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Interserie Most 1998

31st July - 2nd August 1998

Event report

Interserie Coupe

Second round of 1998 Interserie Coupe championship was held at Autodrom Most. After only five cars starting the first round of Interserie, which was also at Most, promoter of Interserie Paul Goppert and Walter Pedrazza - founder of Austrian Euroserie for group CN sportcars - decided to do an experiment at Most and next Interserie event at A1-Ring. Cars from both series will run together qualifying and 1st Interserie heat. To start second heat isn't mandatory for Austrian Euroserie drivers.

Car in Austrian Euroserie are divided into four divisions which all can start in Interserie division II. After result of this experiment, rules for Interserie will be changed next year.

Entry and qualifying

Because of the experiment, Most saw the largest ever Interserie entry since premier race in 1979. From 37 cars entered were 28 present and 25 took place in official qualifying. From last year favourites were missing the biggest attraction - Robbie Stirling with Lola T92/10 Judd which had been rebuilt to SR1 specification and didn't arrive, and Ranieri Randaccio with Fondmetal who's entrant S.C.I. moved to ISRS and lost its interest about Interserie.

Among five entrants in top division I, four of them took the first two rows on the start. 1st was Neuhauser (1:18.966 running only first session), 2nd "Careca" (1:19.187), 3rd Hasenbichler (both Penske drivers had problems during qualifying and didn't finish it). Fourth was Becker, winner of the first round at Most who wasn't able run quicker than 1:21.3.

The last division I entrant Josef Binder in ex-Friedrich Argo JM19D Chevy C2 was 7th being beaten by top Euroserie drivers Heinz Steiner (Martini - 1:24.775) and Martin Krisam jr. in Osella PA20. Binder's Argo was one of only two cars reminiscent of unforgettable and famous bygone of group C cars. The second one was Michael Schuster's BGN-Argo JM19C Judd which finished 10th in qualifying.

Warm Up

In Sunday warm up the quickest time set Karl-Heinz Becker (Minardi) and could be satisfied after only fourth place in Saturday. There should be told that the Pole man Josef Neuhauser (Reynard) stayed in the pits.

First Heat

The first race was very exciting with 24 cars running. Some cars had early problems: Karl Hasenbichler was pushed back into the pits just running to the grid. Car was quickly repaired and Hasenbichler could start from his 3rd position. But after two laps he retired running 3rd and was never again seen on the track during Sunday.

Andreas Tandl in PRC No.66 having problems should start from the pits and retired just after 4 laps too. Even worse it was with Rainer Fink (PRC No.68) who has left for home just before the race.

After the start was leading "Careca" ahead of Neuhauser, Hasenbichler and Becker. Fifth was leader division II / Euroserie Krisam jr. followed by Binder in Argo and division II favourite Steiner. In the second lap Binder went off the track and came down to the 17th place. In the 3rd lap Neuhauser overtook "Careca", Hasenbichler retired as was said, so new positions were: Neuhauser, "Careca", Becker, Krisam jr., Steiner.

After six laps Steiner was leading division II ahead of Krisam jr. (in this lap retired his father driving URD C391 in which junior was the first Euroserie champion).

"Careca" later languish and was overtaken by Becker just before half of the heat which was run for 14 laps. This standings Neuhauser - Becker - "Careca" - Steiner - Krisam jr. stayed till end. Only top four drivers were in the lead lap. Sixth was son of Euroserie promoter Emanuel Pedrazza (PRC) ahead of first "true" Interserie division II car - BGN-Argo of M. Schuster.

Second Heat

Only 14 cars entered the second heat. Most of Euroserie drivers hadn't interest to take part in the race that wasn't counted to their championship. Only 3 local matadors Vorel, Matous and Nerad (all PRC) together with Seher Racing team (Seher - PRC and Ludwig - Argo) appeared in this race. Announced participant Franz Tandl in PRC did not start too like many others. It was a bit disappointment but could be excepted.

Before the start PRC of Nerad was pushed into the pits. Nerad started from the pits later when leaders were in the final lap. But it didn't finish and official results consider this car DNS.

After the start became positions Neuhauser - "Careca" - Becker - Binder - Schuster. Battle in top 3 was close and exciting put positions didn't change until 10th lap when "Careca" retired and Binder had again problems leaving the course like in the heat one.

Neuhauser was the winner leading from start to finish before Becker, Schuster, Binder and Schierig. Sixth was best Euroserie entrant Rudi Seher.

Random Photo
1 - Chaparral 1 - Doug Walker