Event: The Third Ouston MeetingDate: 18.6.1961
Track: R.A.F. Station, Ouston (United Kingdom), 2.414 kmsOrganiser: Newcastle & District MC / Border Motor Racing Club

NDMC & BMRC Ouston [S1.2]

Non championship race

(Race Results)

1st68George PalmerGSM Delta12119.0591stS1.2
2nd69Mike GillTerrier - FordM. H. Gill121stS1.2
3rd66Geoff LomasLomas D FordW. G. Lomas122ndS1.2
93H. W. RatcliffeMorris 10001stC1.2
G. L. CrozierTVR2ndC1.2
88A. R. BarnesFiat3rdC1.2

Entered cars that did not arrive:

62G. F. ForrestLotus SevenNot known if ranS1.2
63Tommy SimpsonLotus Seven F FordNot known if ranS1.2
64G. A. MasonLotus Mark VI FordNot known if ranS1.2
65A. S. RobinsonLotus Mark VINot known if ranS1.2
67L. HodkinsonElva - FordNot known if ranS1.2
70J. F. WilsonGinettaNot known if ranS1.2
71Ken BoothLotus SevenK. K. BoothNot known if ranS1.2
72S. OrdBars - FordNot known if ranS1.2
73W. J. TurnbullSeatronNot known if ranS1.2
74John AndersonFairthorpeNot known if ranS1.2
75Brian CrabtreeLotus Seven ANot known if ranS1.2
76Alf PaladiniLotus Seven ANot known if ranS1.2
77P. N. HarrisonAustin-Healey SpriteNot known if ranS1.2
78John BurgessAustin-Healey SpriteNot known if ranS1.2
79I. W. WilliamsAustin-Healey SpriteNot known if ranS1.2
83G. A. PercivalFord AngliaNot known if ranC1.2
94B. P. BirdMorris Mini MinorNot known if ranC1.2
95R. Allman SmithMorris ConvertibleNot known if ranC1.2
96Jimmy BlumerAustin SevenNot known if ranC1.2
97E. CharltonAustin SevenNot known if ranC1.2
Random Photo
21 - Elva Mk VII S Lotus - Stanley Leong