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All Results of Alpine A110 GT4

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Year: 1965

20.6.196524 h Le Mans55 #5146Hanrioud / CheinisseSociété AlpineDNF

Year: 2018

15.7.2018FFSA GT4 Dijon26Tardif / AyariCMR35th/DNF
15.7.2018FFSA GT4 Dijon36Tribaudini / JeanCMRDNF/5th
22.7.2018GT4 Spa27Mouez / LogerCMR41st/DNF
22.7.2018GT4 Spa35Tribaudini / JeanCMR3rd/1st
2.9.2018GT4 Hungaroring27Loger / MouezCMR36th/DNF
2.9.2018GT4 Hungaroring35Jean / TribaudiniCMR32nd/38th
9.9.2018FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours26Tardif / AyariCMR5th/DNF
9.9.2018FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours36Sancinena / JeanCMR3rd/1st
16.9.2018GT4 Nürburgring27Loger / MouezCMRDNF/23rd
16.9.2018GT4 Nürburgring35Castelli / JeanCMR11th/DNF
30.9.2018FFSA GT4 Barcelona26Tardif / AyariCMRDNF/DNF
30.9.2018FFSA GT4 Barcelona36Sancinena / JeanCMR4th/11th
14.10.2018FFSA GT4 Paul Ricard26Tardif / AyariCMR39th/DNF
14.10.2018FFSA GT4 Paul Ricard36Sancinena / JeanCMR2nd/1st
14.10.2018FFSA GT4 Paul Ricard61Miot / BouvetZentech Sport16th/18th
2.12.2018GT4 International Cup26Tuchbant / LeclercCMRDNF
2.12.2018GT4 International Cup36Jean / SancinenaCMR1st

