(Race 1 Results)

1st2Bill TemperoMarch 85C ChevroletBud Light Special2431:50.040181.759
2nd19Buddy LazierMarch 85C ChevroletTrivoli Lodge2431:56.100
3rd13Al LambFrissbee GR2 Chevrolet24
4th10John MacalusoFrissbee - ChevroletSorrento Cheese22
5th88Mark BaileyFrissbee - ChevroletMPE22
6th44Bill ScottMcKee Mk.18A ChevroletBill Scott Racing22
7th4Dave SmithShadow DN8 DodgeDave Smith22
8th26Mike SnowMarch 85C PontiacMS Racing18Shift linkage
9th46Chuck McConnellFrissbee - Chevrolet15Bent valves
10th64Ray ReimerFrissbee Lola ChevroletRay Reimer Racing12Engine
11th77Gene ForsthofelPenske PC9B ChevroletL. T. Enterprises10Overheating
12th24Stuart BaumgardVDS 004 Chevrolet10Gearbox
13th57Gerald NelsonLonghorn LR03 ChevroletNelson Racing7Overheating
14th1Horst KrollFrissbee KR3 ChevroletHorst Kroll Racing4DNF
15th18Jim GradelRK March 847 ChevroletGradel RacingIgnition

Did not start:

5Lou SellMarch 85C ChevroletKT 103 FM
21Wayne RutherfordMarch 85C ChevroletTexas American Race Teams
22Bruce LangsonLangson 02 ChevroletLangson Racing The Gunite Company

Other listed cars, participation unknown:

14Randy ZimmerMarch 83C ChevroletTexas American Race Teams
52Cliff DawsonMarch 832 HartTrebas Institute of Recording Arts
Random Photo
11 - Mirage GR8 Ford #801 - Grand Touring Cars Inc.