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All Results of Buckler

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Year: 1948

18.9.1948JCC Goodwood [S1.5+S1.1s/c]39SpecialDerek Buckler5th

Year: 1949

16.4.1949National Lulsgate [S2.0/1.5s]16SpecialDerek Buckler3rd
13.8.1949BARC Goodwood [Handicap]SpecialDerek Buckler3rd
13.8.1949BARC Goodwood [Handicap]SpecialDerek Buckler2nd
3.9.1949Sunbac Silverstone [Ford HP10 engined cars]SpecialDerek Buckler1st
3.9.1949Sunbac Silverstone [1.3/1.0s]SpecialDerek Buckler3rd

Year: 1950

24.6.1950National Silverstone [Handicap]31Mark VM. C. Parrott2nd

Year: 1951

26.5.1951National Silverstone [Ford/MG/Austin powered]L. Drew2nd
16.6.1951BARC Goodwood [Handicap C]11SpecialDerek BucklerC. D. F. BucklerDNA

Year: 1952

26.4.1952National Snetterton [S1.1]Ken Laverton2nd
3.5.1952National Castle Combe [2.0]G. Tapp1st
3.5.1952National Castle Combe [2.0]SpecialDerek Buckler3rd
3.5.1952National Castle Combe [1.25]SpecialDerek Buckler2nd
3.5.1952National Castle Combe [1.25]G. Tapp1st
7.6.19528 Clubs Silverstone [Handicap Motor Sport Trophy]17R. R. Rayner2nd
7.6.19528 Clubs Silverstone [Scratch 4]17R. R. Rayner3rd
7.6.19528 Clubs Silverstone [Handicap 5]17R. R. Rayner3rd
7.6.19528 Clubs Silverstone [Scratch 4]20G. Tapp4th
7.6.19528 Clubs Silverstone [Handicap 2]Tappraced
7.6.19528 Clubs Silverstone [Handicap 5]Godfreyraced
7.6.19528 Clubs Silverstone [Scratch 4]P. H. Scarf5th
7.6.19528 Clubs Silverstone [Scratch 4]SpecialDerek Buckler6th
26.7.1952National Fairwood [S1.5]72SpecialDerek Buckler2nd
4.8.1952National Thruxton [1.2]G. Tapp2nd
4.8.1952National Thruxton [1.2]G. Worsley6th
4.8.1952National Thruxton [1.2]SpecialDerek Buckler5th
6.9.1952Sunbac Silverstone [S1.5/1.2s]35Robin Carnegie3rd
11.10.1952National Silverstone [Handicap]20G. Tapp4th

Year: 1953

21.3.1953BARC Goodwood [Handicap]24Robin Carnegie5th
4.4.1953National Castle Combe [S1.2]41J. Tapp2nd
18.4.1953National Ibsley [1.5/750s]31G. Tapp3rd
18.4.1953National Ibsley [1172 Formula]31G. Tapp2nd
25.4.1953National Snetterton [Specials Handicap]SpecialR. R. Rayner2nd
25.4.1953National Snetterton [1.5]SpecialR. R. Rayner4th
11.7.1953National Snetterton [S1.1]+[S1.5]R. D. Goodchild?th
1.8.1953National Davidstow [S1.5 Heat 2]62SpecialDerek Buckler1st
1.8.1953National Davidstow [S1.5 Final]62SpecialDerek Buckler3rd
8.8.1953National Silverstone [Handicap 2.5]7W. A. Liddell3rd
8.8.1953National Silverstone [1172 Formula]7W. A. Liddell4th
29.8.19536 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]G. Worsley11th
29.8.19536 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]W. D. Binns11th
29.8.19536 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]P. Appleton19th
29.8.19536 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]J. Cookson11th
29.8.19536 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]R. R. Rayner11th
29.8.19536 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]D. Whitren11th
29.8.19536 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]J. G. Beasley19th
29.8.19536 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]SpecialDerek Buckler11th
19.9.1953National Silverstone [Handicap]34Mark VW. G. Marriott3rd

