Event: Date: 21.9.1963
Track: Oulton Park (United Kingdom), 4.443 kmsOrganiser: Mid Cheshire Motor Club

Gold Cup Oulton Park

Non championship race

(Race Results)

Pos.No.DriversCarEntrantLapsTimeKm/hReasonPos.Gr.FL TimeKm/h
1st56Roy SalvadoriCooper Monaco T61 ClimaxC. T. Atkins1933:33.400150.9561stS3.01:43.800154.111
2nd43Jim ClarkLotus 23B FordNormand Ltd. (Racing Div.)1933:53.6002ndS3.0
3rd45Tony HegbourneLotus 23B FordNormand Ltd. (Racing Div.)1934:03.8003rdS3.0
4th51Keith GreeneLotus 23B FordKeith A. Greene (Racing)1934:18.2004thS3.0
5th50SuttonLotus 23B FordFawdinson's Garages/R. C. Fawdinson & Son1934:37.0005thS3.0
6th52Rodney BloorLotus 23B FordSports Motors (Manchester) Ltd.1934:37.0006thS3.0
7th49Geoff BreakellLotus 23B FordGeoff Breakell1934:58.4007thS3.0
8th41Paul HawkinsLotus 23B FordIan Walker Racing Ltd.1833:53.800141.5741stS1.151:48.800147.030
9th39BensonElva Mk VII ClimaxEquipe Elva (London)1834:06.2002ndS1.15
10th40Steven MinoprioElva Mk VII FordEquipe Elva (London)1834:06.4003rdS1.15
11th58Mike PendletonLotus 19 ClimaxM. Pendleton1734:04.6008thS3.0
12th53William BradleyLotus 23B FordAuto Racing Service1527:53.8009thS3.0
13th47Tony LanfranchiElva Mk VII FordTony Lanfranchi1433:26.40010thS3.0
14th33Ewan PaulElva Mk VII ClimaxE. Paul1434:46.0004thS1.15
15th31Peter DickinsonElva Mk VI ClimaxP. Dickinson1435:03.2005thS1.15
16th37Syd FoxLola Mk.1 ClimaxNeal Davis Racing1120:07.400Broken bearing (clutch)6thS1.15

Did not finish:

No.DriversCarEntrantLapsTimeKm/hReasonGr.FL TimeKm/h
55Alan ReesLotus 23B ClimaxRoy Winkelmann Racing Ltd.GearS3.0
46Christopher MartynElva Mk VII FordM. G. D. GrahamSpinS3.0
48David ProphetLotus 23B FordDavid ProphetOil leakS3.0
36Alistair WelchLotus 23 FordAlistair Welch1SpinS1.15
42Frank GardnerBrabham BT5 FordIan Walker Racing Ltd.0AccidentS3.0
32George WhiteheadW.R.A. Mk III FordThe Cheshire Racing Team0SpinS1.15

Did not start:

38Chris WilliamsLotus 23 FordChris Williams Ltd.Pulled off after the warm-up lapS1.15
54Bill SteinLotus 23B FordWm. Stein & Coy. Ltd.Pulled off after the warm-up lapS3.0
44Mike BeckwithLotus 23B FordNormand Ltd. (Racing Div.)Withdrawn in preference to driving the F1 raceS3.0

Entered cars that did not arrive:

35J. C. ThurnerLotus 23 FordB. BarrS1.15
57Coundley / de SelincourtLotus 19 ClimaxJohn Coundley Racing PartnershipS3.0
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