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Year: 1962

11.5.1962SCCA Regional Cumberland74Mark IGerald MongGerald MongDNA
13.5.1962SCCA National Cumberland [GM+HM]45Mark IAllyn HierGerald A. Mong16th
13.5.1962SCCA National Cumberland [GM+HM]74Mark IKaye HierGerald MongDNA
3.6.1962SCCA Regional Dunkirk [GP+HM]46Mark IGerald MongA. HierDNA
3.6.1962Dunkirk Trophy [CP+DP+EP+FP+GP+HP+HM]46Mark IGerald MongA. HierDNA
3.6.1962SCCA Regional Dunkirk [GP+HM]145Mark IAllyn HierA. HierDNA
3.6.1962Dunkirk Trophy [CP+DP+EP+FP+GP+HP+HM]145Mark IAllyn HierA. HierDNA
17.6.1962SCCA National Road America [FP+HM]45Mark IKaye HierKaye M. Hier20th
19.8.1962SCCA Regional Mid-Ohio [FP+HM]11Mark IGerald MongDNA
19.8.1962SCCA Regional Mid-Ohio [FP+HM]45Mark IKaye HierDNA
26.8.1962SCCA Regional Waterford [Modified]175Mark IAllyn HierDNA
16.9.1962MGCC Mid-Ohio [Modified]11Mark IGerald MongDNA
16.9.1962MGCC Mid-Ohio [Modified]45Mark IAllyn HierDNA
22.9.1962SCCA National Watkins Glen [GM+HM]45Mark IKaye Hier10th

Year: 1963

7.4.1963SCCA National Marlboro [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM]88Mark IIChuck Dietrich12th
27.4.1963SCCA National Virginia [FP+GP+HM+HP]48Mark IKaye Hier9th
27.4.1963SCCA National Virginia [GM+FJr.+FIII]88Mark IIChuck Dietrich2nd
12.5.1963SCCA National Cumberland [GM+HM]44Mark IAl BeasleyAl BeasleyDNA
12.5.1963SCCA National Cumberland [GM+HM]45Mark IKaye HierKaye HierDNA
12.5.1963SCCA National Cumberland [GM+HM]88Mark IIChuck DietrichGerald Mong1st
1.6.1963Player's 200 Mosport88Mark IIChuck DietrichGerald Mong14th
2.6.1963SCCA Regional Dunkirk [Main]35Mark IKaye HierKaye HierDNA
2.6.1963SCCA Regional Dunkirk [Main]78Mark I AAl BeasleyA. BeasleyDNA
2.6.1963SCCA Regional Dunkirk [Main]88Mark IIChuck DietrichG. Mong2nd
15.6.1963SCCA National Lime Rock [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+HM]Mark IIChuck Dietrich4th
23.6.1963SCCA National Road America [GM+HM]Mark IIChuck Dietrich2nd
7.7.1963SCCA National Lake Garnett [CM+DM+GM]Mark IIChuck Dietrich4th
28.7.1963SCCA Divisional Mid-Ohio [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+AP+BP]Mark IIChuck DietrichDNF
4.8.1963SCCA National Meadowdale [CM+FM+GM]Mark IIChuck Dietrich8th
11.8.1963SCCA Divisional Connellsville53Mark IAllyn HierA. HierDNA
11.8.1963SCCA Divisional Connellsville88Mark IIChuck DietrichG. MongDNA
18.8.1963HM Club Waterford Hills [Class A]Mark IKaye Hier2nd
24.8.1963SCCA National Watkins Glen [GM+HM]3Mark IIChuck DietrichBobsy Division of C. W. Smith Engineering Co., Inc.1st
24.8.1963SCCA National Watkins Glen [CM+DM+EM+FM]3Mark IIChuck DietrichBobsy Div. of C. W. Smith Engineering Co., Inc.6th
24.8.1963SCCA National Watkins Glen [GM+HM]53Mark IKaye HierKaye M. HierDNA
8.9.1963500 mile Road America37Mark IIChuck DietrichGerald A. Mong for Bobsy Div. of C. W. Smith Engineering5th
22.9.1963USRRC Mid-Ohio37Mark IIChuck DietrichG. Mong - C. W. Smith Eng.8th
27.10.1963SCCA Divisional Virginia [Modified+AP+BP+CP+FJr.]73Russ NorburnDNA

