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All Results of Martin

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Year: 1930

9.6.1930Bol d'Or100SpécialeMartin17th
9.6.1930Bol d'Or101SpécialeMottetDNA
14.9.19306 h Routes Pavées54Spl.Clément-Auguste Martin14th

Year: 1953

14.6.1953Trophée de SavoieMartin11th

Year: 1954

5.6.1954National Silverstone [Formula Libre]11HeadlandCharles HeadlandDNA
5.6.1954National Silverstone [Racing Handicap]11HeadlandCharles Headland3rd

Year: 1955

9.10.1955National Brands Hatch [Fibreglass bodied]51Noel Berrow-Johnson3rd

Year: 1956

4.8.1956Harewood Acres [S1.1+Canada+FIII]22TMartin TannerM. Tanner, Jr.DNA
4.8.1956Harewood Acres [Le Mans]22TMartin TannerM. Tanner, Jr.DNA
29.9.1956Harewood Acres [S1.5]50TMartin TannerMartin W. TannerDNA

Year: 1957

25.5.1957LCCC Oulton Park [Racing Handicap]32SpecialTony SkeltonTony SkeltonDNA
17.8.1957Harewood Acres [S750+FIII]35TMartin TannerMartin W. TannerDNA
17.8.19571 h Harewood Acres35TMartin TannerMartin W. TannerDNA
7.9.1957SCCA National Road America [FP+GP+HM]9TMartin TannerMartin TannerDNA

Year: 1958

7.4.1958National Brands Hatch [Formula Libre]3Tony SketonTony Sketon6th
22.6.1958SCCA National Road America [FP+GP+HP+HM]45TMartin TannerMartin W. Tanner?th
13.7.1958Traverse City [PS1.5+Sedan+HM]TMartin Tanner4th
16.8.1958SCCA National Milwaukee [FP+GP+HM]53TMartin Tanner9th
6.9.1958SCCA National Road America [FP+GP+HM]53TMartin Tanner9th
20.9.1958SCCA National Watkins Glen [FM+GM+HM]100TMartin TannerMartin W. Tanner12th
5.10.1958SCCA National Virginia [FP+GP+HM]100TMartin Tanner4th

Year: 1959

17.5.1959SCCA National Cumberland [GM+HM]4T Mk IIMartin TannerDNF
21.6.1959SCCA National Road America [GM+HM]27TOrlie WardOrlie C. WardDNA
21.6.1959SCCA National Road America [GM+HM]89T Mk IIMartin TannerMartin W. Tanner12th
26.7.1959SCCA Regional Stout Field [GM+HM]TMartin Tannerraced
1.8.1959SCCA Regional Berwick [HM+HP+IP]22TMartin AlpersteinMartin AlpersteinDNA
9.8.1959SCCA Regional Wilmot [HM+GP+HP]TMartin Tanner2nd
12.9.1959SCCA National Road America [GP+HP+IP+JP+HM]98TMartin TannerMartin W. TannerDNF

Year: 1960

1.5.1960SCCA National Virginia [FP+GP+HP+HM]98TMartin TannerDNF
8.5.1960Preliminary Grayling [FM+GM+HM+FJr.]T 3Martin Tanner3rd
8.5.1960SCCA Regional Grayling [GP+HP+IP+JP+KP]T 3Martin Tanner1st
15.5.1960SCCA National Cumberland [GM+HM+IM]98T 3Martin TannerMartin W. Tanner8th
29.5.1960SCCA National Bridgehampton [GM+HM+FIII]198T 3Martin Tanner10th
19.6.1960SCCA National Road America [GM+HM]98T 3Martin Tanner8th
26.6.1960Preliminary Waterford [HM+FJr.]T 3Martin Tanner2nd
2.7.1960SCCA National Lime Rock [GP+HP+HM]98TMartin Tanner2nd
21.8.1960SCCA National Louisville [FP+HM]98TMartin TannerDNF
10.9.1960SCCA National Road America [FP+GP+HP+HM]98T 3Martin Tanner2nd
18.9.1960Grayling [Main]T 3Martin Tanner?th
18.9.1960Grayling [Handicap]T 3Martin Tanner2nd

Year: 1961

28.5.1961Grayling TrophyT 4Martin Tanner3rd
28.5.1961SCCA Divisional Grayling [FM+GM+HM]T 4Martin Tanner?th
17.6.1961SCCA National Road America [FP+HM]98T 4Martin TannerMartin W. TannerDNF
25.6.1961SCCA Regional Waterford [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+FJr.]T 4Martin Tannerraced
9.7.1961SCCA Divisional Indianapolis [FP+HM]98T 4Martin Tanner1st
13.8.1961SCCA Divisional Lawrenceville [GP+HP+HM+JM]T 4Martin Tanner1st/1st
20.8.1961SCCA National Indianapolis [FP+HM]98T 4Martin Tanner4th
9.9.1961SCCA National Road America [FP+HM]98T 4Martin TannerDNF
17.9.1961SCCA Regional Grayling [CP+DP+EP+GM]T 4Martin Tanner2nd

