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Event: 8 Hours of PortimãoDate: 13.6.2021
Track: Autodromo Internacional do Algarve (Portugal), 4.653 kmsOrganiser: unknown

8 h Algarve

Start time:11:00
Grid:2-2-2, rolling start
Distance:8 hours
Le Mans Hypercar444
Le Mans Prototype 2111111
Le Mans GTE Pro444
Le Mans GTE Am131311
Pre-race sessions:
3 non-qualifying practice sessions held for a total of 240 minutes on 11-12/6
1 qualifying session held for a total of 10 minutes on 12/6
Overall:8Toyota GR010 HybridBuemi / Nakajima / Hartley
Le Mans Prototype 2:38Oreca 07 GibsonGonzalez / Da Costa / Davidson
Le Mans GTE Pro:51Ferrari 488 GTE EvoPier Guidi / Calado
Le Mans GTE Am:47Ferrari 488 GTE EvoLacorte / Sernagiotto / Fuoco
laps 1-29:36Alpine A480 Gibson
laps 30-37:8Toyota GR010 Hybrid
laps 38-59:36Alpine A480 Gibson
laps 60-74:8Toyota GR010 Hybrid
laps 75-90:36Alpine A480 Gibson
laps 91-109:7Toyota GR010 Hybrid
laps 110-112:8Toyota GR010 Hybrid
laps 113-121:36Alpine A480 Gibson
laps 122-129:8Toyota GR010 Hybrid
laps 130-146:7Toyota GR010 Hybrid
laps 147-149:8Toyota GR010 Hybrid
laps 150-152:36Alpine A480 Gibson
laps 153-184:7Toyota GR010 Hybrid
laps 185-186:8Toyota GR010 Hybrid
laps 187-223:7Toyota GR010 Hybrid
laps 224-226:8Toyota GR010 Hybrid
laps 227-245:36Alpine A480 Gibson
laps 246-259:7Toyota GR010 Hybrid
laps 260-265:8Toyota GR010 Hybrid
laps 266-283:7Toyota GR010 Hybrid
laps 284-288:8Toyota GR010 Hybrid
laps 289-292:7Toyota GR010 Hybrid
laps 293-300:8Toyota GR010 Hybrid
Fastest Laps:
Overall:36Alpine A480 GibsonNicolas Lapierre (F)1:30.919184.200 km/hlap 212
Le Mans Prototype 2:28Oreca 07 GibsonStoffel Vandoorne (B)1:31.970182.100 km/hlap 209
Le Mans GTE Pro:52Ferrari 488 GTE EvoMiguel Molina (E)1:38.757169.600 km/hlap 266
Le Mans GTE Am:47Ferrari 488 GTE EvoAntonio Fuoco (I)1:38.925169.300 km/hlap 244
Pole Positions:
Overall:36Alpine A480 GibsonMatthieu Vaxiviere (F)1:30.364185.400 km/h
Le Mans Prototype 2:28Oreca 07 GibsonTom Blomqvist (GB)1:31.210183.700 km/h
Le Mans GTE Pro:92Porsche 991 RSR 19Kevin Estre (F)1:37.986171.000 km/h
Le Mans GTE Am:56Porsche 991 RSR 19Egidio Perfetti (CH)1:40.191167.200 km/h
Notes of interest:
Top makes by numbers:Oreca (10), Ferrari (8), Porsche (6), Aston Martin (3), Toyota (2)
Top engines by numbers:Gibson (12), Ferrari (8), Porsche (6), Aston Martin (3), Toyota (2)
Top car types by numbers:Oreca 07 (10), Ferrari 488 (8), Porsche 991 RSR (6)
Driver nationalities:GB (15), I (14), F (9), CH (9), DK (7), J (5), BR (5), NL (5), AUS (3), D (3)
Team nationalities:I (7), D (5), GB (5), USA (3), J (3), CH (2), F (2)
Engine positions:mid-engined (90%), front-engined (10%)
Average engine size:4071 cc (with regard to 43% turbocharged cars an applicable size is 4771 cc)
Oldest known drivers:Dominique Bastien (76), Giancarlo Fisichella (48), Jan Magnussen (48)
Youngest known drivers:Julien Andlauer (22), Phil Hanson (22), Fabio Scherer (22)
Female drivers:Tatiana Calderón, Sophia Floersch, Rahel Frey, Michelle Gatting, Manuela Gostner, Beitske Visser

Official Race Programme:

CoverEntry ListScheduleTrack Map
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20 - Porsche 962 C #138 - Team Davey