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Year: 1970

7.3.1970GP South Africa17312 BJacky IckxS.p.a. Ferrari S.E.F.A.C.DNF
7.3.1970GP South Africa17T312 BJacky IckxS.p.a. Ferrari S.E.F.A.C.T-car
19.4.1970GP Spain2312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACDNF
19.4.1970GP Spain2T312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACT-car
10.5.1970GP Monaco26312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACDNF
10.5.1970GP Monaco26T312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACT-car
7.6.1970GP Belgium26T312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACT-car
7.6.1970GP Belgium27312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFAC8th
7.6.1970GP Belgium28312 BGiuntiSpa Ferrari SEFAC4th
21.6.1970GP Netherlands25312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFAC3rd
21.6.1970GP Netherlands26312 BRegazzoniSpa Ferrari SEFAC4th
21.6.1970GP Netherlands26T312 BClay RegazzoniSpa Ferrari SEFACT-car
5.7.1970GP France10312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACDNF
5.7.1970GP France10T312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACT-car
5.7.1970GP France11312 BIgnazio GiuntiSpa Ferrari SEFAC14th
19.7.1970GP Great Britain3312 BJacky IckxFerrari S.P.A. SEFACDNF
19.7.1970GP Great Britain3T312 BJacky IckxFerrari S.P.A. SEFACT-car
19.7.1970GP Great Britain4312 BClay RegazzoniFerrari S.P.A. SEFAC4th
2.8.1970GP Germany10312 BJacky IckxFerrari S. P. A., Sefac2nd
2.8.1970GP Germany15312 BClay RegazzoniFerrari S. P. A., SefacDNF
16.8.1970GP Austria12312 BJacky IckxFerrari S.P.A. Sefac1st
16.8.1970GP Austria12T312 BIckx / GiuntiFerrari S.P.A. SefacT-car
16.8.1970GP Austria14312 BIgnazio GiuntiFerrari S.P.A. Sefac7th
16.8.1970GP Austria27312 BClay RegazzoniSpa Ferrari SEFAC2nd
6.9.1970GP Italy2312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACDNF
6.9.1970GP Italy2T312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACT-car
6.9.1970GP Italy4312 BClay RegazzoniSpa Ferrari SEFAC1st
6.9.1970GP Italy6312 BIgnazio GiuntiSpa Ferrari SEFACDNF
20.9.1970GP Canada18312 BJacky IckxScuderia Ferrari1st
20.9.1970GP Canada19312 BClay RegazzoniScuderia Ferrari2nd
4.10.1970GP United States3312 BJacky IckxFerrari SPA SEFAC4th
4.10.1970GP United States4312 BClay RegazzoniFerrari SPA SEFAC13th
25.10.1970GP Mexico3312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFAC1st
25.10.1970GP Mexico4312 BClay RegazzoniSpa Ferrari SEFAC2nd

