Event: 6th Annual Lake Erie Invitational Sports Car RacesDate: 3.6.1962
Track: Dunkirk Municipal Airport (United States), 2.253 kmsOrganiser: Eastern New York Region SCCA

Dunkirk Trophy [CP+DP+EP+FP+GP+HP+HM]

Non championship race

(Race Results)

1st95John IgleheartOscaJ. IgleheartHM
2nd111Richard HolquistPorsche 356D. HolquistCP
3rd36F. Reed AndrewsAC - BristolF. AndrewsCP

Entered cars that did not arrive:

4Steele RobertsSunbeam AlpineS. RobertsNot known if ranFP
5John S. TameMG TFJ. TameNot known if ranHP
6C. J. ReedPorsche 356C. ReedNot known if ranFP
9Bill BallerMGAW. BallerNot known if ranFP
11Roland FigoreMGAR. FigoreNot known if ranFP
13John WendtAlfa RomeoJ. WendtNot known if ranGP
14David ElderAlfa RomeoD. ElderNot known if ranDP
15D. Charles StellMGAD. StellNot known if ranFP
16Don MansellPorsche 356D. MansellNot known if ranFP
17Si MatheyPorsche 356S. MatheyNot known if ranDP
19J. Ward AllenAlfa RomeoJ. AllenNot known if ranDP
20Dennis CallAlfa RomeoD. CallNot known if ranGP
21Fred StegerMG TDF. StegerNot known if ranHP
22J. GreavesNSU SportJ. GreavesNot known if ranHP
24John HettrickPorsche 356J. HettrickNot known if ranDP
27Harvey WinogradMGAH. WinogradNot known if ranFP
30Caryl AshbaughMGAC. AshbaughNot known if ranFP
33Norman BradleyFiat-AbarthN. BradleyNot known if ranHP
34Paul PetrunAustin-Healey SpriteP. PetrunNot known if ranHP
35Robert PriebeAustin-HealeyR. PriebeNot known if ranDP
37Michael PetrilliMGAM. PetrilliNot known if ranFP
39William McKelvyAlfa RomeoE. MckelvyNot known if ranDP
41Joseph BlaserAustin-Healey SpriteJ. BlasorNot known if ranHP
42John GoodwinPorsche 356J. GoodwinNot known if ranDP
43Thomas W. OrangeAustin-Healey SpriteT. OrangeNot known if ranHP
44Harry CrimAustin-HealeyH. CrimNot known if ranDP
46Gerald MongBobsyA. HierNot known if ranHM
48George VoigtPorsche 356G. VoigtNot known if ranFP
50SniedzeAustin-HealeyC. SniedzeNot known if ranDP
53Gary MorganDaimler SP250G. MorganNot known if ranCP
54Gary MorganMorgan - AbarthG. MorganNot known if ranHM
55R. R. DocterAustin-Healey SpriteR. DocterNot known if ranHP
56G. SwintekAustin-Healey SpriteG. SwintekNot known if ranHP
57D. M. WiesenbergerPorsche 356D. WiesenbergerNot known if ranFP
58K. R. CollingTurnerK. CollingNot known if ranFP
59Bart LevensonAlfa RomeoB. LevensonNot known if ranDP
60Wesley GlantzSunbeam AlpineW. GlantzNot known if ranFP
62Bob HutchinsAlfa RomeoR. HutchinsNot known if ranDP
63Dick SchulzeJaguarR. SchulzeNot known if ranCP
64Harry KillianAlfa Romeo GiuliettaH. KillianNot known if ranGP
65Jack WilliamsPorsche 356J. WilliamsNot known if ranFP
66Robert PoupardMGAR. PoupardNot known if ranFP
67Ed ShantzAustin-Healey SpriteE. ShantzNot known if ranHP
68Bill MalionTurner - ClimaxW. MalionNot known if ranDP
69Edsel PfabeFiat-AbarthE. PfabeNot known if ranHP
70J. R. FarrowTriumphJ. R. FarrowNot known if ranEP
71T. King-HedingerPorsche 356T. King-HedingerNot known if ranDP
72Russ SmithAlfa RomeoR. SmithNot known if ranEP
73Stephen JankAlfa RomeoS. JankNot known if ranGP
74Paul CasterwilerMGAP. CasterwilerNot known if ranFP
76Jack LawrenceAustin-Healey SpriteJ. LawrenceNot known if ranHP
79Dave MartinAustin-HealeyD. MartinNot known if ranDP
80William KneelandSunbeam AlpineW. KneelandNot known if ranFP
81Harvey SeelSaab SpecialH. SeelNot known if ranHM
83Ray BaldwinTurner SportsR. BaldwinNot known if ranHP
85Norman WebbSunbeam AlpineW. ChurchillNot known if ranFP
86Norman WebbLotus Super SevenJ. ClarkeNot known if ranCP
88Ronald PalmAC - BristolR. PalmNot known if ranCP
89Paul SullivanMGAP. SullivanNot known if ranFP
90Sue PriebeMorganS. PriebeNot known if ranEP
91Andrew PeshenkaAustin-Healey SpriteA. PeshenkaNot known if ranHP
92Bruce KellnerTriumph TR4Mark MotorsNot known if ranEP
94B. LichtigMGAB. LichtigNot known if ranFP
96Charles RedmondTriumphC. RedmondNot known if ranEP
98E. JossimanAlfa RomeoE. JossimanNot known if ranDP
100FornoElva CourierF. FornoNot known if ranEP
101M. HartMGAM. HartNot known if ranFP
102Bob LewisFiat-AbarthB. LewisNot known if ranHP
103J. SweeneyAustin-Healey SpriteJ. SweeneyNot known if ranHP
104R. HatchMGAR. HatchNot known if ranEP
105James BrownAustin-HealeyJ. BrownNot known if ranDP
106Jim VerpotenAustin-Healey SpriteJ. VerpotenNot known if ranHP
107Dick GangerAustin-Healey SpriteR. GangerNot known if ranHP
108R. KallstromAlfa RomeoR. KallstromNot known if ranGP
109Charles WalshAustin-Healey SpriteC. WalshNot known if ranGP
112T. DolandMG MidgetT. DolandNot known if ranGP
114James LeeMGAJ. LeeNot known if ranFP
115JohnstonElvaR. JohnstonNot known if ranEP
117ReynoldsMGAP. ReynoldsNot known if ranFP
120G. RichardsonPorsche 356G. RichardsonNot known if ranDP
122Vic TodiaAustin-Healey SpriteV. TodiaNot known if ranHP
123Leonard AndersonTriumph TR4L. AndersonNot known if ranEP
124Roger ClouserAustin-Healey SpriteR. ClouserNot known if ranHP
126Gene BittingerAustin-Healey SpriteG. BittingerNot known if ranGP
127C. CushwaPorsche 356C. CushwaNot known if ranDP
128David SheffLotusD. SheffNot known if ranGP
129Jack FarrellAlfa RomeoJ. FarrellNot known if ranGP
132David HaffenrefferPorsche 356D. HaffenrefferNot known if ranFP
133Jerry CrawfordDaimler SP250J. CrawfordNot known if ranCP
136Donald TarteElvaD. TarteNot known if ranEP
137D. E. SmithTurnerD. SmithNot known if ranFP
140W. PattonMGAW. PattonNot known if ranFP
141L. J. GreenAlfa RomeoL. GreenNot known if ranGP
145Allyn HierBobsyA. HierNot known if ranHM
148Bill PickthorneMGAB. PickthorneNot known if ranEP
180William J. McGrawDaimler SP250W. McGrawNot known if ranCP
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