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All Results of Cooper Monaco T49

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Year: 1959

21.3.195912 h Sebring39Lucas / MalleLos AmigosDNF
30.3.1959Goodwood [S+1.1]57Roy SalvadoriJohn Coombs4th
30.3.1959Goodwood [S+1.1]Jim Russell?th
11.4.1959British Empire Trophy [S+1.5]4Roy SalvadoriJohn Coombs Racing Organisation2nd
11.4.1959British Empire Trophy [S+1.5]6 #CM/4/59Jack BrabhamJohn Coombs Racing Organisation5th
11.4.1959British Empire Trophy [S+1.5]7Jim RussellJim Russell1st
11.4.1959British Empire Trophy [S+1.5]14Chris BristowChris BristowDNF
11.4.1959British Empire Trophy [S+1.5]25 #CM/3/59Bill BowmanW. S. BowmanDNF
18.4.1959Aintree 200 [S+1.1]2Roy SalvadoriJohn Coombs Racing Organisation1st
18.4.1959Aintree 200 [S+1.1]3 #CM/4/59Jack BrabhamJohn Coombs Racing Organisation7th
18.4.1959Aintree 200 [S+1.1]4 #CM/3/59Bill BowmanW. S. 'Bill' BowmanDNF
18.4.1959Aintree 200 [S+1.1]5Chris BristowLuxury Cars Garages Ltd..DNF
18.4.1959Aintree 200 [S+1.1]6Jim RussellJim Russellraced
18.4.1959Aintree 200 [S+1.1]7Stirling MossKeele Engineering Ltd.DNA
2.5.1959Silverstone International [S+1.1]5Jim RussellJim Russell16th
2.5.1959Silverstone International [S+1.1]11 #CM/3/59Bill BowmanBill Bowman15th
2.5.1959Silverstone International [S+1.1]12Chris BristowChris BristowDNF
2.5.1959Silverstone International [S+1.1]14Percy CrabbChequered FlagDNA
2.5.1959Silverstone International [S+1.1]16 #CM/4/59Jack BrabhamJ. Coombs6th
2.5.1959Silverstone International [S+1.1]33Roy SalvadoriJ. Coombs1st
9.5.1959Snetterton [S3.0+S+3.0]Jim Russell1st
10.5.1959Eläintarhanajo18 #CM/1/59Curt Lincoln2nd
18.5.1959Anerley Trophy Crystal Palace40Roy SalvadoriJohn Coombs2nd
18.5.1959Norbury Trophy Crystal Palace77Jim RussellJim Russell3rd
18.5.1959Norbury Trophy Crystal PalaceRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs1st
18.5.1959Whitsun Goodwood #CM/3/59Bill Bowman?th
21.6.195924 h Le Mans24Russell / McLarenCooper Car CompanyDNF
21.6.195924 h Le MansRussell / Wisdom / BurgessCooper Car CompanyDNA
21.6.195924 h Le MansPercy CrabbCooper Car CompanyDNA
21.6.195924 h Le MansJean LucasDNA
28.6.1959BRSCC Mallory Park [S+1.2]Roy SalvadoriJohn Coombs4th
5.7.1959Västkustloppet [S2.0]10 #CM/1/59Curt Lincoln1st
18.7.1959GP Aintree1Stirling MossKeele EngineeringDNF
18.7.1959GP Aintree14Roy SalvadoriJ. CoombsDNA
18.7.1959GP Aintree26Chris BristowLuxury CarsDNF
18.7.1959GP Aintree27 #CM/4/59Jack BrabhamJohn Coombs3rd
25.7.1959USAC Lime Rock11 #CM/6/59John FitchCharlie Kreisler4th
3.8.1959Brands Hatch [S+1.1]75Chris BristowChris Bristow2nd
9.8.1959Kanonloppet [Sports]1Stirling MossKeele Engineering1st
9.8.1959Kanonloppet [Sports]4 #CM/4/59Jack Brabham2nd
9.8.1959Kanonloppet [Sports]5 #CM/1/59Curt Lincoln5th
9.8.1959SCCA National Montgomery [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM]20John FitchBriggs CunninghamDNF
16.8.1959Roskilde Ring [S+1.6]1Stirling MossKeele Engineering1st
16.8.1959Roskilde Ring [S+1.6]5 #CM/4/59Jack BrabhamJohn Coombs3rd
16.8.1959Roskilde Ring [S+1.6]Roy SalvadoriJohn Coombsraced
23.8.1959GP Messina50 #CM/5/59Colin DavisScuderia Centro-Sud1st
29.8.1959Brands Hatch [S+1.1]87Chris BristowLuxury Car GarageDNF
5.9.1959Tourist Trophy25 #CM/4/59Brabham / McLarenJohn Coombs Racing OrganisationDNF
6.9.1959GP Leopoldville1 #CM/1/59Curt LincolnDNF
6.9.1959USAC Meadowdale #CM/6/59John Fitch3rd
6.9.1959USAC MeadowdaleSherman Ustmanraced
13.9.1959500 mile Road America44Bill BowmanWilliam S. BowmanDNA
19.9.1959Harewood Acres [Sports/Stockcars]10 #CM/6/59John FitchCharlie KreislerDNF
20.9.1959GP Angola1 #CM/1/59Curt Lincoln1st
26.9.1959GP Watkins Glen21 #CM/6/59John FitchCharles KreislerDNA
3.10.1959LCCC Oulton Park [Formula Libre]60George PittGeorge PittDNA
3.10.1959LCCC Oulton Park [Sports]60George PittGeorge PittDNA
3.10.1959LCCC Oulton Park [Sports]60George PittGeorge PittDNA
3.10.1959LCCC Oulton Park [Sports]101Charles de SalisJ. CoombsDNA
3.10.1959LCCC Oulton Park [Sports]101Charles de SalisJ. CoombsDNF
11.10.1959200 mile Riverside11 #CM/6/59John FitchChas. KeislerDNA
17.10.1959SCCA Regional Lime Rock [Main]21John FitchCharlie Kreisler1st
15.11.1959Hourglass Field [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM] #CM/7/59Hap Sharp2nd
4.12.1959Preliminary Governor's Trophy [S2.0]2 #CM/4/59Jack BrabhamJohn Coombs3rd
6.12.1959Nassau Trophy2 #CM/4/59Jack BrabhamJohn Coombs4th
6.12.1959Nassau Trophy93 #CM/7/59Hap SharpJ. R. Sharp53rd

