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6.1.2009Le Mans Bugatti event scheduled(LMS)

Despite the official Le Mans Test Days were cancelled a month ago, now a new event on the Le Mans-Bugatti track is scheduled per Le Mans Series website. It is planned on 23/4 and it is not clear if it is going to be a 1000 kilometres race or rather a test day. The test is more likely however. We had rather hoped for 1000 km Brno event...
5.1.2009FIA GT loses important entrants(FIA GT)

After team Vitaphone announced two-car campaign in FIA GT 2009 and Luc Alphand decided to drop his prototype plans and moves with his Corvettes to FIA GT, other thing does not look with the championship so good. Jet Alliance announced they will not be racing in FIA GT anymore and Phoenix Racing, another important entrant, is likely to follow. ACA Argentina seems to be ended as well, at least with their Ferrari 550.
30.12.2008Team Signature in 2009(LMS)

Team Signature already announced their intention to move to sports car racing and campaign Oreca-Courage in the Le Mans Series 2009. Now we can also confirm driver lineup. Pierre Ragues should be joined by Franck Mailleux. Both young driver are experienced especially in single-seater racing (F3). If all goes well, the LMS grids need not to as thin as we were afraid.
28.12.2008Edil Cris Ferrari may join LMS in 2009(LMS)

According to the Edil Cris Team, which raced successfully in FIA GT 2007, is considering its move to Le Mans Series next year. Along with LMS they should continue in International GT Open and Italian GT Championships. Also national Polish GT is likely to be contested by the team.
28.12.2008Speedy Racing announced LMP1 driver lineup(LMS)

Speedy Racing Team Sebah bought one of very successful Charouz Lola B08/60 Aston Martin. It should be driven by Andrea Belicchi, Marcel Fässler and Neel Jani in 2009 Le Mans Series.
28.12.2008Trading Performance Zytek in 2009(LMS)

One of the two regular Zyteks in LMS 2008 is confirmed to continue next season. It will be the Tracing Performance car but the team is set to change its name. Karim Ojjea and Claude-Yves Gosselin confirmed to race under Gstaad Automobile Club banner, the team probably carrying name GAC Racing Team.
23.12.2008Only six LMP cars in ALMS?(ALMS)

According to well informed sources at there might be as low as only six regular entries in the top three classes in the American Le Mans Series next year. Confirmed are two Acuras in LMP1 and a pair of Dyson Lola Mazdas in LMP2 to challenge another Acura. There is nothing left in GT1, so the numbers would be (hopefully) made by GT2 entrants, just like in ELMS in 2001. Murphy suggests to have two Ferraris against six Porsches. With additional makes like the new BMW or Chevrolet after Le Mans 24 Hours there could 13 cars in the class on regular basis.
23.12.2008Lola Audi in Le Mans Series?(LMS)

There are some rumours going around these days that a competitive Lola-Audi effort could be seen in the Le Mans Series next year. Colin Kolles from Force India might be behind to project, who might be released from the team as a results of coming deal between Mercedes-Benz and Force India. Kolles has been fielding a pair of Audis in DTM and a LMP campaign might be logical move ahead.
21.12.2008Success ballast also for Belgian GT (National)

Former Belcar Championship will apply success ballast system in 2009. This once a great series with an endurance feel is now fully converted to commercial TV-friendly artificial style of racing. After having been taken over by SRO the races were split into two sprints, just like the British GT events, and now this system moves it even more away from a true sports car racing. How many series do we have left unaffected?
20.12.2008Saulnier Pescarolo confirms LMP2 programme(LMS)

In 2009 Saulnier team Pescarolo will field two cars in the LMP2 category. They will use still more popular AER-developed Mazda MZR-R engine and will make partnership with Mazda Automobiles France. A plan is also to take part in the Le Mans 24 hour race.
19.12.2008ALMS race at Detroit cancelled(ALMS)

It was announced that Detroit, which hosted American Le Mans Series race over the last two seasons will not take a place in 2009 despite listed in provisional calendar. Among the reasons along with global economic situation might be withdrawal or Porsche and Audi and thus lack of true competition which is likely to affect overall quality of such race. Now the schedule is down to ten races.
17.12.2008Will the 2010 GT1 go ahead?(FIA GT)

While all major manufacturers were heard recently that they will not build a GT1 car for the planned World Championship but rather would support single GT class scheme based on current GT2 rules. Unification on GT racing looked promising but it seems that some less experienced teams and builders will try to gain from the released space. Nissan and recently Matech Ford reported that they would produce GT1 cars for the 2010 championship.
17.12.2008FIA GT3 will apply success ballast(FIA GT)

Another bad news, among others mostly related to the current economic climate, came from the FIA GT waters. Artificial racing twisted by success ballast will be now imposed also in European GT3 Championship. Sad but current promoters would do whatever to have as much different winners as possible.
17.12.2008VDS Racing Team moves to GT1(FIA GT)

Belgian Racing team has fielded unique Gillet Vertigo in the FIA GT and Belcar Championships for the past eight seasons, several last seasons with driving pair Bas Leinders and Renaud Kuppens. Now they will move from almost dead G2 class to the top GT1 category. As for the car, the final decision is yet to be made but suppose the team would like to have a race winning potential.
16.12.2008More coupés from Sebah(LMS)

For some time it was known that team Speedy/Sebah has bought one of Antonin Charouz Lola B08/60 and now the team confirmed they will field both Lolas the next year in the Le Mans Series. Along with two other B08/80s planned and confirmed by Racing Box, and another Lola, the former MG from team RML, who has now made partership with Mazda, we should see enough coupes next year.
14.12.2008Intersport to reduce program?(ALMS)

While the team fielded two cars in late 2008 races, it is well possible that we will not see them racing anymore, or with reduced program. Hopefully a single car entry is still possible.
14.12.2008LMP2 allowed to run 2008 wing(ALMS)

As per latest release by IMSA regarding 2009 rules, it seems that we would be still able to see some prototypes with full width wings, though only in the U.S. The cars with 2008 wing will have to run at 850 kg, instead of standard 825 kg for the class.
12.12.2008Aston Martin Racing with Charouz to race LMP1?(LMS)

According to Auto Hebdo Aston Martin Racing with co-operation with Charouz Racing System could field two LMP1 cars in Le Mans 24 Hours and Le Mans Series. Suppose them to be self-build prototypes.
12.12.2008Mazdaspeed and Dyson Racing announced partnership(ALMS)

Probably the most successful American sports car team Dyson Racing is now officially confirmed to run two coupes Lola B08/80 fitted with Mazda engine. It is multi year agreement with Mazdaspeed to represent famous Japanese make in American Le Mans Series.
12.12.2008Luc Alphand Corvettes to FIA GT(FIA GT)

Champion of the 2008 Le Mans Series in GT1 class announced they are moving to GT1 class of the FIA GT Championship. They are also going to race in French GT Championship.
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