Event: Divisional Championship Races Willow SpringsDate: 14.6.1964
Track: Willow Springs Race Course (United States), 4.023 kmsOrganiser: California Sports Car Club Region of SCCA

SCCA Divisional Willow Springs [GP]

(Car Information)

51MG MidgetBMCA series N/A
88Triumph SpitfireTriumph N/A
242Morgan 4/4 N/A

Entered cars that did not arrive:

7Austin-Healey SpriteBMCA seriesL4 N/A
24Triumph SpitfireTriumph N/A
32Triumph SpitfireTriumph N/A
38Austin-Healey SpriteBMCA seriesL4 N/A
56Triumph SpitfireTriumph N/A
98Morgan 4/4 N/A
99MG MidgetBMCA series N/A
143Austin-Healey SpriteBMCA seriesL4 N/A
274Triumph SpitfireTriumph N/A
278Triumph SpitfireTriumph N/A
299Austin-Healey SpriteBMCA seriesL4 N/A
311Austin-Healey SpriteBMCA seriesL4 N/A
313MG MidgetBMCA series N/A
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