Year: 1971

6.3.1971GP South Africa4312 BJacky IckxFerrari S.E.F.A.C.8th
6.3.1971GP South Africa5312 BClay RegazzoniFerrari S.E.F.A.C.3rd
6.3.1971GP South Africa5T312 B2Clay RegazzoniFerrari S.E.F.A.C.unused
6.3.1971GP South Africa6312 BMario AndrettiFerrari S.E.F.A.C.1st
21.3.1971Race of Champions5312 B2Clay RegazzoniS.p.a. Ferrari S.E.F.A.C.1st
28.3.1971GP Questor4312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFAC11th
28.3.1971GP Questor5312 BMario AndrettiSpa Ferrari SEFAC1st
18.4.1971GP Spain4312 BJacky IckxFerrari2nd
18.4.1971GP Spain5312 BClay RegazzoniFerrariDNF
18.4.1971GP Spain5T312 B2Clay RegazzoniFerrariT-car
18.4.1971GP Spain6312 BMario AndrettiFerrariDNF
23.5.1971GP Monaco 4312 B2Jacky IckxFerrari3rd
23.5.1971GP Monaco 4T312 BMario AndrettiFerrariT-car
23.5.1971GP Monaco 5312 B2Clay RegazzoniFerrariDNF
23.5.1971GP Monaco 6312 BMario AndrettiFerrariDNQ
13.6.1971Rhein-Pokalrennen4312 BJacky IckxScuderia Ferrari1st
13.6.1971Rhein-Pokalrennen5312 BClay RegazzoniScuderia FerrariNC
13.6.1971Rhein-Pokalrennen6312 BMario AndrettiScuderia FerrariDNA
20.6.1971GP Netherlands 2312 B2Jacky IckxFerrari Automobili1st
20.6.1971GP Netherlands 3312 B2Clay RegazzoniFerrari Automobili3rd
20.6.1971GP Netherlands 3T312 BClay RegazzoniFerrari AutomobiliT-car
20.6.1971GP Netherlands 4312 B2Mario AndrettiFerrari AutomobiliT-car
20.6.1971GP Netherlands 4T312 BAndrettiFerrari AutomobiliDNF
4.7.1971GP France4312 B2Jacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACDNF
4.7.1971GP France5312 B2Clay RegazzoniSpa Ferrari SEFACDNF
4.7.1971GP France5T312 B2Clay RegazzoniSpa Ferrari SEFACT-car
17.7.1971GP Great Britain4312 B2Jacky IckxFerrari S.P.A. SefacDNF
17.7.1971GP Great Britain5312 B2Clay RegazzoniFerrari S.P.A. SefacDNF
17.7.1971GP Great Britain6312 B2Mario AndrettiFerrari S.P.A. SefacDNA
17.7.1971GP Great Britain34312 B2Jacky IckxFerrari S.P.A. Sefacunused
1.8.1971GP Germany4312 B2Jacky IckxFerrari S.p.A. SefacDNF
1.8.1971GP Germany5312 B2Mario AndrettiFerrari S.p.A. Sefac4th
1.8.1971GP Germany6312 B2Clay RegazzoniFerrari S.p.A. Sefac3rd
1.8.1971GP Germany31312 BClay RegazzoniFerrari S.p.A. SefacT-car
15.8.1971GP Austria4312 B2Jacky IckxFerrari S.P.A. SEFACDNF
15.8.1971GP Austria5312 B2RegazzoniFerrari S.P.A. SEFACDNF
15.8.1971GP Austria5T312 B2Clay RegazzoniFerrari S.P.A. SEFACT-car
5.9.1971GP Italy3312 BJacky IckxFerrari S.p.A. SEFACDNF
5.9.1971GP Italy3T312 B2Jacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACT-car
5.9.1971GP Italy4312 B2Clay RegazzoniFerrari S.p.A. SEFACDNF
5.9.1971GP Italy4T312 B2Clay RegazzoniSpa Ferrari SEFACT-car
19.9.1971GP Canada4312 B2Jacky IckxFerrari s.p.a. S.E.F.A.C.8th
19.9.1971GP Canada5312 B2Clay RegazzoniFerrari s.p.a. S.E.F.A.C.DNF
19.9.1971GP Canada6312 B2Mario AndrettiFerrari s.p.a. S.E.F.A.C.13th
19.9.1971GP Canada25312 BClay RegazzoniFerrari s.p.a. S.E.F.A.C.T-car
3.10.1971GP United States4312 B2Jacky IckxFerrari SPA SEFACT-car
3.10.1971GP United States5312 B2Clay RegazzoniFerrari SPA SEFAC6th
3.10.1971GP United States6312 B2Mario AndrettiFerrari SPA SEFACDNS
3.10.1971GP United States32312 BJacky IckxFerrari SPA SEFACDNF

Year: 1972

23.1.1972GP Argentina8312 B2Jacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFAC3rd
23.1.1972GP Argentina9312 B2Clay RegazzoniSpa Ferrari SEFAC4th
23.1.1972GP Argentina10312 B2Mario AndrettiSpa Ferrari SEFACDNF
4.3.1972GP South Africa5312 B2Jacky IckxFerrari SEFAC8th
4.3.1972GP South Africa6312 B2Clay RegazzoniFerrari SEFAC12th
4.3.1972GP South Africa7312 B2Mario AndrettiFerrari SEFAC4th
1.5.1972GP Spain4312 B2Jacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFAC2nd
1.5.1972GP Spain6312 B2Clay RegazzoniSpa Ferrari SEFAC3rd
1.5.1972GP Spain7312 B2Mario AndrettiSpa Ferrari SEFACDNF
14.5.1972GP Monaco6312 B2Jacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFAC2nd
14.5.1972GP Monaco6T312 B2Clay RegazzoniSpa Ferrari SEFACT-car
14.5.1972GP Monaco7312 B2Clay RegazzoniSpa Ferrari SEFACDNF
4.6.1972GP Belgium29312 B2Jacky IckxFerrari S.p.a.DNF
4.6.1972GP Belgium29T312 B2Jacky IckxFerrari S.p.a.T-car
4.6.1972GP Belgium30312 B2Clay RegazzoniFerrari S.p.a.DNF
4.6.1972GP Belgium31312 B2Mario AndrettiFerrari S.p.a.DNA
2.7.1972GP France3T312 B2Jacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACT-car
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