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Year: 1962

16.6.1962LCCC Oulton Park [T/GT]26GTJohn BloomfieldL. Bertorelli4th
1.7.1962BRSCC Mallory Park [GT1.0]131GTJohn BloomfieldJ. R. BloomfieldDNA
28.7.1962BRSCC Oulton Park [GT/Production A]136GTJohn BloomfieldD. SimDNA
6.10.1962BARC Goodwood [GT/S1.0]GTJohn Bloomfield?th

Year: 1963

16.3.1963BARC Oulton Park [GT]53GTJohn BloomfieldJohn Bloomfield?th
17.3.1963Snetterton [GT1.0]37GTJohn BloomfieldTunex2nd
17.3.1963Snetterton [GT1.0]38GTDoug MockfordTeam Diva4th
15.4.1963BRSCC Mallory Park [GT1.6]78GTJohn BloomfieldTeam Diva6th
3.6.1963Whitsun Goodwood [GT]28GTJohn BloomfieldTunex Conversions Ltd.DNA
13.7.1963BARC Oulton Park [GT1.15]102GTDoug MockfordDoug MockfordDNF
13.7.1963BARC Oulton Park [GT1.15]103GTJohn BloomfieldJohn Bloomfield2nd
6.8.1963Guards Trophy Brands Hatch [S2.0]67GTKeith HollandTeam DivaDNF
31.8.1963BARC Oulton Park [GT]90GTDoug MockfordD. Mockford6th
31.8.1963BARC Oulton Park [Handicap B]90GTDoug MockfordD. MockfordDNA
31.8.1963BARC Oulton Park [GT]91GTDave ReesMiss N. J. Goodwin7th
31.8.1963BARC Oulton Park [Handicap B]91GTDave ReesMiss N. J. GoodwinDNA
7.9.1963BRSCC Oulton Park [GT/Sports]6GTDoug MockfordTeam DivaDNA
7.9.1963BRSCC Oulton Park [GT]6GTDoug MockfordTeam DivaDNA
7.9.1963Crystal Palace [GT1.6]75GTKeith HollandTeam Diva?th

