Prix For Sports Cars RiversideDate: 14.10.1962
Track: Riverside International Raceway (United States), 4.184 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Grand Prix Riverside 200 Miles

(Car Information)

1Chaparral 1004Troutman-BarnesChevrolet/Traco6250 cc V8 N/A
3Lotus 19ClimaxFPF2495 cc L4 2v DOHC N/A
4Lotus 23Climax1498 cc N/A
5Cooper MonacoCM/4/62ClimaxFPF2750 cc L4 2v DOHC N/A
6Zerex SpecialF1/16/61CooperClimaxFPF2700 cc L4 2v DOHC N/A
7Porsche 718 RS 61066Porsche1585 cc N/A
8Lotus 19957Buick3617 cc V8 N/A
11Porsche 718 WRSPorsche2000 cc F8 N/A
12Scarab Mk II002Troutman-BarnesChevrolet5650 cc V8 N/A
14Porsche 718 RS 61048?Porsche1687 cc N/A
15Lotus 19953ClimaxFPF1960 cc L4 2v DOHC N/A
16Scarab Mk IVMkIVShelbyBuick3980 cc V8 N/A
17Cooper MonacoCM/2/61Climax2700 cc N/A
18Maserati Tipo 602462Maserati1998 cc L4 2v DOHC N/A
22Chaparral 1Troutman-BarnesChevrolet5650 cc V8 N/A
26Lotus 19954Climax2495 cc L4 N/A
34Lotus 23Ford1498 cc N/A
36Ferrari 250 TR0766TRFerrari3000 cc V12 N/A
37Terrible Tempest SpecialMGPontiacTempest3583 cc V8 N/A
38Twareg Mark IIAllardChrysler5400 cc N/A
55Cooper MonacoCM/3/62Climax2500 cc N/A
57Cooper MonacoCM/2/62Climax2500 cc N/A
60Porsche 718 RSKPorsche1700 cc N/A
61Maserati Tipo 151006Maserati3944 cc V8 N/A
62Maserati Tipo 151004Maserati5600 cc V8 N/A
62TMaserati Tipo 6464002Maserati2985 cc V12/60° 2v OHV N/A
63Cooper MonacoCM/3/61BuickV8 N/A
66Chaparral 1Troutman-BarnesChevrolet5450 cc V8 N/A
78Lister CostinBHL124ChevroletCorvette5400 cc V8 N/A
94Lotus 231475 cc N/A
96Lotus 19951Climax2500 cc N/A
102Lotus 19955Climax2500 cc N/A
117Maserati Tipo 6363002 LWBMaserati2970 cc V12/60° 2v OHV N/A
144Kurtis Kraft SpecialPontiac7150 cc N/A
153Maserati Tipo 612452Maserati2970 cc L4 N/A
180Cooper MonacoClimax1963 cc N/A
188Porsche 718 RS 61Porsche1700 cc N/A
192Lister CostinBHL2.59JaguarXK3800 cc L6 N/A
411Dailu Mk IunnumberedSadlerChevrolet6000 cc V8 N/A
Lotus 23Ford1500 cc N/A
Elva Maserati2900 cc N/A
Lotus 231500 cc N/A

Entered cars that did not arrive:

2Lotus 15Climax1991 cc N/A
9Elva Mk VI1475 cc N/A
10Cooper Climax1490 cc N/A
30Corvair ChallengerDodge2400 cc N/A
32Porsche RSPorsche1600 cc N/A
33Maserati 450S4502Maserati4500 cc V8/90° 2v DOHC N/A
41Lotus 19958Climax2492 cc N/A
44Lotus 231478 cc N/A
53Maserati AmericaMaserati2900 cc N/A
54Lotus 19962Buick3583 cc V8 N/A
73Jaguar Chevrolet5450 cc V8 N/A
77De Tomaso Osca1500 cc N/A
80Devin Triumph1991 cc L4 2v OHV N/A
89Mamba Mk.IBuick6500 cc N/A
95Lotus 23Climax1200 cc N/A
97L & S SpecialChevroletCorvette5450 cc V8 N/A
127Cooper MonacoFerrari1986 cc N/A
161Maserati Tipo 61Maserati2800 cc L4 N/A
212Lotus ElevenAlfa Romeo1486 cc N/A
222Porsche 718 RS 60Porsche1598 cc N/A
333Genie Mk.4BMC1096 cc N/A
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