Year: 2019

14.4.2019GT4 Monza9Roman / AyariCMRDNF/14th
14.4.2019GT4 Monza35Ferté / DemoustierRedele Competition14th/17th
14.4.2019GT4 Monza36Sancinena / JeanCMR11th/19th
14.4.2019GT4 Monza48Mouez / LogerCMR26th/DNF
22.4.2019FFSA GT4 Nogaro2Gvazava / IvanovSpeed CarDNF/16th
22.4.2019FFSA GT4 Nogaro7Wallgren / CourroyeSpeed Car9th/10th
22.4.2019FFSA GT4 Nogaro8Consani / LaricheTeam Speed Car3rd/DNF
22.4.2019FFSA GT4 Nogaro9Hernandez / AyariCMR26th/35th
22.4.2019FFSA GT4 Nogaro35Ferté / DemoustierBodemer Auto15th/DNF
22.4.2019FFSA GT4 Nogaro36Lémeret / JeanCMR1st/1st
22.4.2019FFSA GT4 Nogaro76Rédélé / ProstBodemer Auto19th/12th
22.4.2019FFSA GT4 Nogaro111Servol / TribaudiniCMR5th/3rd
22.4.2019FFSA GT4 Nogaro616van Straaten / van StraatenMirage Racing22nd/27th
22.4.2019FFSA GT4 Nogaro919Lison / BeltoiseMirage Racing14th/6th
4.5.2019GT4 Scandinavia Ring Knutstorp1Gullberg / MörnerOtto Racing6th/4th
5.5.2019GT4 Brands Hatch9Roman / AyariCMRDNF/DNF
5.5.2019GT4 Brands Hatch35Ferté / DemoustierRedele Competition16th/8th
5.5.2019GT4 Brands Hatch36Sancinena / JeanCMRDNF/DNS
5.5.2019GT4 Brands Hatch48Mouez / LogerCMR21st/27th
19.5.2019FFSA GT4 Pau2Gvazava / IvanovSpeed Car31st/13th
19.5.2019FFSA GT4 Pau7Wallgren / CourroyeSpeed Car27th/DNF
19.5.2019FFSA GT4 Pau8Consani / LaricheSpeed Car5th/4th
19.5.2019FFSA GT4 Pau9Hernandez / AyariCMR34th/28th
19.5.2019FFSA GT4 Pau35Ferté / DemoustierBodemer AutoDNF/DNF
19.5.2019FFSA GT4 Pau36Lémeret / JeanCMR13th/DNF
19.5.2019FFSA GT4 Pau76Rédélé / ProstBodemer Auto21st/8th
19.5.2019FFSA GT4 Pau111Servol / TribaudiniCMR17th/5th
19.5.2019FFSA GT4 Pau616Cochet / HaezebrouckMirage RacingDNF/24th
19.5.2019FFSA GT4 Pau919Lison / BeltoiseMirage Racing30th/2nd
2.6.2019GT4 Paul Ricard9 #046Roman / AyariCMRDNF/DNF
2.6.2019GT4 Paul Ricard35 #035Ferté / DemoustierRedele Competition6th/33rd
2.6.2019GT4 Paul Ricard36 #022Sancinena / JeanCMRDNF/DNF
2.6.2019GT4 Paul Ricard48Mouez / LogerCMR25th/18th
2.6.2019GT4 Paul Ricard88 #026Consani / LaricheTeam SpeedcarDNS/DNF
9.6.2019GT Open Cup Spa919Haezebrouck / BourgoisMirage Racing12th/15th
15.6.2019GT4 Scandinavia Skelleftea1Gullberg / MörnerOtto RacingDNS
30.6.2019GT4 Misano9Lémeret / JeanCMR10th/28th
30.6.2019GT4 Misano35Ferté / DemoustierRedele Competition20th/22nd
30.6.2019GT4 Misano48Mouez / LogerCMR23rd/23rd
30.6.2019GT4 Misano76Rédélé / CoubardRedele Competition22nd/25th
7.7.2019FFSA GT4 Lédenon2Gvazava / IvanovSpeed Car18th/DNF
7.7.2019FFSA GT4 Lédenon7Wallgren / CourroyeSpeed CarDNF/6th
7.7.2019FFSA GT4 Lédenon8 #026Consani / LaricheSpeed Car2nd/22nd
7.7.2019FFSA GT4 Lédenon9Hernandez / AyariCMR10th/DNF
7.7.2019FFSA GT4 Lédenon35 #035Ferté / DemoustierBodemer Auto1st/17th
7.7.2019FFSA GT4 Lédenon36 #022Lémeret / JeanCMRDQ/1st
7.7.2019FFSA GT4 Lédenon76Rédélé / ProstBodemer Auto15th/5th
7.7.2019FFSA GT4 Lédenon111 #041Servol / TribaudiniCMR4th/2nd
7.7.2019FFSA GT4 Lédenon616 #043Basso / CastelliMirage Racing9th/28th
7.7.2019FFSA GT4 Lédenon919 #038Lison / BeltoiseMirage Racing33rd/12th
14.7.2019GT4 Zandvoort35Ferté / DemoustierRedele CompetitionDNF/12th
14.7.2019GT4 Zandvoort48Mouez / LogerCMR22nd/15th
27.7.2019FFSA GT4 Spa2Charchiyan / GvazavaSpeed CarDNF/DNF
27.7.2019FFSA GT4 Spa7Wallgren / CourroyeSpeed Car14th/11th
27.7.2019FFSA GT4 Spa8Consani / LaricheSpeed CarDNF/36th
27.7.2019FFSA GT4 Spa35Ferté / DemoustierBodemer Auto5th/10th
27.7.2019FFSA GT4 Spa36Lémeret / JeanCMR1st/30th
27.7.2019FFSA GT4 Spa76Rédélé / ProstBodemer Auto32nd/14th
27.7.2019FFSA GT4 Spa111Servol / TribaudiniCMRDNF/34th
27.7.2019FFSA GT4 Spa616Huteau / SimonetMirage RacingDNF/8th
27.7.2019FFSA GT4 Spa919Hurgon / PiquetMirage Racing2nd/12th
18.8.2019GT4 Scandinavia Gelleråsen Arena1Gullberg / MörnerOtto Racing7th/DNF
31.8.2019GT4 South Barcelona616 #043Clement / Moullin-TraffortMirage RacingDNA
31.8.2019GT4 South Barcelona919 #038Mirage RacingDNA
1.9.2019GT4 Nürburgring48Loger / MouezCMR23rd/28th
14.9.2019GT4 Scandinavia Rudskogen1Gullberg / MörnerOtto Racing5th/DNS
15.9.2019FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours2Gvazava / IvanovSpeed CarDNF/31st
15.9.2019FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours7Wallgren / CourroyeSpeed Car11th/DNF
15.9.2019FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours8Consani / LaricheSpeed CarDNS/5th
15.9.2019FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours9Hernandez / AyariCMRDNF/12th
15.9.2019FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours35Ferté / DemoustierBodemer Auto6th/4th
15.9.2019FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours36Lémeret / JeanCMR10th/13th
15.9.2019FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours61Miot / CochetZentech Sport30th/10th
15.9.2019FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours76Rédélé / ProstBodemer Auto12th/23rd
15.9.2019FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours111Servol / TribaudiniCMR7th/7th
15.9.2019FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours616Sourd / CastagneMirage Racing21st/27th
15.9.2019FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours919Lison / BeltoiseMirage RacingDNF/6th
5.10.2019GT4 Scandinavia Mantorp Park1Otto GullbergOtto Racing1st/1st
13.10.2019FFSA GT4 Paul Ricard2Wallgren / CastelliSpeed Car32nd/14th
13.10.2019FFSA GT4 Paul Ricard7Gvazava / CourroyeSpeed CarDNF/15th
13.10.2019FFSA GT4 Paul Ricard35Ferté / DemoustierBodemer AutoDNF/7th
13.10.2019FFSA GT4 Paul Ricard111Servol / TribaudiniCMR26th/10th
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