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Moravian Le Mans Series Brno 2010

26th September 2010

RC Model Championship Race Report

The Brno RC model race track is located at the place where original Grand Prix Brno circuit had its start-finish line. In fact when the new automotodrom Brno was built and the old track was scapped, local RC model club inherited a good place with a good asphalt surface. Unfortunately there has not been many races held in recent years but Moravian Le Mans Series organisers selected this track to host its penultimate round of the 2010 season. The provisional entry was great and it was set for the second best supported race of the season. But in the end we had here only 8 starters, of which two were making their series debut (local drivers, father and son Rovný with nice BMW GTs) and only five of them were series regulars. So what was the reason? Very, very bad weather forecast discouraged almost everybody. At the time of the planned beginning at 9:00 there were only four racers at the track; one driver from Brno and a car with organisers from Ostrava. Since it was raining all around in the Czech Republic, even the driver from Liberec that wanted to race under whatever conditions stayed at home. But there was a chance of better weather in the afternoon, so it was decided that the qualification will start at 15:00 and the race will happen under any weather, even if only for several laps. At the same time there was also another car running on a highway from Ostrava with another two principal drivers. The rest of the field for the afternoon race should be formed by locals but only those two mentioned BMW actually made the trip. There was also another car present, a Mazda 787B, a model of the Le Mans 1991 winner. Despite its owner promised his participation already in May when the series organiser made a short brake here while returning from the World GT Championship in order to negotiate some details about this race. The Mazda was here as a show car only, with no electronic inside.

Moravian Le Mans Series Brno 2010 (RC Model Championship Race Report) - picture number 001Moravian Le Mans Series Brno 2010 (RC Model Championship Race Report) - picture number 002

Race postponed

The unplanned break was filled with a visit to Automotodrom Brno, where a Czech National championship meeting was just held. A short report will be available on another page of this website. All five regulars met during the Division 4 races and before 15:00 returned back to the RC track. The rain had already stopped a couple of hours ago so the track was only slightly wet and it was decided that the race will be held as usually, i.e. in 15-minute heats. Since there were fewer cars than usually, all cars were supposed to run together but there was not still enough time to race to a full distance of one hour. So just three heats and one qualification was agreed upon to be held. But in the end only two heats happened because it started to rain again during the second heat of supporting Formula 1 race. Since all drivers had already covered enough distance to get full points, there was no need to risk an electronic failure in wet conditions and the final heat was called off.

Moravian Le Mans Series Brno 2010 (RC Model Championship Race Report) - picture number 003Moravian Le Mans Series Brno 2010 (RC Model Championship Race Report) - picture number 004

Practice and qualifying

Despite all that trouble it was a nice race and all present really enjoyed. Unfortunately, a series co-organiser and championship leader, Tomáš Rajdus decided not to make the trip to Brno. The same decision was also made by a provisionally second driver, Luděk Maléř, despite in the afternoon he was still given a chance to arrive and race without qualification as he does not live that far from Brno as Rajdus and others. Pavel Melicher, a third driver in provisional championship standings with a GT class Corvette, was here as one of the main favourites. His main opposition should come from Petr Goluch, who was running a new car based on Xray X10 for the first time in the MLMS. Some chances for the overall honours were also expected from Roman Krejčí, a lone driver in LMP1 class, returning to a Brun-Jägermeister Porsche 962C Turbo on his unusual Corally chassis. His brother Martin was making a debut with his brand-new Xray X10 Link-based Rothmans Porsche 962C Turbo but it was not expected too much from him yet. Those cars also occupied the first four positions on the grid. Goluch with his new quick LMP2 Porsche 911 GT1-98 was almost a second quicker than Melicher and only one running under 20 seconds per lap. Roman Krejčí was close third while Martin was glad to beat Jiří Groch from Brno with a GT class Ford GT. Petr Rovný with BMW Z4 followed him closely. The remaining two cars were rather off pace. Petra Vykydalová with a Toyota TS010 5 seconds behind and Jan Rovný with a BMW M3 GTR was another 4 seconds back.

