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All Results of Ultima

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Year: 1987

26.4.1987MN GT Donington3Lee NobleJohn NewboldJ. NewboldDNA
15.8.1987MN GT Donington3Lee NobleJohn NewboldJohn NewboldDNA

Year: 1997

6.4.1997British GT Silverstone5SportsRex / MorrisChas Berger MotorsportDNA
6.4.1997British GT Silverstone22SportsSands / BurtonTangent MotorsportDNA
6.4.1997British GT Silverstone51Mk.4Hopkins / JanesPhilip Hopkins MotorsportDNS
27.4.1997British GT Brands Hatch5SportsRex / MorrisChas Berger Motorsport11th
1.6.1997British GT Donington I5SportsRex / MorrisChas Berger MotorsportDNS
1.6.1997British GT Donington I22SportsSands / BurtonTargent MotorsportDNA
1.6.1997British GT Donington I51Mk.4Hopkins / Kimber-SmithHopkins MotorsportDNF
13.7.1997British GT Silverstone5SportsRex / LanfranchiChas Berger Motorsport20th
13.7.1997British GT Silverstone22SportsSands / BurtonTangent MotorsportDNA
13.7.1997British GT Silverstone51Mk.4Hopkins / Kimber-SmithPhillip Hopkins MotorsportDNF
17.8.1997British GT Brands Hatch5SportsRex / LanfranchiChas Berger MotorsportDNF
5.10.1997British GT Silverstone5SportsRex / CoombesDNF

Year: 1998

23.3.1998Test SilverstoneMk.4Hopkins / Kimber-Smith16th
5.4.1998British GT Silverstone43Rex / JamesChas Berger MotorsportDNS
5.4.1998British GT Silverstone56Mk.4Hopkins / Kimber-SmithHopkins MotorsportDNF
4.5.1998British GT Oulton Park43Rex / JamesChas Berger MotorsportDNF
4.5.1998British GT Oulton Park56Mk.4Hopkins / Kimber-SmithPhilip Hopkins MotorsportDNA
24.5.1998British GT Croft56Mk.4Hopkins / Kimber-SmithPhilip Hopkins MotorsportDNF
14.6.1998British GT Snetterton56Mk.4Hopkins / Kimber-SmithPhilip Hopkins MotorsportDNS
12.7.1998British GT Silverstone43Pashley / RexChas Berger Motorsport17th
12.7.1998British GT Silverstone56Mk.4Hopkins / Kimber-SmithHopkins MotorsportDNF
2.8.1998British GT Donington56Mk.4Hopkins / JanesPhilip Hopkins Motorsport17th
23.8.1998British GT Silverstone43Millard / RexChas Berger MotorsportNC
23.8.1998British GT Silverstone56Mk.4Hopkins / Kimber-SmithPhilip Hopkins MotorsportDNS
27.9.1998British GT Spa43Rex / PashleyChas Berger MotorsportDNF
4.10.1998British GT Silverstone43Rex / PashleyChas Berger Motorsport10th

Year: 1999

28.3.1999British GT Silverstone42GTRRobin RexChas Berger Motorsport DNA
3.5.1999British GT Oulton Park42GTRRex / PudwellChas Berger Motorsport11th
31.5.1999British GT Snetterton42GTRRex / AstleyChas Berger MotorsportDNF
20.6.1999British GT Brands Hatch42GTRRex / AstleyChas Berger MotorsportDNF
11.7.1999British GT Silverstone42GTRRobin RexChas Berger MotorsportDNA
22.8.1999British GT Silverstone42GTRRex / PudwellChas Berger MotorsportDNF

Year: 2000

9.4.2000British GT Croft17GTRPudwell / PashleySpeedworxDNA
1.5.2000British GT Oulton Park17GTRPashley / PudwellSpeedworx11th
7.5.2000British GT Donington I17GTRPudwell / PashleySpeedworx14th
21.5.2000British GT Silverstone17GTRPashley / PudwellSpeedworxDNF
4.6.2000British GT Brands Hatch17GTRPudwell / PashleySpeedworxDNF
25.6.2000CDN GT Shannonville Trilllium Trophy02Mk.3Mackenzie / von Engelbrechten17th
25.6.2000CDN GT Shannonville Trilllium Trophy05Mk.4Brent Gates21st
2.7.2000British GT Donington II17GTRPudwell / PashleySpeedworx15th
9.7.2000CDN GT Shannonville Canaska Cup02Mk.3Mackenzie / von Engelbrechten11th
9.7.2000CDN GT Shannonville Canaska Cup05Mk.4Brent Gates4th
30.7.2000British GT Croft17GTRPudwell / PashleySpeedworxDNF
13.8.2000CDN GT Mosport BARC GP05Mk.4Brent Gates?th
20.8.2000British GT Silverstone17GTRPudwell / PashleySpeedworxDNF
27.8.2000CDN GT Mosport05Mk.4Brent Gates?th
3.9.2000CDN GT Mosport CRDA05Mk.4Brent Gates20th
3.9.2000British GT Snetterton17GTRPudwell / PashleySpeedworxDNA
17.9.2000CDN GT Mosport BEMC Summer05Mk.4Brent Gates3rd
24.9.2000British GT Spa17GTRPashley / PudwellSpeedworxDNF
1.10.2000CDN GT Mosport CASC Celebration05Mk.4Brent Gates1st
1.10.2000CDN GT Mosport CASC Celebration2Mk.3Mackenzie / von Engelbrechten17th
8.10.2000British GT Silverstone17GTRPudwell / PashleySpeedworxDNF