Year: 1962

13.5.1962SCCA National Cumberland [GM+HM]198TMartin TannerMartin W. TannerDNA
27.5.1962SCCA Divisional Grayling [FP+GP+HP+HM]T 1Bill Mundus1st
17.6.1962SCCA National Road America [FP+HM]98T 5Martin TannerMartin W. Tanner1st
23.6.1962Preliminary Waterford [Modified+FJr.]22T 1Bill MundusDNA
24.6.1962OCSRRC Waterford [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+HM]22T 1Bill MundusDNA
24.6.1962OCSRRC Waterford [Modified Main]22T 1Bill MundusDNA
8.7.1962SCCA National Lake Garnett [HM]98T 5Martin Tanner1st
22.7.1962SCCA Divisional Wilmot [HM]T 5Martin Tanner2nd
29.7.1962ECSCC Waterford [Modified+FJr.]T 1Bill MundusDNA
29.7.1962ECSCC Waterford [Modified+FJr.]T 5Martin TannerDNA
11.8.1962SCCA Regional Lawrenceville [HM+HP]T 5Martin Tanner1st
12.8.1962SCCA Divisional Lawrenceville [HM+HP]T 5Martin TannerDNF
19.8.1962SCCA Regional Mid-Ohio [FP+HM]98T 5Martin TannerDNA
26.8.1962SCCA Regional Waterford [Modified]22T1Bill MundusDNA
3.9.1962SCCA National Thompson [GP+HP+HM]98T 5Martin Tanner2nd
8.9.1962SCCA National Road America [FP+HM]98T 5Martin TannerMartin Tanner1st
30.9.1962SCCA Divisional Milwaukee [GP+HP+HM]T 5Martin Tannerraced

Year: 1963

12.5.1963SCCA National Cumberland [GM+HM]96T 5Martin TannerMartin TannerDNA
2.6.1963SCCA Divisional Grayling [FP+GP+HP+HM]T 5Martin Tanner1st
23.6.1963SCCA National Road America [GM+HM]T 5Martin Tanner11th
29.6.1963SCCA Divisional Meadowdale [FP+GP+HP+HM]T 5Martin TannerDNF
21.7.1963SCCA Divisional Wilmot Hills [other]T 5Martin Tanner?th
18.8.1963HM Club Waterford Hills [Class A]T 5Martin Tanner1st
1.9.1963SCCA Divisional Waterford Hills [Modified]T 5Martin Tanner?th

Year: 1964

3.5.1964SCCA Regional Kent Fields [other]T 5Martin Tanner?th
17.5.1964SCCA National Cumberland [GM+HM]99T 5Martin TannerMartin Tanner4th
24.5.1964SCCA Divisional Grayling [other]T 5Martin Tanner?th
21.6.1964SCCA National Road America [GM+HM]T 5Martin Tanner4th
28.6.1964SCCA Divisional Lynndale Farms [FP+HM]T 5Martin Tanner1st
26.7.1964SCCA Divisional Lynndale Farms [other]T 5Martin Tanner?th
16.8.1964SCCA Divisional Waterford Hills [FM+GM+HM]T 5Martin Tanner5th
16.8.1964Falls Creek [GP+HP+HM]T 2Roger Clouser?th
14.11.1964US Champions Riverside [HM]34T 5Martin TannerMartin W. TannerDNF

Year: 1965

26.6.1965SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [Modified]22T IRoger ClouserRoger ClouserDNA
27.6.1965Glen Region Watkins Glen [Modified]22T IRoger ClouserRoger ClouserDNA
11.7.1965SCCA National Mid-Ohio [HM+FP]98T 6Martin TannerDNA
8.8.1965SCCA National Lynndale Farms [GP+HP+HM]98TMartin TannerMartin TannerDNA
29.8.1965SCCA National Connellsville [HM+HP]T 6Martin Tanner?th

Year: 1966

28.8.1966Mid-Ohio [HSR+FP+GP+HP]41T IJames Matthews IIDNA

Year: 1969

13.7.1969STP Mallory ParkGTBrian Martin2nd
9.9.1969STP Brands HatchGTBrian Martin3rd
13.9.1969STP Brands HatchGTBrian Martin3rd
21.9.1969RA National Maggiolo Atlético36PierroEduardo Rodriguez Caneda9th
9.11.1969STP Brands HatchGTBrian Martin3rd
16.11.1969STP Brands HatchGTBrian Martin1st
30.11.1969US Champions Daytona [CSR+DSR]88TDonald DunfordDNF

Year: 1970

20.3.1970Mallory Park [Special GT]BM7Brian MartinBrian Martin1st
30.3.1970SKF GT Brands HatchBM7Brian MartinBrian Martin2nd
5.4.1970MN GT SilverstoneBM7Brian MartinBrian Martin2nd
18.4.1970MN GT Castle CombeBM7Brian MartinBrian Martin2nd
19.4.1970SKF GT Mallory Park75BM7Brian MartinBrian Martin1st
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