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All Results of Renault

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Year: 1928

15.4.1928Moroccan GPVivasixLiocourt4th
15.4.1928Moroccan GPVivasixBailly6th
15.4.1928Moroccan GPVivasixCourtin8th
15.4.1928Moroccan GPMonasixQuatresoux11th
15.4.1928Moroccan GPMonasixCazal12th
16.9.19286 h Routes Pavées36Jules BuryDNF

Year: 1929

14.7.1929GP Deutschland640CVKlimbergDNF

Year: 1930

21.4.1930Moroccan GPNerva StellaGarfield?th
21.4.1930Moroccan GPNerva StellaBarthez?th
21.4.1930Moroccan GPNerva StellaLiocourt1st
6.7.193024 h SpaM. LhonneuxDNS
23.8.1930Tourist Trophy5Louis RenaultDNA
23.8.1930Tourist Trophy6Louis RenaultDNA
23.8.1930Tourist Trophy7Louis RenaultDNA

Year: 1933

28.5.1933Circuit d'Orleans20Michel10th
28.5.1933Circuit d'Orleans22Vautrin9th

Year: 1934

27.5.1934Circuit d'Orleans44Duruy?th

Year: 1949

20.3.1949Targa Florio1254CVraced
5.6.1949Bol d'Or23RobertDNA
5.6.1949Bol d'Or40BoyerDNA
5.6.1949Bol d'Or55Bianchi?th
12.6.1949Nice [1.1]174CVNovelli5th
12.6.1949Nice [1.1]214CVRoux6th
12.6.1949Nice [1.1]224CVLandon4th
12.6.1949Nice [1.1]244CVDebaut7th
26.6.194924 h Le Mans574CVHardy / RogerCamille HardyDNF
26.6.194924 h Le Mans4CVR. DelpechDNA
26.6.194924 h Le Mans4CVR. DelpechDNA
26.6.194924 h Le Mans4CVEcurie CanotDNA

Year: 1950

29.1.1950Agadir [S750]4CVLaperouse?th
9.4.1950Nice [1.1]184CVJean Bianchi7th
9.4.1950Nice [1.1]224CVPierre Debaut7th
9.4.1950Nice [1.1]294CVGuy Michel6th
11.6.1950National Zandvoort [S750]4CVPiet Nortier2nd
11.6.1950National Zandvoort [S750]Jonkers5th
11.6.1950National Zandvoort [S750]4CVRijshouwer4th
25.6.195024 h Le Mans454CVVernet / EckerleinJuste-Emile Vernet27th
25.6.195024 h Le Mans464CVSandt / CoatalenJean L. V. Sandt24th
25.6.195024 h Le Mans474CVLeroy / JosephEts. Savin & LeroyDNF
25.6.195024 h Le Mans484CVLecat / PonsJacques Lecat25th
25.6.195024 h Le Mans634CVGendron / VinatierMarcel GendronDNF
25.6.195024 h Le Mans4CVJ. TacelDNA
25.6.195024 h Le Mans4CVC. HardyDNA

Year: 1951

28.1.1951GP Agadir [S750]4CVLacaze3rd
28.1.1951GP Agadir [S750]4CVPicard5th
28.1.1951GP Agadir [S1.1]4CVPozzi2nd
28.1.1951GP Agadir [S1.1]4CVPicard5th
28.1.1951GP Agadir [S750]4CVPozzi2nd
29.4.1951Mille Miglia21014CV"Ammea"DNA
29.4.1951Mille Miglia21074CVBianchi / Beaudet166th
29.4.1951Mille Miglia21284CVBrum / BiedDNF
29.4.1951Mille Miglia21404CVBlanchet / CottonDNF
29.4.1951Mille Miglia21424CVSandt / Serboli140th
29.4.1951Mille Miglia21494CVPrembockDNA
29.4.1951Mille Miglia22014CVRistDNA
29.4.1951Mille Miglia22084CVBonnet / Rudini152nd
29.4.1951Mille Miglia22224CVRagnoli / Milini126th
29.4.1951Mille Miglia22234CVNosari / Moser119th
29.4.1951Mille Miglia22244CVPerrin / SimonDNA
29.4.1951Mille Miglia22284CVRoubault / Malfetti164th
29.4.1951Mille Miglia2349Perrin / PerrinDNF
4.6.1951Bol d'Or51Pagesraced
4.6.1951Bol d'Or52VidillesDNA
4.6.1951Bol d'Or53WeinsteinDNA
4.6.1951Bol d'Or54750Monet10th
4.6.1951Bol d'Or55750Mme Bizeray12th
23.6.195124 h Le Mans504CV 1063Landon / BriatTeam Renault23rd
23.6.195124 h Le Mans514CV 1063Rosier / EstagerTeam RenaultDNF
23.6.195124 h Le Mans524CV 1063Sandt / MoserJean L. V. SandtDNF
23.6.195124 h Le Mans534CVVernet / PairardJust Emile Vernet28th
23.6.195124 h Le Mans544CVLecat / SenftlebenJacques Lecat26th
15.7.1951Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti2750Maurizio ZuzziNC
12.9.1951Tour de France4144CVClaude / Clauseraced
12.9.1951Tour de France4194CVRédélé / Hammersley18th
12.9.1951Tour de France421750Sandt / Sandt7th
12.9.1951Tour de France4CVVernet / Pairard49th
12.9.1951Tour de France4CVBerger / Davidson54th
12.9.1951Tour de France4CVRenault / Tainier53rd
12.9.1951Tour de France4CVSoulary / Campion52nd
12.9.1951Tour de France4CVBateau / Stempert27th
12.9.1951Tour de France4CVLandon / Moser14th
12.9.1951Tour de France4CVClarou / Clarou41st
12.9.1951Tour de France4CVArnaud / Yatta34th
12.9.1951Tour de France4CVGloria / Tonsi71st
12.9.1951Tour de France4CVVigneron / Schlegel66th
12.9.1951Tour de France4CVCrestot / Laroche46th
12.9.1951Tour de France4CVFéret / Takahira75th
12.9.1951Tour de France4CVVincens / Guerin60th
12.9.1951Tour de France4CVLeblanc / Louis56th
12.9.1951Tour de France4CVSeignard / Seignard64th
12.9.1951Tour de France4CVMorice / Despalangue62nd
7.10.1951Coupes du Salon [GT1.5]110Mme BriandDNA
7.10.1951Coupes du Salon [GT1.5]112VidillesDNA
7.10.1951Coupes du Salon [GT1.5]114PeanDNA
7.10.1951Coupes du Salon [GT1.5]118DonazzoloDNA
7.10.1951Coupes du Salon [GT1.5]de LatourDNA
7.10.1951Coupes du Salon [GT1.5]FerretDNA
7.10.1951Coupes du Salon [GT1.5]ClaudeDNA
7.10.1951Coupes du Salon [GT1.5]BonnetDNA

Year: 1952

27.1.1952Agadir [S1.0]4CVLando?th
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