Event: Date: 13.8.1960
Track: Silverstone (United Kingdom), 2.588 kmsOrganiser: Seven-Fifty Motor Club

6 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]

Non championship race

(Car Information)

1CLola Mk.1Climax N/A
31Fairthorpe Electron948 cc N/A
31AFairthorpe Electron948 cc N/A
31BFairthorpe Electron948 cc N/A
31CFairthorpe Electron997 cc N/A
32Tornado TyphoonFord933 cc L4 SV N/A
32ATornado TempestFord105E997 cc N/A
32BTornado ThunderboltTriumphTR31991 cc N/A
32CTornado TyphoonFord1172 cc L4 SV N/A

Entered cars that did not arrive:

1Lotus 17Climax N/A
1TLotus 17Climax N/A
1PLotus ElevenClimax N/A
1ALotus 17Climax N/A
1BGilby SRClimax N/A
2Lotus SevenClimax N/A
2TLotus Climax N/A
2PLotus SevenClimax N/A
2ALotus SevenClimax N/A
2BLotus ElevenClimax N/A
2CLotus SevenClimax N/A
3Jaguar D-typeJaguarXK2986 cc L6 2v DOHC N/A
3TJaguar 3.8Jaguar3781 cc N/A
3PJaguar Mk IJaguarXK3442 cc L6 2v DOHC N/A
3AJaguar C-typeJaguarXK3442 cc L6 2v DOHC N/A
3BJaguar XK120JaguarXK3781 cc L6 2v DOHC N/A
3CJaguar Mk IJaguarXK3442 cc L6 2v DOHC N/A
4Morgan Plus 41991 cc N/A
4AMorgan Plus 41991 cc N/A
4BMorgan Plus 41991 cc N/A
4CMorgan Plus 41991 cc N/A
5Yimkin Mk IV900 cc N/A
5TLMK Austin948 cc N/A
5PAC AceBristol1971 cc L6 OHV N/A
5APeerless GT2136 cc N/A
5BDRW Mk II997 cc N/A
5CToucan MG1489 cc N/A
6MG ABMCB series1588 cc L4 DOHC N/A
6PMG ABMCB series1588 cc L4 DOHC N/A
6AMG ABMCB series1588 cc L4 DOHC N/A
6BMG ABMCB series1588 cc L4 DOHC N/A
6CMG ABMCB series1489 cc L4 N/A
7TVR GranturaBMC1588 cc N/A
7TTVR Climax1460 cc N/A
7PTVR Climax1216 cc N/A
7ATVR MG1588 cc N/A
7BTVR MG1588 cc N/A
7CTVR Climax1216 cc N/A
8Austin-Healey 3000BMC N/A
8AAustin-Healey 3000BMC N/A
8BAustin-Healey 3000BMC N/A
8CAustin-Healey 3000BMC N/A
21Triumph TR3Triumph2136 cc N/A
21PTriumph TR3Triumph2136 cc N/A
21ATriumph TR2Triumph2136 cc N/A
21BTriumph TR3Triumph1991 cc N/A
21CTriumph TR3Triumph2136 cc N/A
22AAustin-Healey Sebring SpriteBMCA series975 cc L4 N/A
22BAustin-Healey Sebring SpriteBMCA series998 cc L4 N/A
22CAustin-Healey Sebring SpriteBMCA series998 cc L4 N/A
23MG ABMCB series1588 cc L4 N/A
23TMG ABMCB series1489 cc L4 N/A
23PMG ABMCB series1589 cc L4 DOHC N/A
23AMG ABMCB series1588 cc L4 DOHC N/A
23BMG ABMCB series1588 cc L4 DOHC N/A
23CMG ABMCB series1489 cc L4 N/A
24Austin-Healey 100BMC2662 cc N/A
24TAustin-Healey 100BMC2639 cc N/A
24PAustin-Healey 100BMC2639 cc N/A
24AAustin-Healey 100BMC2664 cc N/A
24BAustin-Healey 3000BMC2912 cc N/A
24CAustin-Healey 100BMC2660 cc N/A
25Lotus SevenFord1172 cc N/A
25TRae Mk.1Ford1172 cc N/A
25PScorpion Ford1172 cc N/A
25ATerrier Mk.2Ford1172 cc N/A
25BTerrier Mk.2Ford1172 cc N/A
25CD.C.M. Ford1172 cc N/A
26Lotus SevenFord1172 cc N/A
26PMayfield SpecialFord1172 cc N/A
26ALotus ElevenFord1172 cc N/A
26BValchyre Mk IFord1172 cc N/A
26CWarwick Ford1172 cc N/A
27Lotus SevenFord1172 cc N/A
27PMarcos Ford1172 cc N/A
27ALotus SevenFord1172 cc N/A
27BLotus SevenFord1172 cc N/A
27CLotus SevenFord1172 cc N/A
28Lotus SevenFord1172 cc N/A
28PLotus SevenFord1172 cc N/A
28ALotus SevenFord1172 cc N/A
28BLotus SevenFord1172 cc N/A
28CLotus SevenFord1172 cc N/A
33Austin A40BMC948 cc N/A
33TMorris MinorBMC948 cc N/A
33PMorris MinorBMC948 cc N/A
33AAustin A40BMC948 cc N/A
33BAustin A40BMC948 cc N/A
33CAustin A40BMC948 cc N/A
34Austin Seven848 cc N/A
34PMini Van848 cc N/A
34AAustin Seven848 cc N/A
34BMorris Mini Minor848 cc N/A
34CAustin Seven848 cc N/A
35Morris Mini Minor848 cc N/A
35PAustin Seven848 cc N/A
35AMorris Mini Minor848 cc N/A
35BMorris Mini Minor848 cc N/A
35CMorris Mini Minor848 cc N/A
36Austin Special747 cc N/A
36TAustin Special747 cc N/A
36PAustin Martin747 cc N/A
36AAustin TS 750747 cc N/A
36BAustin Special747 cc N/A
36CAustin A.C.747 cc N/A
37Austin Seven848 cc N/A
37PAustin Seven848 cc N/A
37AAustin Seven848 cc N/A
37BMorris Mini Minor848 cc N/A
37CMorris Mini Minor848 cc N/A
38Austin Ulster747 cc N/A
38TAustin Ulster747 cc N/A
38PAustin Ulster747 cc N/A
38AAustin Ulster747 cc N/A
38BAustin Ulster747 cc N/A
38CAustin Ulster747 cc N/A
Austin Ulster747 cc N/A
MG ABMCB series1588 cc L4 N/A
MG SpecialMG1470 cc N/A
Jaguar C-typeJaguarXK3442 cc L6 2v DOHC N/A
Beattie Special Mk III747 cc N/A
Falcon 997Ford997 cc N/A
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