Moravian Le Mans Series Brno 2010 (RC Model Championship Race Report) - picture number 005Moravian Le Mans Series Brno 2010 (RC Model Championship Race Report) - picture number 006

First heat

In the first heat Goluch lead for a long time but after about 10 minutes he founds his car flipped and sticked on its roof, on the main straight so Melicher had enough time to catch it before it was recovered. Shortly after the start the third place belonged to M. Krejčí but his brother Roman overtook his soon. But Roman lost a wheel in the middle of the race, so Martin found himself third again but only for a single lap because Jiří Groch emerged from behind and as much more experienced driver took him over. Martin could have run slightly faster to beat him but his main concern was to finish race with no problems to get maximum points in LMP2 for the second place and not to risk any accident with the new car, which was unfortunately short of brakes this time. In the meantime Roman Krejčí repaired his wheel, returned to the race and still finished seventh only one lap behind Jan Rovný.

Moravian Le Mans Series Brno 2010 (RC Model Championship Race Report) - picture number 007Moravian Le Mans Series Brno 2010 (RC Model Championship Race Report) - picture number 008

Second heat

In the second and, as it became obvious later, the final heat, Goluch made an error early in the race, so Melicher had his way easy for the first ever GT car overall victory in the MLMS championship. Roman Krejčí had to start from the back of the grid so it took some time before he got to the front but soon he ran second. There was a battle for the third position among several other drivers. At one time M. Krejčí let Goluch pass by assuming he is being lapped by him but it was not the case due to the mentioned error. Later in the race the positions settled as Melicher, R. Krejčí, Goluch, Groch, M. Krejčí. P. Rovný, J. Rovný and Vykydalová. While drivers on positions 4 to 6 were running relatively closely within a single lap, they were all circulating regularly with no major errors so actually never got into a direct battle again. But at the end of the race Goluch was catching R. Krejčí and overtook in the last moment to beat him by only 0.22 second. In overall standings Melicher won ahead of Goluch (1st LMP2), Groch (2nd in GT), M. Krejčí (2nd LMP2), P. Rovný (3rd GT), R. Krejčí (the only LMP1 starter out of 11 entered cars), J. Rovný (4th in GT) and the only lady in the race Petra Vykydalová, who was also 3rd in LMP2 which meant her first ever podium finish.

Moravian Le Mans Series Brno 2010 (RC Model Championship Race Report) - picture number 009Moravian Le Mans Series Brno 2010 (RC Model Championship Race Report) - picture number 010

Championship standings

And what was the influence of this rain-limited race on the overall point standing before the final race, which is scheduled on 7th November in Rychvald, at the same location as the first 2010 race? Tomáš Rajdus (LMP2) is still in the lead but only 3 points ahead of Pavel Melicher (GT). Luděk Maléř a long time championship leader is now third after skipping the last two races. Petr Goluch moved to fourth position ahead of Roman Krejčí. None of those two drivers are in contention for the overall title though. A huge step ahead was made by M. Krejčí whose fourth place finish, by far the best in his career moved him from. And now the three classes of the Moravian Le Mans Series. Roman Krejčí is already a champion in LMP1 but it should be said that this class with an exception of the Blansko race was very poorly supported throughout the season and Roman was in fact the only regular. Much more interesting battles can be expected for the LMP2 title. All season long battle between Maléř and Rajdus is now even more dramatic because of Goluch's surprise victory. It was not a surprise once the field was put together on Sunday but was not much expected the day before since he was not listed on official entry list even on the race day. Current point standing in this class is: 1. Rajdus (80 pts.), 2. Goluch (77 pts.), 3. Maléř (65 pts.). All of them still have a chance for the class title. Even M. Krejčí with 59 points can still finish close second though it is more a mathematical possibility than anything else. Petra Vykydalová with her third place has now moved to a very nice fifth class position (32 pts.) but none of other drivers made more than two trips to the races. Finally the GT class is already won by Pavel Melicher; the overall winner at Brno, whose 107 points out of 120 possible is really an excellent performance. Pavel was going to move to LMP classes but his latest thoughts were to stay in the slowest class and try to take on overall honours once again next year. In any case, he has a LMP car already available and is racing it outside Moravian LMS races. Unfortunately, his main and only real contender for the title, young Jakub Šimurda was unable to get to Brno but with his 64 points he can be sure about his second position in the GT championship. Tomáš Jírů is third with 36 points but he has yet to defend his position in the final race.

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