Event: Argentine GPDate: 9.1.1977
Track: Buenos Aires (Argentina), unknown lengthOrganiser: unknown

GP Argentina

(Entry List)

1James HuntMarlboro Team McLaren (GB)McLarenM23Ford
2Jochen MassMarlboro Team McLaren (GB)McLarenM23Ford
2TJochen MassMarlboro Team McLaren (GB)McLarenM23Ford
3Ronnie PetersonElf Team Tyrrell (GB)TyrrellP34Ford
4Patrick DepaillerElf Team Tyrrell (GB)TyrrellP34Ford
5Mario AndrettiJohn Player Team Lotus (GB)Lotus78Ford
5TMario AndrettiJohn Player Team Lotus (GB)Lotus78Ford
6Gunnar NilssonJohn Player Team Lotus (GB)Lotus78Ford
7John WatsonMartini Racing (GB)BrabhamBT45Alfa Romeo
7TCarlos PaceMartini Racing (GB)BrabhamBT45Alfa Romeo
8Carlos PaceMartini Racing (GB)BrabhamBT45Alfa Romeo
9Alex RibeiroHollywood March Racing (GB)March761Ford
10Ian ScheckterTeam Rothmans International (GB)March761Ford
11Niki LaudaSpa Ferrari SEFAC (I)Ferrari312 T2Ferrari
11TNiki LaudaSpa Ferrari SEFAC (I)Ferrari312 T2Ferrari
12Carlos ReutemannSpa Ferrari SEFAC (I)Ferrari312 T2Ferrari
16Tom PryceShadow Racing with Tabatip (GB)ShadowDN8Ford
17Renzo ZorziShadow Racing Team (GB)ShadowDN5Ford
17TTom PryceShadow Racing Team (GB)ShadowDN5Ford
18Hans BinderDurex Team Surtees (GB)SurteesTS19Ford
18THans BinderDurex Team Surtees (GB)SurteesTS19Ford
19Vittorio BrambillaBeta Team Surtees (GB)SurteesTS19Ford
20Jody ScheckterWalter Wolf Racing (CDN)WolfWR1Ford
22Clay RegazzoniTeam Tissot Ensign Racing with Castrol (GB)EnsignN177Ford
26Jacques LaffiteLigier Gitanes (F)LigierJS7Matra
28Emerson FittipaldiCopersucar - Fittipaldi (BR)FittipaldiFD04Ford
29Ingo HoffmannCopersucar - Fittipaldi (BR)FittipaldiFD04Ford
Random Photo
7 - Matra M630 Ford #02 - Matra Sports