Event: Player's Québec TrophyDate: 13.9.1964
Track: Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant-St. Jovite (Canada), 2.575 kmsOrganiser: Montreal Motor Racing Club

Mont-Tremblant [SP]

(Race Results)

1st1Pedro RodriguezFerrari 275 PNorth American Racing Team63160.934 kms1stS+2.0
2nd55Ludwig HeimrathCooper Monaco T61 FordComstock Racing Team632ndS+2.0
3rd18Peter LerchLotus 19B FordComstock Racing Team633rdS+2.0
4th81Wayne KellyKelly Special PorscheRobert Bosch (Canada) Ltd.621stS2.0
5th133Rudy BartlingPorsche 718 RS 61Heimrath Porsche Racing Team622ndS2.0
6th83Jean OuelletAC CobraRimouski Racing Team1stGT
7th69Al PeaseMGBAl Pease2ndGT
777Craig FisherAbarth-Simca3rdGT
112Phil SeitzElva Mk VI ClimaxPhil Seitz3rdS2.0

Did not finish:

5Vic YachukLotus 19 ClimaxEcurie Portland22DifferentialS2.0

Started, result unknown:

43Phil SmythLotus 23BDr. Phil Smyth
529Dave GreenblattDailu Chevrolet Corvette Mk5Duval Motors
141Louis DonoloMerlynLouis Donolo
100Gord BrownGinettaGord Brown
39Tom MooreJaguar XKEPerformance Motors
7Hugh DixonJaguar D-typePerformance Motors
116Ron RogersMGB
131George MacDonaldLotus Mark IXGeorge Macdonald
89John CoxAsturCheckered Flag Co.
42Max NerriereLotus Elite
104John CordtsElva CourierTed's Mobile Homes
58Jacques DuvalPorsche 356 CarreraCabaret Casa Lama
82Marius AmiotMGARimouski Racing Team
23Bob BaileyPorsche 356
219Ian HartSunbeam AlpineIan Hart

Did not start:

38Paul MuirLola Mk.1 Climax
111George ChapmanChapman Special (Lotus 23B Ford)George Chapman
169Nat AdamsLotus 23B ClimaxTidewater Oil Co. Ltd.

Entered cars that did not arrive:

15Tom AshwellJaguar XKEDr. Tom AshwellNot known if ran
52Francois GagnonLotus ElanFrancois GagnonNot known if ran
60Trevor AllenMerlynPerplexed PonderersNot known if ran
84Allen HicklingTVRRacing Partnership of MontrealNot known if ran
126Andre PrefontaineHealey SpecialSt. Hyacinthe Auto PartsNot known if ran
146Jack RosewellMGAJack RosewellNot known if ran
166Gerry CockerillHyland SpecialHyland ElectronicsNot known if ran
178Bertus HoogenboomVolvo P-1800Bertus HoogenboomNot known if ran
444André GibeaultVolvo P-1800Gogne AutomobileNot known if ran
445Peter KeithLotus ElanCambridge MotorsNot known if ran
600Barry MartinTriumph TR4Barry MartinNot known if ran
707Bill MacDonaldAlfa RomeoBritish & American CarsNot known if ran
847George PepperWitton - ChevroletS. G. WadeNot known if ran
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