(Grid Positions)

GridNo.DriversCarEntrantQ Time
1st19Buddy LazierMarch 85C ChevroletTrivoli Lodge1:16.120
2nd2Bill TemperoMarch 85C ChevroletBud Light Special1:16.920
3rd46Chuck McConnellFrissbee - Chevrolet1:17.540
4th5Lou SellMarch 85C ChevroletKT 103 FM1:17.980
5th24Stuart BaumgardVDS 004 Chevrolet1:18.160
6th1Horst KrollFrissbee KR3 ChevroletHorst Kroll Racing1:19.400
7th13Al LambFrissbee GR2 Chevrolet1:19.680
8th18Jim GradelRK March 847 ChevroletGradel Racing1:25.980
9th88Mark BaileyFrissbee - ChevroletMPE1:26.340
10th4Dave SmithShadow DN8 DodgeDave Smith1:27.390
11th64Ray ReimerFrissbee Lola ChevroletRay Reimer Racing1:27.760
12th44Bill ScottMcKee Mk.18A ChevroletBill Scott Racing1:27.800
13th77Gene ForsthofelPenske PC9B ChevroletL. T. Enterprises1:27.800
14th10John MacalusoFrissbee - ChevroletSorrento Cheese1:31.340
15th57Gerald NelsonLonghorn LR03 ChevroletNelson Racing1:33.060
16th26Mike SnowMarch 85C PontiacMS Racing1:38.830
17th22Bruce LangsonLangson 02 ChevroletLangson Racing The Gunite Companyno time
18th21Wayne RutherfordMarch 85C ChevroletTexas American Race Teamsno time

Other present cars:

14Randy ZimmerMarch 83C ChevroletTexas American Race Teams

Entered cars that did not arrive:

52Cliff DawsonMarch 832 HartTrebas Institute of Recording Arts
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