Event: Six-Hours and The Can-Am, The GlenDate: 24.7.1971
Track: Watkins Glen Grand Prix Course (United States), 3.907 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Watkins Glen 6 Hours

(Car Information)

1Porsche 917029=>014Porsche912F12 2v DOHC N/A
2Porsche 917035=>015Porsche9125000 cc F12 2v DOHC N/A
5Porsche 914Porsche1991 cc F6 OHC N/A
6Ferrari 512 M1040Ferrari5124994 cc V12 4v N/A
12Porsche 914470 29 00076Porsche1991 cc F6 OHC N/A
14Ferrari 512 M1020Ferrari5124994 cc V12 4v N/A
16Porsche 911 TPorsche2200 cc F6 N/A
21Ferrari 512 M10141970Ferrari5124994 cc V12 4v N/A
30Alfa Romeo T33/3Alfa Romeo3002998 cc V8 4v DOHC N/AAlfa Romeo
31Porsche 911 T118 10 429Porsche2200 cc F6
32Porsche 911 SPorscheF6
33Alfa Romeo T33/3Alfa Romeo3002998 cc V8 4v DOHC N/AAlfa Romeo
35Alfa Romeo T33/TT/3Alfa Romeo3002998 cc V8 4v DOHC N/A
36Alfa Romeo T33/3Alfa Romeo3002998 cc V8 4v DOHC N/AAlfa Romeo
37Porsche 911PorscheF6
40Ferrari 312 PB08781971Ferrari3122991 cc F12 N/A
41Chevrolet CorvetteChevrolet7000 cc V8 N/A
43Porsche 917010Porsche912F12 2v DOHC N/A
46Porsche 906113PorscheTyp 9011991 cc F6 2v SOHC N/APorsche -5
48Ferrari 512 M10441970Ferrari5124994 cc V12 4v N/A
49Chevrolet CorvetteChevrolet7000 cc V8 N/A
50Chevrolet CorvetteChevrolet7000 cc V8 N/A
57Chevrolet CorvetteChevrolet7000 cc V8 N/A
59Porsche 914914 043 2563?Porsche1991 cc F6 OHC N/A
60Lola T70SL76/1401969Chevrolet5000 cc V8/90° 2v OHV N/A
61Lola T212HU25FordCosworth FVCL4 4v DOHC N/A
63Ferrari 512 M1030Ferrari5124994 cc V12 4v N/A
64Chevrolet CorvetteChevrolet6997 cc V8 N/A
67Lola T212HU34FordCosworth FVCL4 4v DOHC N/A
68Porsche 911 SPorsche2000 cc F6
70Porsche 911PorscheF6
80Porsche 911PorscheF6 N/A
87Porsche 908/02015Porsche9083000 cc F8 2v DOHC N/A
91Chevrolet CorvetteChevroletV8 N/A
TPorsche 917016Porsche912F12 2v DOHC N/A

Entered cars that did not arrive:

3Lola T212HU18FordCosworth FVCL4 4v DOHC N/A
10Porsche 914914 043 06911970Porsche1991 cc F6 OHC N/A
11Porsche 914Porsche1991 cc F6 OHC N/A
13Porsche 911 SPorscheF6 N/A
18Chevrolet CorvetteChevroletV8
22Chevron B8BMW N/A
45Porsche 908/02018Porsche9083000 cc F8 2v DOHC N/A
53Lola T212HU27FordCosworthL4 N/A
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