Year: 1964

8.3.1964BARC Mallory Park [GT]55GTPeter BrayshawP. BrayshawDQ
14.3.1964BARC Goodwood [Handicap GT]118GTDoug MockfordD. Mockford5th
14.3.1964BARC Goodwood [GT]118GTDoug MockfordD. Mockford4th
21.3.1964BARC Oulton Park [Handicap A]119GTPeter BrayshawPeter BrayshawDNA
21.3.1964BARC Oulton Park [GT+1.6]119GTPeter BrayshawPeter BrayshawDNA
30.3.1964BRSCC Mallory Park [GT+1.6]72GTPeter BrayshawP. BrayshawDNA
25.4.1964National Silverstone [GT/P1.6]78GTAndy MoffattEcurie FreezeDNA
25.4.1964Autosport Silverstone [S/GT1.3]78GTAndy MoffattEcurie FreezeDNA
25.4.1964BARC Goodwood [GT]88GTDoug MockfordD. Mockford15th
10.5.1964Redex Brands Hatch [GT1.15]102GTDoug MockfordD. Mockford3rd
10.5.1964Redex Brands Hatch [GT2.5]129GTJohn Miles2nd
18.5.1964SnettertonGTJohn Miles1st
23.5.1964MCMC Oulton Park [C+1.5/GT]87GTPeter BrayshawPeter Brayshaw5th
30.5.1964BRSCC Oulton Park [GT]46GTGraham LynchMatalco RacingDNA
30.5.1964BRSCC Oulton Park [GT/S]46GTGraham LynchMatalco RacingDNA
30.5.1964BRSCC Oulton Park [Sports]51GTPeter BrayshawPeter Brayshaw1st
30.5.1964BRSCC Oulton Park [GT]51GTPeter BrayshawPeter Brayshaw3rd
30.5.1964BRSCC Oulton Park [GT/S]51GTPeter BrayshawPeter Brayshaw1st
30.5.1964BARC Goodwood [GT1.15]73GTR. J. Neville6th
30.5.1964BARC Goodwood [Handicap S/GT]73GTR. J. Neville12th
31.5.19641000 km Nürburgring113GTMiles / JacksonPeter Jackson37th
31.5.19641000 km Nürburgring121GTMoffatt / GethinEcurie Freeze RacingDNF
6.6.1964BARC Oulton Park [GT+1.6]102GTPeter BrayshawP. Brayshaw4th
6.6.1964BARC Oulton Park [Handicap]102GTPeter BrayshawP. Brayshaw8th
6.6.1964BARC Oulton Park [GT1.6]117GTGraham LynchGraham LynchDNA
6.6.1964BARC Oulton Park [Handicap]117GTGraham LynchGraham LynchDNA
13.6.1964Crystal Palace [GT1.6]43Norman SurteesDNA
13.6.1964Crystal Palace [GT1.6]50GTGraham LynchDNF
13.6.19648 Clubs Silverstone [Scratch 1]123GTR. J. NevilleP. Doughtyraced
13.6.19648 Clubs Silverstone [Handicap 5]123GTR. J. NevilleP. DoughtyDNA
21.6.1964BARC Mallory Park [GT1.6]74GTDoug MockfordD. Mockford?th
21.6.1964BARC Mallory Park [Handicap A]74GTDoug MockfordD. Mockford1st
21.6.1964NDMC Ouston [GT]77GTGraham LynchG. LynchDNA
27.6.1964BARC Aintree [GT1.6]141GTR. W. B. CookeA. W. Beeson4th
27.6.1964BARC Aintree [Handicap B]141GTTony BeesonA. W. Beeson12th
18.7.1964BRSCC Oulton Park [GT]25GTPeter BrayshawPeter BrayshawDNF
18.7.1964BRSCC Oulton Park [GT/Sports]25GTPeter BrayshawPeter BrayshawDNF
19.7.1964Scott-Brown Memorial Snetterton27GTAndy MoffattEcurie Freeze?th
19.7.1964Scott-Brown Memorial Snetterton31GTGraham LynchG. LynchDNA
19.7.1964BARC Mallory Park [Handicap B]53GTTony BeesonA. W. Beeson1st
19.7.1964BARC Mallory Park [GT1.15]56GTR. W. B. Cooke3rd
19.7.1964GP Zolder [S1.6/GT2.0]GTJohn Bloomfield12th
19.7.1964Cadwell ParkJohn Miles2nd
9.8.1964BARC Brands Hatch [GT1.15]5GTTony BeesonA. W. BeesonDNF
9.8.1964BARC Brands Hatch [GT1.15]6GTJim MooreJ. M. Moore4th
16.8.1964Copenhagen Cup [S1.6]GTDoug Mockford6th
16.8.1964Copenhagen Cup [S1.6]Ole Vejlund?th
22.8.1964750 MC Oulton Park [Closed]183GTBill MorgansBill Morgans4th
29.8.1964MGCC Oulton Park [GT]16GTJim MooreJ. MooreDNA
29.8.1964MGCC Oulton Park [GT/Sports]16GTJim MooreJ. MooreDNA
29.8.1964MGCC Oulton Park [GT]85GTB. GalleyB. GalleyDNA
5.9.1964Crystal Palace [GT]80GTJohn BloomfieldTeam Divaraced
5.9.1964Crystal Palace [GT]85GTJim MooreJ. M. MooreDNA
6.9.1964500 km Nürburgring116GTBrayshaw / LalondeDivaDNF
6.9.1964500 km Nürburgring117GTJackson / BrandonDiva37th
6.9.1964500 km Nürburgring118GTMiles / MilesJohn Jeremy MilesDNF
6.9.1964500 km Nürburgring127GTBloomfield / SimDivaDNA
12.9.1964BARC Goodwood [Handicap B]144GTJim MooreJ. Moore2nd
12.9.1964BARC Goodwood [GT]144GTJim MooreJ. Moore2nd
12.9.1964BARC Goodwood [GT]156GTTony BeesonA. W. Beeson17th
26.9.19645 h Relay Oulton Park15AGTB. GalleyKenwood Racing TeamDNA
26.9.19645 h Relay Oulton Park18CGTColin MalkinEcurie ChaosDNA
26.9.19643 h Autosport40GTMichael BrandonTeam DivaDNA
27.9.1964BARC Brands Hatch [GT]154GTJohn Bloomfield5th
27.9.1964BARC Brands Hatch [GT]170GTTony BeesonA. W. BeesonDNF
3.10.1964BARC Aintree [Handicap B]93GTJim MooreJ. Moore1st
3.10.1964BARC Aintree [GT]93GTJim MooreJ. Moore2nd
3.10.1964AMOC/8 Clubs/750 MC Silverstone [GT1.6]94GTDoug MockfordTeam DivaDNA
4.10.1964BMRC Charterhall [GT2.0]22GTJ. E. Andersonraced
4.10.1964Redex Brands Hatch [GT]123GTJohn BloomfieldTeam DivaDNA
4.10.1964Redex Brands Hatch [GT]124GTJohn MilesJ. MilesDNA
4.10.1964Redex Brands Hatch [GT]138GTDoug MockfordTeam DivaDNA
4.10.1964Redex Brands Hatch [GT]139GTMichael BrandonTeam DivaDNA
18.10.1964BRSCC Mallory Park [GT1.6]48GTJim MooreJ. Moore2nd
18.10.1964BRSCC Mallory Park [GT1.15]Jim MooreJ. Moore1st
1964Brands HatchJohn Miles1st

Year: 1965

13.3.1965BARC Goodwood [GT2.5]9GTJohn Miles1st
13.3.1965BARC Goodwood [GT2.5]20GTIan AlexanderI. J. Alexander6th
13.3.1965BARC Goodwood [GT2.5]21GTTony BeesonA. W. Beeson8th
28.3.1965Redex Mallory Park [GT+1.6]58GTJohn Miles1st
28.3.1965Redex Mallory Park [GT+1.6]59GTJohn Bloomfield2nd
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