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Moravian Le Mans Series Trenčín 2016

30th April 2016

RC Model Championship Race Report

Le Mans Meeting / Historic RC Hudy Arena Review

The inaugural international meeting for historic and modern Le Mans cars is over. The racing day was special in many cases. Even it was just an one-day action, each driver could drive about one hour on the well prepared track inside Hudy Arena in Trencin, Slovakia. It is the track which is hosting European Championship Electric Track this year summer. There were about 50 drivers from 3 countries.

This video starts with Moravian Le Mans Series Finale C and B heats 3 (out of 6) and ends with a couple of full Finale A coverages from heat 3 and heat 4. In the fourth heat at the end of the video the difference between first Roman Krejčí/New Man Porsche and second Vít Parák/Canon Porsche was only 0.02 seconds.

Historic RC Veteran Tour IC 1/8

Very interesting cars entered this event. We could see various old chassis like SG Futura, SG Columbia, Cumis, Graupner or Hudy in the race. Three qualification heats counted by best lap were there before the 15 minut ½ final with fuelling. Jarda Beran with original Juraj Hudy constructed car made 31 laps and won the heat ahead of Pekarek and Blaha, both using very nice home-made BMW CSL bodyshells on Cumis chassis. The quickest car was McLaren M8F on Graupner Club 90 chassis driven by Roman Krejci did not finish this heat. The main final lasted 30 minutes with 11 cars on the grid. Roman Krejci and his Mc Laren went from 9th to 1st position in lap 4 setting the best lap. However front suspension was broken up and missing part caused retirement. Another Can-Am bodyshell Porsche 917/10 (SG Futura replica) driven by Karel Novosad went to 1st position until lap 18 and also retired. This was Petr Blaha and his Cumis chance to take the lead while quick Beran had some troubles and running poor 5th place. In the second part of the final Beran and his Canon Porsche 956 on Hudy chassis was quicker and quicker, made new best lap time 24.311 seconds and went from 6th to 1st position in lap 37 and secured his win for the rest of 61 laps. Jaroslav Cip and his From-A Porsche 956 finished 2nd and Pekarek 3rd. The Veteran Tour will continue in Trebic, Czech Republic on 28.5.2016

IC 1/ 8 Veteran results:

1. Jarda Beran - Hudy 2WD

2. Jaroslav Číp - SG Futura VCS Replica

3. Jan Pekárek - Cumis

4. Petr Blaha - Neocumis

5. Tomáš Rajdus - unknown

6. Milan Parák - selfmade

7. Jiří Kunz ml. - SG Columbia Mk2

8. Jan Höfer - SG Columbia Mk2

9. Karel Novosad - SG Futura Replica

10.Roman Krejčí - Graupner Club 90

11.Jiří Čermák - Hudy

BL: Beran 24.311

Moravian RC Le Mans Series

This race was open for electric 1/10 pancars with sub-classes. We could see LMP1, LMP2, GT and GT3 cars in the grid. While LMP1 is known as Pro10, the LMP2 are 20 0mm pancars with 10.5T boosted motors and realistiic bodyworks, while GT is World GT class with 17.5T blinky ESC. However all cars raced together devided by qualification which was counted by best lap set in two qualification rounds. TQ among 27 cars was set by Milan Parak ahead of Roman Krejci (both Pro 10 Corally 10SL with 4.5T motors) followed by two Xray X10 driven by Tomas and Filip Rajdus. The finals were a kind of endurance racing, because there were 6 final heats counted all together by scored laps. Each final heat endured 10 minutes, so the Pro10 cars had to be limited in power to be able to run 10 minutes. Krejci was almost on the first position during the finals, just time to time close followed by Parak. Parak missed several laps in one of the finals because of reparation of damaged suspension. He lost several laps and fell down in the classification. Very nice drive showed young Filip Rajdus who finally finished 2nd overall ahead of his father Tomas and Martin Krejci, both LMP2 drivers. Interesting battle was in GT class. As it is normal in endurance race, a lot of drivers had some troubles and fell down in classification even they drove quick LMP1 or LMP2 cars. The results of finals A-B-C were counted together; this is why some drivers from A main finished behind 20th place... Championship will continue in Blansko, Czech Republic on 21.5.2016.

Moravian Le Mans Series results:

1. Roman Krejčí - Corally - 1.LMP1

2. Filip Rajdus - XRAY - 2.LMP1

3. Tomáš Rajdus - XRAY - 1.LMP2

4. Martin Krejčí - Corally - 2.LMP2

5. Vít Parák - Corally - 3.LMP1

6. Ondřej Vícha - Corally - 1.GT

7. Ladislav Holásek - Corally - 2.GT

8. Jakub Vícha - Corally - 3.GT

9. Pavel Červenka - selfmade - 4.GT

10.Martin Korotwitschka - XRAY - 5.GT

BL: Krejci 18.726

Formula 1

Also in Formula rubber tyres race we saw an interesting race format. There were three 7 minutes long qualification heats but only one best lap was counted. So it was like in real racing to fight for the pole position. Two sub-classes raced together – 21.5T and 17.5T powered formula cars. Martin Hudy was the main star of the race, but he run 21.5T class while another quick driver Vit Parak chose 17.5T class. Together both made fantastic atmosphere during qualification and more over during all 5 final heats. Four of them were counted by scored laps together, the worst result was not counted. Parak took TQ ahead of Hudy by just only 0.006 seconds! And close battle was seen during all final heats. Unfortunately the overtaking of slower drivers was significant for overall results. But we saw interesting 7 minute long final heats with real battles for the win with strong Xray cars domination.

F1 results:

1 . Vít Parák - XRAY X1 - 1. 17,5T

2 . Martin Hudy - XRAY X1 - 1. 21,5T

3 . Tomáš Rajdus - XRAY X1 - 2. 17,5T

4 . Michał Milanowicz - XRAY X1 - 2. 21,5T

5 . Lukas Hoch - XRAY X1 - 3. 17,5T

6 . Aleš Horák - XRAY X1 - 3. 21,5T

7 . Milan Parák - Tamiya - 4. 17,5T

8 . Milan Peška - Tamiya - 5. 17,5T

9 . Martin Korotwitschka - Tamiya - 6. 17,5T

10 . Ondřej Pernický - Serpent - 7. 17.5T

BL: Parak 22.526

Perfect atmosphere and a long time racing was interesting for most of the drivers who really enjoyed the event.