Event: The Pepsi-Cola California Grand PrixDate: 16.10.1977
Track: Riverside International Raceway (United States), 4.099 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Can-Am Riverside

(Car Information)

0Shadow DN6CDodge5000 cc V8 N/A
1Lola T3331977Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
4Lola T333HU2Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
5Lola T332Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
6Schkee DB1T332C-HU55LolaChevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
8Lola T332HU56Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
9Lola T332HU33Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
11Elfin MR88772Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
19McLaren M8FM8D/3Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
23Bazeley SpecialChevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
24Lola T332HU51Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
25Lola T296HU88Ford2000 cc L4 N/A
36McRae GM301Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
40Lola T333HU41977Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
41Lola T333HU5Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
42Porsche SC6Porsche3000 cc
46Lola T333T400-HU12Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
47McLaren McBenderFord5000 cc V8 N/A
48Mirage GR7FordCosworth DFV2993 cc V8/90° 4v DOHC N/A
51Lola T290HU27FordCosworth1840 cc L4 N/A
52Chevron B2674-081974FordCosworth FVC2000 cc L4 4v DOHC N/A
54Chevron B1971-06FordCosworth2000 cc L4 N/A
56McLaren M8CM6B-50-09aTrojanChevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
59Lola T332HU46Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
66McLaren M8L80-04aTrojan1971Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
71Lola T332Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
77Lola T332Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
79March 77S74S-10=>77ST11974Ford2000 cc L4 N/A
80Lola T332HU42Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
85Lola T290FordCosworth2000 cc N/A
94KK 2906-136PorschePorsche2000 cc N/A
98Talon MHS-IIChevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
99Lola T294HU78Ford/Brian Hart2000 cc N/A
McLaren M6B50-09TrojanChevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A

Entered cars that did not arrive:

29Wolf Brayton 001TalonChevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
49Surtees TS8Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
67Blitzen S100Chevrolet5000 cc V8 N/A
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