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All Results of Surtees

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Year: 1970

26.4.1970International Trophy64TS5Trevor TaylorTeam Surtees12th
26.4.1970International Trophy65TS5ADavid HobbsTeam SurteesDNF
19.7.1970GP Great Britain20TS7John SurteesTeam Surtees Ltd.DNF
2.8.1970GP Germany7TS7John SurteesTeam Surtees Ltd.9th
16.8.1970GP Austria15TS7John SurteesTeam Surtees LimitedDNF
22.8.1970Gold Cup Oulton Park4TS7John SurteesTeam Surtees Ltd.1st
22.8.1970Gold Cup Oulton Park70TS5AAllan RollinsonAlan RollinsonDNF
6.9.1970GP Italy14TS7John SurteesTeam SurteesDNF
6.9.1970GP Italy14TTS7John SurteesTeam SurteesT-car
20.9.1970GP Canada4TS7John SurteesTeam Surtees Ltd.5th
4.10.1970GP United States17TS7John SurteesTeam Surtees, Ltd.DNF
4.10.1970GP United States18TS7Derek BellTeam Surtees, Ltd.6th
25.10.1970GP Mexico17TS7John SurteesTeam Surtees8th

Year: 1971

24.1.1971GP Argentina18TS7Rolf StommelenAuto Motor und Sport/Team SurteesDNF
24.1.1971GP Argentina30TS5ANestor Garcia-VeigaLuigi ChinettiDNF
6.3.1971GP South Africa20TS9John SurteesBrooke Bond Oxo-Rob WalkerDNF
6.3.1971GP South Africa21TS7Rolf StommelenAuto Motor und Sport Eifelland Racing Team Surtees12th
6.3.1971GP South Africa28TS7RedmanTeam Surtees7th
21.3.1971Race of Champions16TS9John SurteesTeam Surtees Ltd.3rd
28.3.1971GP Questor30TS8Sam PoseyChamp Carr Racing22nd
28.3.1971GP Questor31TS8Peter RevsonMilestone Racing Team24th
9.4.1971Rothmans International Trophy5TS9John SurteesBrooke Bond Oxo/Rob Walker/Team SurteesDNF
18.4.1971GP Spain24TS9John SurteesSurtees R. O.11th
18.4.1971GP Spain25TS9Rolf StommelenSurtees R. O.DNF
8.5.1971International Trophy5TS7Allan RollinsonTeam Surtees9th
8.5.1971International Trophy16TS9John SurteesBrooke Bond Oxo/Rob Walker/Team Surtees12th
8.5.1971International Trophy65TS8Mike HailwoodTeam Surtees5th
8.5.1971International Trophy98TS5ATony LanfranchiDavid HepworthDNS
23.5.1971GP Monaco 22TS9John SurteesBrooke Bond Oxo - Rob Walker7th
23.5.1971GP Monaco 23TS9Rolf StommelenAuto Motor und Sport Eifelland Team Surtees6th
13.6.1971Rhein-Pokalrennen2TS9John SurteesTeam Surtees3rd
13.6.1971Rhein-Pokalrennen3TS9Rolf StommelenTeam Surtees7th
13.6.1971Rhein-Pokalrennen20Andrea de AdamichDNA
20.6.1971GP Netherlands 23TS9John SurteesBrooke Bond Oxo-Rob Walker5th
20.6.1971GP Netherlands 29TS9Rolf StommelenAuto Motor und Sport Eifelland-Team SurteesDQ
20.6.1971GP Netherlands 30TS7Gijs van LennepStichting Autoraces Nederland8th
4.7.1971GP France22TS9John SurteesBrooke Bond Oxo - Rob Walker - Team Surtees8th
4.7.1971GP France22TTS9Team Surteesunused
4.7.1971GP France24TS9Rolf StommelenAuto Motor und Sport - Team Surtees11th
17.7.1971GP Great Britain23TS9John SurteesBrooke Bond Oxo-Rob Walker6th
17.7.1971GP Great Britain24TS9Rolf StommelenAuto Motor und Sport Eifelland Team Surtees5th
17.7.1971GP Great Britain25TS7Derek BellTeam SurteesT-car
17.7.1971GP Great Britain33TS9BellTeam SurteesDNF
1.8.1971GP Germany7TS9John SurteesBrooke Bond Oxo/Rob Walker7th
1.8.1971GP Germany12TS9Rolf StommelenAuto Motor und Sport Eifelland Team Surtees10th
1.8.1971GP Germany12TTS9Stommelen / SurteesAuto Motor und Sport Eifelland Team SurteesT-car
1.8.1971GP Germany26TS7Dieter QuesterSpeedsport Internationalunused
15.8.1971GP Austria22TS9John SurteesBrooke Bond Oxo Rob WalkerDNF
15.8.1971GP Austria24TS9Rolf StommelenAuto Motor und Sport Eifelland Team Surtees7th
21.8.1971Gold Cup Oulton Park15TS8Mike HailwoodTeam Surtees Ltd.DNF
21.8.1971Gold Cup Oulton Park26TS8Allan RollinsonAlan McKechnie4th
21.8.1971Gold Cup Oulton Park32TS9John SurteesBrooke Bond Oxo/Rob. Walker1st
5.9.1971GP Italy7TS9John SurteesBrooke Bond Oxo-Rob WalkerDNF
5.9.1971GP Italy8TS9Rolf StommelenAuto Motor und Sport Eifelland Team SurteesDNS
5.9.1971GP Italy9TS9Mike HailwoodTeam Surtees Ltd.4th
19.9.1971GP Canada22TS9John SurteesBrooke Bond Oxo-Rob Walker11th
19.9.1971GP Canada24TS9StommelenAuto Motor und Sport - Eiffeland Caravans - Team SurteesDNF
3.10.1971GP United States18TS9John SurteesBrooke Bond Oxo/Rob Walker17th
3.10.1971GP United States19TS9PoseyAuto Motor und Sport, Eifelland/Team SurteesDNF
3.10.1971GP United States20TS9Mike HailwoodTeam Surtees, Ltd.15th
24.10.1971Victory Race16TS9John SurteesBrooke Bond Oxo/Rob Walker6th
24.10.1971Victory Race17TS9Mike HailwoodBrooke Bond Oxo/Rob WalkerDNF
24.10.1971Victory Race26TS8Allan RollinsonAlan McKechnie Racing10th
24.10.1971Victory Race45TS11Team SurteesDNA

