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All Results of Austin-Healey 100-4

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Year: 1956

6.8.1956National Crystal Palace [Unlimited]40W. B. ConnW. B. Connraced

Year: 1958

27.4.1958Preliminary Louisville [BP+CP+DP]Allan Barker7th
27.4.1958SCCA Regional Louisville [BP+CP+DP+EP+FP Porsche]Allan Barker?th
8.6.1958SCCA Regional Lawrenceville [BP+CP+DP+EP]80Allan Barker?th
27.6.1958SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [DP+EP+HM+FIII]24Candido DaMotaCandido DaMota12th
31.8.1958Santa Barbara [EP]74Pierce Venable18th
14.9.1958SCCA Regional Meadowdale [CP+DP+EP]14Ed PazdurDNA

Year: 1959

25.4.1959BARC Goodwood [Marque]28D. J. MackayD. J. Mackayraced
25.4.1959BARC Goodwood [Marque]31Keith AitchisonK. N. Aitchisonraced
6.6.1959LCCC Oulton Park [Sports]33Keith AitchisonKeith AitchisonDNS
6.6.1959LCCC Oulton Park [Sports]33Keith AitchisonKeith Aitchison15th
13.6.1959SCCA Regional Lime Rock [DP+FP]77George LeibmanDNA
27.6.1959BARC Goodwood [Marque]41Keith AitchisonK. M. AitchisonDNA
27.6.1959BARC Goodwood [Handicap B]43D. J. MackayD. J. Mackay4th
27.6.1959BARC Goodwood [Marque]43D. J. MackayD. J. Mackayraced
11.7.1959MCMC Oulton Park [Sports]2Keith AitchisonKeith AitchisonDNA
2.8.1959SCCA Regional Shelton [EP]Joan Goodrich17th
8.8.1959BARC Oulton Park [Marque]20Keith AitchisonKeith AitchisonDNA
9.8.1959SCCA Regional Wilmot [BP+CP+DP]Frank Opalka?th
16.8.1959SCCA Regional Wilmot [Main]Frank Opalka?th
16.8.1959SCCA Regional Wilmot [race 3]Frank Opalka1st
29.8.1959BARC Aintree [Marque]Keith AitchisonK. N. Aitchison3rd
12.9.1959LISCA Lime Rock [Class 6+7]77George LeibmanDNA
26.9.1959BARC Goodwood [Marque]43D. J. MackayD. J. MackayDNA
26.9.1959BARC Goodwood [Marque]44M. O. BidwellM. O. BidwellDNA
26.9.1959BARC Goodwood [Marque]45B. SladeB. SladeDNA
26.9.1959BARC Goodwood [Marque]46C. F. JonesC. F. JonesDNA

Year: 1960

3.4.1960SCCA Regional Lawrenceville [EP]Neal Payton2nd/2nd
24.4.1960SCCA Regional Cotati [S5+S6+S7+P5+P6+P7]45Luther GentryLuther GentryDNA
24.4.1960SCCA Regional Cotati [S5+S6+S7+P5+P6+P7]101Faye StilleyFaye L. StilleyDNA
8.5.1960Westwood [FP+GP+HP+IP]Joan Goodrich1st
30.5.1960Westwood [GP+HP]Joan Goodrich3rd
5.6.1960SCCA Regional Lawrenceville [EP]Neal Payton1st/1st
12.6.1960Arlington [FP+GP+HP+IP]George Wetzel3rd
19.6.1960SCCA National Road America [EP]2Bill Flippo3rd
10.7.1960SCCA Regional Vaca Valley [S5+S6+S7+P5+P6+P7]15Faye StilleyFaye L. StilleyDNA
23.7.1960LCCC Oulton Park [Sports]123Brian BarrBrian BarrDNA
13.8.19606 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]24AD. J. MackayHealey Drivers' ClubDNA
14.8.1960SCCA Regional Cotati [Ladies]15Flo StilleyFlo Stilley6th
14.8.1960SCCA Regional Cotati [P5+P6+P7]15Faye StilleyFaye K. Stiley21st
14.8.1960SCCA Regional Cotati [P5+P6+P7]83Kim KimballKim KimballDNF
10.9.1960SCCA National Road America [EP]71Max PaulaDNF
29.10.19609 h Johannesburg38Anderson / HooperR. KendrickDNA
13.11.1960SCCA National Daytona [BP+CP+DP+EP]10Roy RoemerDNA