Year: 1954

9.1.1954GP Ardmore42Mark VIArthur HarrisA W Harris6th
9.1.1954GP Ardmore58Mark VIDon TilsleyA W HarrisDNA
14.3.1954SCCA National Hunter [FM+HM+FP]55SpecialDonald ClarkDNF
14.3.1954SCCA National Hunter [GM+HM+FP]55SpecialDonald ClarkDNS
20.3.1954Kirkistown [Open Handicap Final]Sidney Pentlandraced
20.3.1954Kirkistown [Open Handicap Final]E. McNallyraced
3.4.1954National Castle Combe [S1.2]45G. Tapp1st
3.4.1954National Snetterton [1.5]Mark VW. G. Marriott3rd
8.5.1954National Ibsley [1.5]+[1.3]81G. Tapp?th
26.6.1954Edenvale [S1.5]Jock Campbell8th
10.7.1954Leinster TrophySidney Pentland9th
17.7.1954British GP [S1.5]1W. A. LiddellW. A. Liddell22nd
24.7.1954National Fairwood [S1.5]43W. A. Liddell5th
14.8.1954National Silverstone [1172 Formula]33W. A. Liddell2nd
14.8.1954National Silverstone [1.2]33W. A. Liddell1st
14.8.1954Edenvale [S1.1]Mark VJock Campbell2nd
21.8.1954BARC Goodwood [Handicap]15W. A. LiddellW. A. LiddellDNA
21.8.1954BARC Goodwood [S1.25]15W. A. LiddellW. A. Liddellraced
11.9.1954National Silverstone [750 Formula]+[1172 Formula]70Mark VW. G. Marriott1st
11.9.1954National Silverstone [Handicap S1.5]70Mark VW. G. Marriott2nd
18.9.1954Sunbac Silverstone [Handicap]105Mark VW. G. Marriott2nd
18.9.1954Sunbac Silverstone [1172 Formula]105Mark VW. G. Marriott2nd
18.9.1954Sunbac Silverstone [1172 Formula]107W. A. Liddell4th
9.10.1954National Silverstone [750 Form]+[1172 Form]+[1.25]15Mark VW. G. Marriott?th

Year: 1955

8.1.1955GP Ardmore49Mark VIGordon BrownA W Harris1st
19.3.1955Kirkistown [Open Handicap Heat 1] W. Park3rd
11.4.1955National Brands Hatch [S1.2]1190Graham Waddup4th
16.4.1955BDC Oulton Park [Handicap S1.5]20J. E. PritchardJ. E. PritchardDNA
16.4.1955BDC Oulton Park [S1.5]20J. E. PritchardJ. E. PritchardDNA
16.4.1955BDC Oulton Park [S1.5]25SpecialAllan StaniforthAllan Staniforthraced
16.4.1955BDC Oulton Park [Handicap S1.5]25SpecialAllan StaniforthAllan Staniforthraced
16.4.1955National Snetterton [Handicap]Mark VW. G. Marriott2nd
16.4.1955National Snetterton [S1.5]Mark VW. G. Marriott2nd
30.4.1955NSMC Oulton Park [S1.25/S1.5]3SpecialAllan StaniforthAllan Staniforth?th
30.4.1955NSMC Oulton Park [Handicap]3SpecialAllan StaniforthAllan StaniforthDNA
30.4.1955National Ibsley [1172F+750F]44A. J. Targett6th
30.4.1955National Ibsley [1172F+750F]48Mark VW. G. Marriott5th
30.4.1955National Ibsley [S1.5+S1.2s]49G. Tapp9th
30.4.1955National Ibsley [1172F+750F]49G. Tapp3rd
30.4.1955National Ibsley [S1.5+S1.2s]97Liddell / Ravenshaw8th
14.5.1955National Silverstone [1172F+750F]22Mark VW. G. Marriott2nd
18.6.1955BARC Goodwood [S1.25]20DD1W. A. Liddell3rd
18.6.1955BARC Goodwood [S1.5]20DD1W. A. Liddell2nd
18.6.1955BARC Goodwood [Handicap]92Mark VN. Barrett2nd
25.6.1955National Silverstone [S1.1+S750s]17DD1W. A. Liddell3rd
2.7.1955National Silverstone [Scratch]22DD1W. A. Liddell1st
2.7.1955National Silverstone [Motor Sport Trophy Handicap]22DD1W. A. Liddell6th
2.7.1955NSCC Oulton Park [1172F]25J. ShanklandJ. ShanklandDNA
2.7.1955NSCC Oulton Park [1172F]31Peter HubnerP. HubnerDNA
2.7.1955NSCC Oulton Park [1172F]33Mark VW. G. MarriottW. G. Marriott5th
23.7.1955AMOC Silverstone [Handicap]11Mark VN. Barrett1st
23.7.1955AMOC Silverstone [S1.25]84DD1W. A. Liddell2nd
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