Event: Silverstone Club Circuit Race MeetingDate: 12.5.1968
Track: Silverstone Circuit (United Kingdom), unknown lengthOrganiser: Nottingham Sports Car Club

NSCC Silverstone [Formula Libre]

Non championship race

(Car Information)

11Lotus Seven1498 cc N/A
14Lotus Seven1498 cc N/A
15Mallock U2 Mk.61498 cc N/A
79Ford GT401038Ford4700 cc V8/90° 2v OHV N/A
80Ford GT401017Ford4727 cc N/A
147Merlyn Mk.21600 cc N/A
158Lotus 31997 cc N/A
161Brabham BT18997 cc N/A
170Brabham BT161598 cc N/A
175Cooper Cobra4727 cc N/A
179Lotus 231098 cc N/A
181Lotus 404700 cc N/A
182WRC Chevrolet4727 cc V8 2v OHV N/A

Entered cars that did not arrive:

8Lotus Seven1340 cc N/A
72Mercury GT1600 cc N/A
76Chevron B6CH-DBE-3BMW1998 cc L4 N/A
82AC CobraFord4727 cc V8/90° 2v OHV N/A
83Piper GTRFord1998 cc N/A
153Russell Alexis1600 cc N/A
162Brabham BT18998 cc N/A
163Titan 998 cc N/A
166Beagle 1498 cc N/A
168Concorde 1498 cc N/A
169Anco 1500 cc N/A
172Lotus 201500 cc N/A
173Brabham BT183500 cc N/A
174Kincraft 4700 cc N/A
180Tojeiro 4500 cc N/A
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