Year: 2001

1.4.2001British GT Silverstone22GTRBlower / SharpeTeam Quinton Hazell/Colin Blower MotorsportDNA
15.4.2001British GT Snetterton22GTRSharpe / BlowerTeam Quinton Hazell/Colin Blower Motorsport16th
29.4.2001CDN GT Mosport BARC GP Ontario02Mk.3Mackenzie / von EngelbrechtenMCO14th
29.4.2001CDN GT Mosport BARC GP Ontario05Mark SwainOMSC5th
29.4.2001British GT Donington I22GTRSharpe / BlowerTeam Quinton Hazell / Colin Blower MotorsportDNF
29.4.2001CDN GT Mosport BARC GP Ontario81SpyderJohn BrennerBEMCDNS
7.5.2001British GT Oulton Park22GTRSharpe / BlowerTeam Quinton Hazell / Colin Blower MotorsportDNF
13.5.2001CDN GT Mosport BEMC Spring02Mk.3Mackenzie / von EngelbrechtenMCO11th
13.5.2001CDN GT Mosport BEMC Spring05Mark SwainOMSCDNF
13.5.2001CDN GT Mosport BEMC Spring81SpyderJohn BrennerBEMCDNS
20.5.2001CDN GT Mosport Trans-Am02Mk.3Mackenzie / von EngelbrechtenMCO3rd
20.5.2001CDN GT Mosport Trans-Am05Mark SwainOMSC2nd
20.5.2001CDN GT Mosport Trans-Am81SpyderJohn BrennerBEMCDNA
28.5.2001British GT Croft22GTRDelahunty / SharpeTeam Quinton Hazell/Colin Blower MotorsportDNF
3.6.2001CDN GT Shannonville CRDA Shootout02Mk.3Mackenzie / von EngelbrechtenMCODNF
3.6.2001CDN GT Shannonville CRDA Shootout05Mark SwainOMSC1st
3.6.2001CDN GT Shannonville CRDA Shootout81SpyderJohn BrennerBEMC5th
10.6.2001British GT Rockingham22GTRSharpe / BlowerTeam Quinton Hazell / Colin Blower MotorsportDNF
24.6.2001CDN GT Mosport CASCAR02Mk.3Mackenzie / von EngelbrechtenMCODNF
24.6.2001CDN GT Mosport CASCAR05GTRMark SwainOMSC5th
24.6.2001British GT Castle Combe22GTRSharpe / BlowerTeam Quinton Hazell / Colin Blower MotorsportDNA
24.6.2001CDN GT Mosport CASCAR81SpyderJohn BrennerBEMCDNF
8.7.2001CDN GT Shannonville Canaska Cup05GTRMark SwainOMSCDNS
8.7.2001British GT Brands Hatch22GTRSharpe / BlowerTeam Quinton Hazell / Colin Blower MotorsportDNF
8.7.2001CDN GT Shannonville Canaska Cup81SpyderJohn BrennerDAC3rd
22.7.2001CDN GT Shannonville Trilllium Trophy02Mk.3Mackenzie / von EngelbrechtenMCO19th
22.7.2001CDN GT Shannonville Trilllium Trophy05Mk.4Mark SwainOMSC4th
22.7.2001British GT Donington II22GTRSharpe / BlowerTeam Quinton Hazell/Colin Blower Motorsport16th
12.8.2001CDN GT Mosport02Mk.3Mackenzie / von EngelbrechtenMCO5th
12.8.2001CDN GT Mosport05Mk.4Mark SwainOMSCDNS
19.8.2001CDN GT Mosport ALMS02Mk.3Mackenzie / von EngelbrechtenMCODNS
19.8.2001CDN GT Mosport ALMS05Mk.4Mark SwainOMSCDNF
19.8.2001British GT Knockhill22GTRSharpe / BlowerTeam Quinton Hazell / Colin Blower MotorsportDNF
19.8.2001CDN GT Mosport ALMS81SpyderJohn BrennerDAC11th
2.9.2001CDN GT Mosport CRDA02Mk.3Mackenzie / von EngelbrechtenMCODNF
2.9.2001CDN GT Mosport CRDA05Mk.4Mark SwainOMSC/TMI Racing2nd
2.9.2001British GT Thruxton22GTRSharpe / BlowerTeam Quinton Hazell/Colin Blower Motorsport7th
2.9.2001CDN GT Mosport CRDA81SpyderJohn BrennerDACDNF
16.9.2001CDN GT Mosport BEMC Summer05Mk.4Mark SwainOMSC/TMI Racing9th
16.9.2001British GT Brands Hatch22GTRBlower / SharpeTeam Quinton Hazell/Colin Blower MotorsportDNF
29.9.2001British GT Silverstone22GTRBlower / SharpeTeam Quinton Hazell/Colin Blower MotorsportDNS
30.9.2001CDN GT Mosport CASC Celebration05Mk.4Mark SwainOMSC/TMI RacingDNF
30.9.2001CDN GT Mosport CASC Celebration81SpyderJohn BrennerDACDNF

Year: 2002

5.1.2002Daytona Test12GTRMall / Smith / Dwyer / ScaralloK&N Filters Racing27th
3.2.200224 h Daytona12GTRSmith / Mall / Scarallo / DwyerK&N Filters Racing52nd
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