Event: First Clubmen's Championship Meeting SilverstoneDate: 7.10.1961
Track: Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit (United Kingdom), 4.828 kmsOrganiser: AMOC & The Eight Clubs & Seven-Fifty Motor Club

Clubmen's Championship Silverstone - GT and Production Sports Cars

Non championship race

(Car Information)

142Jaguar E-typeJaguar3781 cc N/A
166Austin-Healey 3000BMCC series2912 cc N/A
174L.M.B. Ford1172 cc N/A

Entered cars that did not arrive:

143Fairthorpe 948 cc N/A
144Turner Alexander948 cc N/A
145Austin-Healey SpriteBMCA series994 cc L4 N/A
146Austin-Healey SpriteBMCA series994 cc L4 N/A
147Austin-Healey SpriteBMCA series990 cc L4 N/A
148Marcos 997 cc N/A
149Lotus Elite1182BristolClimaxFWE1216 cc L4 2v OHC N/A
150Lotus Elite1014P=>1006PMaximarClimaxFWE1216 cc L4 2v OHC N/A
151TVR 1216 cc N/A
152Lotus EliteEB 1460?BristolClimaxFWE1216 cc L4 2v OHC N/A
153MG MG1588 cc N/A
154MG ABMCB series1588 cc L4 N/A
155MG ABMCB series1588 cc L4 DOHC N/A
156MG ABMCB series1762 cc L4 N/A
157AC AceBristol1971 cc L6 OHV N/A
158AC 1971 cc N/A
159Triumph Triumph1991 cc N/A
160Peerless 1991 cc N/A
161Morgan Plus 41991 cc L4 N/A
162Triumph Triumph2135 cc N/A
163Triumph Triumph2186 cc N/A
164Austin-Healey BMC2639 cc N/A
165Austin-Healey 3000BMC2912 cc N/A
167Aston Martin Aston Martin2922 cc N/A
168Jaguar Jaguar3781 cc N/A
169Jaguar JaguarXK3781 cc L6 2v DOHC N/A
170Jaguar Jaguar3781 cc N/A
171Jaguar E-typeJaguarXK3781 cc L6 DOHC N/A
172Jaguar XK120JaguarXK3781 cc L6 2v DOHC N/A
173Austin-Healey SpriteBMCA series948 cc L4 N/A
175TVR 1216 cc N/A
176Triumph Triumph1991 cc N/A
177Triumph TR3Triumph1991 cc N/A
178Austin-Healey BMC2812 cc N/A
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