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All Results of Peugeot

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Year: 1922

1922GP de l'A.C.F.Artault6th
1922GP de l'A.C.F.Goudermann3rd
1922GP de l'A.C.F.André Boillot4th

Year: 1923

1.7.1923GP de l'A.C.F.1715CVCabaillot1st
1.7.1923GP de l'A.C.F.1915CVButeau2nd
1.7.1923GP de l'A.C.F.2115CVBouverot3rd
1.7.1923GP de l'A.C.F.23Type 174André Boillot1st
1.7.1923GP de l'A.C.F.25Type 174Alfred Morillon2nd
1.7.1923GP de l'A.C.F.26Type 174Eugène Morillon3rd
2.9.1923Coupe Georges BoillotMorillon4th
2.9.1923Coupe Georges BoillotAndré BoillotDNF
2.9.1923Coupe Georges BoillotCabaillotDNF
1923GP GuipúzcoaAndré Boillotraced
1923GP GuipúzcoaCabaillotraced

Year: 1924

15.6.1924GP d'ItaliaBianchi / Maserati11th
1924GP de l'A.C.F.Dauvergne1st

Year: 1925

19.7.1925GP de l'A.C.F.218CVAndré Boillot1st
19.7.1925GP de l'A.C.F.4WagnerDNF
19.7.1925GP de l'A.C.F.618CVLouis Rigal3rd
1925Moroccan GPE. Meyer2nd

Year: 1926

13.6.192624 h Le Mans2Type 174 SportBoillot / RigalSociété des Automobiles PeugeotDNF
13.6.192624 h Le Mans3Type 174 SportWagner / DauvergneSociété des Automobiles PeugeotDNF
4.7.192624 h Spa2Type 174 SportBoillot / Rigal1st
4.7.192624 h Spa3Type 174 SportWagner / SerreDNF
4.7.1926Circuit des GattieresGrémaudraced
22.7.1926GP Guipúzcoa45Type 174 SportBoillot / Serre4th
22.7.1926GP Guipúzcoa48Type 174 SportRigal / Letailleur5th
11.9.1926GP d'ItaliaRigal / Serre2nd
11.9.1926GP d'ItaliaCamouzet / Rivolta6th
11.9.1926GP d'ItaliaBoillot / Tattini1st

Year: 1927

27.3.1927Mille Miglia825 HP tipo MMLauvergne / Labergue55th
27.3.1927Mille Miglia835 HP tipo MMDu Petit Thouars / Siregni54th
27.3.1927Mille Miglia845 HP tipo MMCazzulani / Monferroni53rd
10.7.192724 h SpaDNA
17.7.1927Coppa Florio50Louis Wagner2nd
17.7.1927Coppa Florio52Rigal3rd
17.7.1927GP DeutschlandAndré BoillotDNA
18.9.1927Buckow [2.5HP]Schenke1st
1927Esterel PlageLouis Rigal1st

Year: 1928

1.4.1928Mille Miglia15 HP tipo MMCazzulani / LivraghiDNF
1.7.1928GP de l'A.C.F. [Heat +3.0]10MorainDNA
1.7.1928GP de l'A.C.F.10MorainDNA
1.7.1928GP de l'A.C.F.12DNA
1.7.1928GP de l'A.C.F. [Heat +3.0]12DNA
1.7.1928GP de l'A.C.F. [Heat +3.0]14Bouriat?th
1.7.1928GP de l'A.C.F.14BouriatDNS
8.9.1928Coupe Georges BoillotJidayDNF

Year: 1929

14.4.1929Mille Miglia95 HP tipo MMTinarelli / Marinoni41st
14.4.1929Mille Miglia225 HP tipo MMG. BelliniDNS

Year: 1931

12.4.1931Mille Miglia415 HP tipo MMTinarelli / VolpiniDNF
13.9.19316 h Routes Pavées9René Ferrant3rd

Year: 1933

28.5.1933Circuit d'Orleans31Andréany7th
28.5.1933Circuit d'Orleans37LarueDNA
28.5.1933Circuit d'Orleans49GehauxDNA
5.6.1933Bol d'OrBonneau21st

Year: 1934

27.5.1934Circuit d'Orleans14Olga ThibaultDNA
27.5.1934Circuit d'Orleans21MoratDNA
27.5.1934Circuit d'Orleans24Mme LeblancDNA
27.5.1934Circuit d'Orleans25Mlle Hustinx?th
27.5.1934Circuit d'Orleans35de Cortanze?th

Year: 1937

20.6.193724 h Le Mans25302 DS Darl'matde Cortanze / SerreÉmile Darl'mat8th
20.6.193724 h Le Mans26302 DS Darl'matPujol / ContetÉmile Darl'mat7th
20.6.193724 h Le Mans27302 DS Darl'matPorthault / RigalÉmile Darl'mat10th

Year: 1938

19.6.193824 h Le Mans24402 DS Darl'Matde Cortanze / ContetEmile Darl'mat5th
19.6.193824 h Le Mans25402 DS Darl'MatPujol / RigalEmile Darl'matDNF
19.6.193824 h Le Mans26402 DS Darl'MatSerre / PorthaultEmile Darl'matDNF

Year: 1939

20.5.1939Sydenham Plate9R. E. DorndorfMiss M. D. Pattenraced
29.5.1939BrooklandsR. E. Dorndorfraced

Year: 1948

12.9.194812 h Paris34Escale / Sarter24th
18.9.1948JCC Goodwood [S3.0+S1.5s/c]Pattenraced

Year: 1949

24.4.1949Coupe d'Argent [Voiturette+Sports]Guillaumet?th
12.6.1949Nice [1.5]41203Salles4th
12.6.1949Nice [2.0]61D.M.Caire1st
10.7.194924 h Spa26Escale / Eggen17th

Year: 1950

9.4.1950Nice [1.5]36203Pierre Salles6th
9.4.1950Nice [1.5]44203René Bruno8th
9.4.1950Nice [1.5]51203Maurice Dubois4th
16.4.1950Palm Springs18Lindley F. BothwellDNA
25.6.195024 h Le MansP. BourgatDNA
23.7.195012 h Paris22G. GuillaumetDNA
23.7.195012 h Paris24Escale / Eggen17th
8.10.1950Coupes du Salon21Guillaumet?th

Year: 1951

28.1.1951GP Agadir [S1.5]203Heyder-Bruckner4th
28.1.1951GP Agadir [S1.5]203Derhy6th
1.4.1951Nice [1.5]Fulconis8th
1.4.1951Nice [1.5]203Salles7th
4.6.1951Bol d'Or11Mrs. Hammersley6th
23.6.195124 h Le Mans203 ConstantinAlexis ConstantinAlexis ConstantinDNA
12.9.1951Tour de France319203Hammersley / Hammersley40th
12.9.1951Tour de France203Fiastre / Leblanc68th
12.9.1951Tour de France203Gaffet / Peulet Boeuf58th
12.9.1951Tour de France203Pochon / Mazade59th
12.9.1951Tour de France203Daniel / Lavergne65th
12.9.1951Tour de France203Boeswillwald / Gordine50th
12.9.1951Tour de France203Goux / Goux25th
12.9.1951Tour de France203Lebas / Faustin43rd
7.10.1951Coupes du Salon [GT+1.5]34GuiraudDNA
7.10.1951Coupes du Salon [GT+1.5]36LeducDNA
7.10.1951Coupes du Salon39Morra10th
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