Year: 1964

12.4.1964SCCA National Marlboro [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM]74Ed FuchsDNA
2.5.1964SCCA Regional Laguna Seca [FP+HM]130Chic GastChic GastDNA
17.5.1964SCCA National Cumberland [GM+HM]24Robert DornRobert DornDNA
17.5.1964SCCA National Cumberland [GM+HM]44Mark I AAl BeasleyAlvin BeasleyDNA
17.5.1964SCCA National Cumberland [GM+HM]45Mark IKaye HierKaye HierDNA
17.5.1964SCCA National Cumberland [CM+DM+EM+FM]74Mark IIEd FuchsEd FuchsDNA
17.5.1964SCCA National Cumberland [GM+HM]95John IgleheartJohn IgleheartDNA
17.5.1964SCCA Divisional Del Mar [HM]Chic Gast1st
7.6.1964SCCA Divisional Vineland [GP+HM]John Igleheart1st
14.6.1964SCCA Divisional Willow Springs [HM]130Chic GastChic GastDNA
21.6.1964SCCA Regional Thompson [Modified+AP+BP]John Igleheart?th
28.6.1964SCCA Divisional Salt Lake [HM+GP+HP+Sedan].Chic Gast?th
5.7.1964SCCA Divisional Thompson [GP+HM]John Igleheart1st
5.7.1964SCCA Divisional Courtland [Modified+AP+BP+CP+DP+Sedan+1.3]Peter Feistmann4th
11.7.1964SCCA Regional Lime Rock [GP+HM+Sedan]John Igleheart1st
12.7.1964SCCA Regional Rosemount [other]Cecil Schoenemann?th
19.7.1964SCCA Divisional Sebastian [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+AP+BP+CP+DP+EP]Peter Feistmann5th
19.7.1964OCSSCC Waterford [Modified+Production L]Mark IIRobert DornBelle Tire Sales2nd
19.7.1964Preliminary Waterford [other]Mark IIRobert Dorn?th
26.7.1964SCCA Regional Nelson Ledges [GP+HP+HM]14Mark I AAl BeasleyAl BeasleyDNA
26.7.1964SCCA Regional Nelson Ledges [GP+HP+HM]45Mark IAllyn HierKaye Hier3rd
2.8.1964SCCA Divisional Thompson [GP+HM]John Igleheart2nd
9.8.1964SCCA Divisional Connellsville [GP+HM]45Mark IAllyn HierAllyn R. HierDNA
9.8.1964SCCA Divisional Connellsville [Modified]78Mark IIMillard RipleyDNF
9.8.1964SCCA Divisional Connellsville [GP+HM]95Mark IIJohn Igleheart?th
9.8.1964SCCA Divisional Connellsville [Modified]95Mark IIJohn Igleheart?th
16.8.1964Falls Creek [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+AP+BP+CP]Mark IIMillard Ripley1st
22.8.1964SCCA National Watkins Glen [GM+HM]45Mark IAllyn HierAllyn R. HierDNA
22.8.1964SCCA National Watkins Glen [GM+HM]71Mark IIGeorge GarrettGeorge K. GarrettDNA
22.8.1964SCCA National Watkins Glen [CM+DM+EM+FM]78Mark IIMillard RipleyMillard G. Ripley4th
22.8.1964SCCA National Watkins Glen [CM+DM+EM+FM]88Mark IIChuck DietrichDr. John W. Baxter5th
22.8.1964SCCA National Watkins Glen [GM+HM]95John IgleheartJohn IngleheartDNA
30.8.1964USRRC Mid-Ohio88Mark IIChuck DietrichDNF
6.9.1964SCCA Divisional Kent Fields [FP+HM]Mark IKaye Hier1st
7.9.1964SCCA National Thompson [GP+HM]John Igleheart1st
13.9.1964500 mile Road America14Mark IIFuchs / CuomoEd FuchsDNF
13.9.1964500 mile Road America87Mark IIRipley / JenningsMillard G. RipleyDNA
13.9.1964500 mile Road America88Mark IIDietrich / BaxterDr. John W. BaxterDNA
13.9.1964SCCA Divisional Vaca Valley [HM+FP]130Chic GastChic GastDNA
13.9.1964SCCA Regional Nelson Ledges [EM+HM+CP]Al Beasley2nd
20.9.1964SCCA Regional Mid-Ohio [HM+HP+Sedan]Mark IAllyn Hier1st
27.9.1964SCCA Divisional Marlboro [HM+Sedan]71Mark IIGeorge GarrettDNA
27.9.1964SCCA Divisional Marlboro [HM+Sedan]85Mark IIJohn Igleheart1st
27.9.1964SCCA Divisional Greenwood [FP+HM]Cecil Schoenemann10th
18.10.1964SCCA Divisional Indianapolis [EM+FM+GM]Mark IIChuck Dietrich1st
25.10.1964SCCA Regional Nelson Ledges [CM+DM+DM+EM+FM+GM]Mark IIChuck Dietrich2nd
31.10.1964SCCA National Lime Rock [FP+GP+HM]John Igleheart2nd
14.11.1964US Champions Riverside [HM]14John IgleheartJohn Igleheart3rd
14.11.1964US Champions Riverside [HM]64Chic GastChic Gast4th
4.12.1964Governor's Trophy71Mark IIGeorge Garrett45th
6.12.1964Nassau Trophy71Mark IIGeorge Garrett45th

Year: 1965

3.4.1965BARC Goodwood [Sports/Clubman]71Mark IIBill GubelmannW. S. GubelmannDNF
10.4.1965LCCC Oulton Park [Sports]172Mark IIBill GubelmannBill GubelmannDNA
11.4.1965SCCA National Virginia [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+HM+CP]5Mark IIGeorge Garrett12th
11.4.1965SCCA National Virginia [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+HM+CP]9LarpEd Hessert10th
17.4.1965BRSCC Oulton Park [SR]43Mark IIBill GubelmannWilliam S. Gubelmann5th
17.4.1965SCCA Regional Lime Rock [HM+GP+HP]John Igleheart1st
19.4.1965Oxham Trophy Brands HatchMark IIBill Gubelmann?th
24.4.1965BARC Brands Hatch [Sports]9Mark IIBill GubelmannW. S. Gubelmann4th
25.4.1965SCCA National Marlboro [HM+HP]59John Igleheart1st
25.4.1965SCCA National Marlboro [HM+HP]71Mark IIGeorge Garrett3rd
25.4.1965SCCA National Stuttgart [FP+HM+Sedan]Bob Bierne?th
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