Event: Date: 12.6.1965
Track: Oulton Park (United Kingdom), 4.443 kmsOrganiser: Mid Cheshire Motor Club

MCMC Oulton Park [S1.35]

(Race Results)

1st26Alan MinshawLotus 23 FordA. Minshaw1019:24.200137.3901stS1.35
2nd24John Anstice BrownRejo Mk.6 FordManor Garage Racing102ndS1.35
3rd23John NicholsonLotus Eleven FordJ. Nicholson103rdS1.35
10th19David DriverGilbyTeam RedwellS1.35
9Max WardW.R.A. - FordMax Ward20:34.600129.5681stS1.0/1.2
10Mike GillTerrier Mk II FordMike Gill20:34.8002ndS1.0/1.2
7Don HulmeLotus Seven FordD. Hulme3rdS1.0/1.2

Did not finish:

12Geoff OliverLotus 23 FordGeoff Oliver2SpinS1.35

Entered cars that did not arrive:

5Jack WalshLotus ElevenJ. D. WalshNot known if ranS1.0/1.2
6Graham ParkLotusGraham ParkNot known if ranS1.0/1.2
8Bryan HalladayAustin-Healey SpriteMidland Centre Racing TeamNot known if ranS1.0/1.2
11Ian BannardRedwell U2Team RedwellNot known if ranS1.0/1.2
14John ShinglerU2 ClimaxManor Garage RacingNot known if ranS1.35
15T. C. MatthewLotus Super Seven FordT. C. MatthewNot known if ranS1.35
16Paul HollickMG TCPaul HollickNot known if ranS1.35
17Brian SmithLotus 23Brian SmithNot known if ranS1.35
18Terry WattsMercury - ClimaxStaffs Car Conversions Ltd.Not known if ranS1.35
20Richard NealMG MIdgetRichard NealNot known if ranS1.35
21Charles LucasLotus 23 FordC. Lucas (Engineering) Ltd.Not known if ranS1.35
22Brian TaylorLotus Super SevenBrian TaylorNot known if ranS1.35
27Norman FouldsMG MidgetNorman FouldsNot known if ranS1.35
28Lionel ShakespeareTurnerLionel ShakespeareNot known if ranS1.35
29Tim Blurton-JonesLotus EliteTeam RedwellNot known if ranS1.35
64Norman BarlowW.R.A. Mk III FordNorman BarlowNot known if ranS1.35
103H. W. CooperAquillaBill CooperNot known if ranS1.0/1.2
104Derek WalkerLadybird Mk V FordDerek WalkerNot known if ranS1.0/1.2
105John HollandU2 Mk.2 FordJohn HollandNot known if ranS1.0/1.2
106Michael GregoryLotus Seven FordMichael GregoryNot known if ranS1.0/1.2
107Groves / GraemeAvenger Mk II FordA. GrovesNot known if ranS1.0/1.2
108John EdwardsTerrier Mk II FordJohn EdwardsNot known if ranS1.0/1.2
109Nick MayRejo - FordNick MayNot known if ranS1.0/1.2
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