Event: South African GPDate: 5.3.1977
Track: Kyalami (South Africa), unknown lengthOrganiser: unknown

GP South Africa

(All Session Laps)

Pos.No.DriversCarEntrantAll BestQ Time
1st1James HuntMcLaren M23 FordMarlboro Team McLaren1:15.9601:15.960
2nd8Carlos PaceBrabham BT45B Alfa RomeoMartini Racing1:16.0101:16.010
3rd11Niki LaudaFerrari 312 T2Spa Ferrari SEFAC1:16.2901:16.290
4th4Patrick DepaillerTyrrell P34 FordElf Team Tyrrell1:16.3301:16.330
5th20Jody ScheckterWolf WR1 FordWalter Wolf Racing1:16.3501:16.350
6th5Mario AndrettiLotus 78 FordJohn Player Team Lotus1:16.3801:16.380
7th3Ronnie PetersonTyrrell P34 FordElf Team Tyrrell1:16.4401:16.440
8th12Carlos ReutemannFerrari 312 T2Spa Ferrari SEFAC1:16.5401:16.540
9th28Emerson FittipaldiFittipaldi FD04 FordCopersucar - Fittipaldi1:16.6401:16.640
10th6Gunnar NilssonLotus 78 FordJohn Player Team Lotus1:16.6501:16.650
11th7John WatsonBrabham BT45B Alfa RomeoMartini Racing1:16.7101:16.710
12th26Jacques LaffiteLigier JS7 MatraLigier Gitanes1:16.7401:16.740
13th2Jochen MassMcLaren M23 FordMarlboro Team McLaren1:16.9901:16.990
14th19Vittorio BrambillaSurtees TS19 FordBeta Team Surtees1:17.0801:17.080
15th16Tom PryceShadow DN8 FordShadow Racing with Tabatip1:17.1101:17.110
16th22Clay RegazzoniEnsign N177 FordTeam Tissot Ensign Racing with Castrol1:17.2101:17.210
17th9Alex RibeiroMarch 761 FordHollywood March Racing1:17.4401:17.440
18th10Hans-Joachim StuckMarch 761 FordTeam Rothmans International1:17.4901:17.490
19th18Hans BinderSurtees TS19 FordDurex Team Surtees1:18.0701:18.070
20th17Renzo ZorziShadow DN8 FordShadow Racing with Tabatip1:18.4201:18.420
21st33Boy HayjeMarch 761 FordRAM Racing with F & S Properties1:19.5901:19.590
22nd14Larry PerkinsBRM P201BStanley - BRM1:21.7701:21.770
23rd30Brett LungerMarch 761 FordBS Fabrications1:24.3501:24.350

Other present cars:

8TCarlos PaceBrabham BT45 Alfa RomeoMartini Racing
12TCarlos ReutemannFerrari 312 T2Spa Ferrari SEFAC
20TJody ScheckterWolf WR2 FordWalter Wolf Racing
28TEmerson FittipaldiFittipaldi FD04 FordCopersucar - Fittipaldi
1TMcLaren M23 FordMarlboro Team McLaren
5TLotus 78 FordJohn Player Team Lotus
22TEnsign N177 FordTeam Ensign
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