Year: 1961

14.5.1961SCCA National Cumberland [DP]104Sam PriceSam PriceDNF
10.6.1961BARC Goodwood [Handicap C]80D. J. MackayD. J. MackayDNA
10.6.1961BARC Goodwood [Handicap C]81D. B. M. GordonD. B. M. GordonDNA
9.7.1961SCC-BC Westwood [Ladies]Joan Goodrich1st
16.7.1961SCCA Regional Cotati [AP+BP+CP+DP+EP]152Keith MorrisKeith A. MorrisDNA
16.7.19613 h CotatiGier / LegerDNA
20.8.1961SCCA National Indianapolis [DP+EP]10Neal Payton9th
20.8.1961SCCA Regional Vaca Valley [AP+BP+CP+DP]173Keith MorrisKeith MorrisDNA
2.9.1961BARC Crystal Palace [Marque]57Mike WarnerM. WarnerDNA
24.9.1961SCCA Regional Reno [BP+CP+DP]118Danny StephensDanny StephensDNA
12.11.1961SCCA Regional Cotati [BP+CP+DP]175Keith MorrisKeith MorrisDNA
10.12.1961Del Mar [DP+EP+FP]8Danny StephensHealey Four Racing TeamDNA

Year: 1962

24.3.1962BARC Goodwood [Marque Veedol]80Mike WarnerM. Warnerraced
15.4.1962SCCA Regional Stockton [EP]278Keith MorrisDNA
17.6.1962SCCA National Road America [DP+EP]29Rick BeckrichRick BeckrichDNA
23.6.1962BARC Goodwood [Marque]John CardenJ. Carden4th
30.6.1962BRSCC Oulton Park [GT/Production A]120John CardenJohn CardenDNA
1.7.1962Mallory Park [GT+1.3]84Charles Sawyer-HoareE. C. Sawyer-HoareDNA
14.7.1962MCMC Oulton Park [C+1.6/GT]126John CardenJohn CardenDNA
22.7.1962Preliminary Pomona [Novice]Mike Stephens8th
22.7.1962SCCA Divisional Wilmot [EP]Arnis Skulte4th
28.7.1962BRSCC Oulton Park [GT/Production B]175John CardenJohn CardenDNF
11.8.1962BARC Oulton Park [Marque]41John CardenJohn CardenDNA
11.8.1962BARC Oulton Park [Marque]42Charles Sawyer-HoareCharles Sawyer-Hoare13th
18.8.1962Preliminary Pomona [EP+FP]8Stephens / StephensDanny StephensDNA
19.8.1962USSCC Pomona [EP+FP]8Stephens / StephensDanny StephensDNA
19.8.1962SCCA Regional Mid-Ohio [DP+EP]12John T. LandinDNA
19.8.1962Snetterton [GT+1.0]96Charles Sawyer-HoareWhites Garages (Camberley) Ltd.DNA
19.8.1962SCCA Regional Wilmot [EP+HM]Arnis Skulte4th
19.8.1962Preliminary Wilmot [EP+HM]Arnis Skulte3rd
3.9.1962SCCA National Thompson [DP+EP]39John StevensDNF
8.9.1962SCCA National Road America [DP+EP]46Arnis SkulteArnis SkulteDNA
29.9.1962BARC Oulton Park [Marque]59John CardenJohn CardenDNS
20.10.1962SCCA Regional Lime Rock [EP]29John StevensDNA
28.10.1962SCCA Regional Virginia [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+AP÷EP]21Guy OdomDNA
28.10.1962SCCA Regional Virginia [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+AP÷EP]41Jack BeallDNA
28.10.1962SCCA Regional Virginia [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+AP÷EP]43Vance / Parkerraced
28.10.1962SCCA Regional Virginia [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+AP÷EP]75Dave CharlesDNA
28.10.1962Preliminary Virginia [EP+FP]75Dave Charles2nd
18.11.1962USSCC Pomona [DP+EP+FP]149David G. PaulusDavid G. PaulusDNA

Year: 1963

7.4.1963SCCA National Marlboro [EP]John Stevens3rd
21.4.1963SCCA Divisional Vineland [EP]John Stevens5th
14.7.1963ICNSCC Westwood [FP+GP]214Stuart TracyDNA
24.8.1963SCCA National Watkins Glen [EP]15John StevensJohn T. Stevens2nd
31.8.1963BARC Oulton Park [Marque]34John FishwickJohn FishwickDNA
31.8.1963BARC Oulton Park [Handicap B]34John FishwickJohn FishwickDNA
6.10.1963GP Portland100Bill StevensDNA
6.10.1963ICNSCC Portland [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM]100Bill StevensDNA
6.10.1963ICNSCC Portland [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM]214Stuart TracyDNA
6.10.1963GP Portland214Stuart TracyDNA
19.10.1963SCCA Regional Lime Rock [EP]John Stevens3rd
26.10.19635 h WestwoodBill Stevens6th

Year: 1964

2.2.1964SCCA Divisional Riverside [EP]477G. O. BogleMoriarity Foreign Carraced
12.4.1964SCCA National Marlboro [EP]John Stevens4th
17.5.1964SCCA National Cumberland [EP]75Laurence JohnsonCpt. Laurance JohnsonDNA
5.7.1964SCCA Divisional Thompson [EP]John Stevens3rd
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