Year: 1972

23.1.1972GP Argentina19TS9 BTim SchenkenTeam Surtees5th
23.1.1972GP Argentina20TS9 BAndrea de AdamichCeramica Pagnossin - Team SurteesDNF
4.3.1972GP South Africa16TS9 BTim SchenkenTeam Surtees LimitedDNF
4.3.1972GP South Africa17TS9 BMike HailwoodBrooke Bond Oxo-Rob Walker-Team SurteesDNF
4.3.1972GP South Africa18TS9 BAndrea de AdamichCeramica Pagnossin-Team SurteesNC
4.3.1972GP South Africa27TS9LoveTeam Gunston16th
19.3.1972Race of Champions9TS11Gijs van LennepSpeed International RacingDNF
19.3.1972Race of Champions59TS9 BMike HailwoodTeam Surtees2nd
19.3.1972Race of Champions60TS9 BTim SchenkenTeam Surtees5th
30.3.1972GP Brazil7Reine WisellDNQ
30.3.1972GP Brazil12TS9 BAndrea de AdamichCeramica Pagnossin - Team SurteesDNQ
23.4.1972International Trophy5TS9 BMike HailwoodTeam SurteesDNF
23.4.1972International Trophy6TS9 BJohn SurteesBrooke Bond Oxo/Rob Walker/Team Surtees3rd
23.4.1972International Trophy49TS11Gijs van LennepSpeed International Racing9th
23.4.1972International Trophy54TS8Steve ThompsonAlan Brodie12th
1.5.1972GP Spain12TS9 BTim SchenkenTeam Surtees8th
1.5.1972GP Spain15TS9 BMike HailwoodTeam SurteesDNF
1.5.1972GP Spain26TS9 BAndrea de AdamichCeramica Pagnossin - Team Surtees4th
14.5.1972GP Monaco10TS9 BTim SchenkenTeam SurteesDNF
14.5.1972GP Monaco11TS9 BMike HailwoodTeam SurteesDNF
14.5.1972GP Monaco12TS9 BAndrea de AdamichCeramica Pagnossin - Team Surtees7th
29.5.1972Gold Cup Oulton Park9TS11Gijs van LennepSpeed International RacingDNF
29.5.1972Gold Cup Oulton Park14TS8Steve ThompsonAlan BrodieDNS
29.5.1972Gold Cup Oulton Park47TS9 BTim SchenkenBrooke Bond Oro-Rob Walker Team Surtees3rd
4.6.1972GP Belgium34TS9 BMike HailwoodSurtees Research & Development Ltd.4th
4.6.1972GP Belgium35TS9 BTim SchenkenSurtees Research & Development Ltd.DNF
4.6.1972GP Belgium36TS9 BAndrea de AdamichSurtees Research & Development Ltd.DNF
18.6.1972GP Repubblica Vallelunga6TS9 BAndrea de AdamichCeramica Pagnossin - Team Surtees2nd
2.7.1972GP France26TS9 BMike HailwoodTeam Surtees6th
2.7.1972GP France27TS9 BTim SchenkenTeam Surtees17th
2.7.1972GP France28TS9 BAndrea de AdamichCeramica Pagnossin - Team Surtees14th
15.7.1972GP Great Britain21TS9 BMike HailwoodBrooke Bond-OXO/Rob Walker/Team SurteesDNF
15.7.1972GP Great Britain22TS9 BTim SchenkenTeam Surtees Ltd.DNF
15.7.1972GP Great Britain23TS9 BAndrea de AdamichCeramica Pagnossin Team SurteesDNF
30.7.1972GP Germany15TS9 BTim SchenkenTeam Surtees Ltd.14th
30.7.1972GP Germany16TS9 BAndrea de AdamichCeramica Pagnossin - Team Surtees13th
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