Year: 1960

28.2.1960GP Cuba18Jack BrabhamDNF
28.2.1960GP Cuba20 #CM/5/59Colin DavisScuderia Serenissima5th
28.2.1960GP Cuba25George ConstantineCharlie Kreisler10th
28.2.1960GP CubaRoy SalvadoriDNA
19.3.1960BARC Goodwood [Sports]Edward PortmanE. H. B. Portman3rd
26.3.196012 h Sebring27 #CM/7/59Sharp / HallHap SharpDNF
26.3.1960Snetterton [S+1.1]Charles de Salis?th
26.3.1960Snetterton [S+1.1]Tony Marsh2nd
26.3.1960Snetterton [S+1.1]D. Wilkinson?th
2.4.1960BARC Oulton Park [Sports]26Tony MarshTony Marsh7th
2.4.1960BARC Oulton Park [Sports]27Jimmy BlumerRoseberry Service Station4th
2.4.1960BARC Oulton Park [Sports]28Roy SalvadoriJohn Coombs Racing OrganisationDNA
2.4.1960BARC Oulton Park [Sports]28Brian NaylorBrian Naylorraced
3.4.1960USAC Riverside3 #CM/4/59Jack BrabhamBrabham Racing Organisation6th
3.4.1960SCCA National Pensacola [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM+GM]95 #CM/7/59Hap SharpDNF
17.4.1960Preliminary San Marcos [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM+GM]95 #CM/7/59Hap Sharp2nd
17.4.1960SCCA Regional San Marcos [Main]95 #CM/7/59Hap Sharp3rd
18.4.1960NSCC Mallory Park [Sports]44Brian NaylorJ. B. W. Car Co.1st
18.4.1960NSCC Mallory Park [Sports]51Edward PortmanE. H. B. Portman2nd
18.4.1960Sussex Trophy Goodwood83Roy SalvadoriJohn Coombs Racing Organisation1st
18.4.1960Sussex Trophy Goodwood84Edward PortmanE. H. B. PortmanDNA
18.4.1960Sussex Trophy Goodwood85Jimmy BlumerRoseberry Service Station2nd
24.4.1960SCCA Regional Cotati [M4+M5+M6+M7]55 #CM/4/59Sam Weiss1st
30.4.1960Aintree 20017Brian NaylorDNF
30.4.1960Aintree 20020Roy SalvadoriJohn Coombs1st
30.4.1960MMKMC Silverstone [Sports]Edward Portman1st
30.4.1960Aintree 200George Pitt?th
30.4.1960Aintree 200BlumerDNF
30.4.1960Aintree 200Tony Marsh3rd
1.5.1960Vaca Valley [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM]55 #CM/4/59Sam Weiss2nd
7.5.1960National Open Oulton Park [Sports]38Roy SalvadoriJohn Coombs Racing Organisation1st
7.5.1960National Open Oulton Park [Sports]43Tony MarshTony Marsh2nd
7.5.1960National Open Oulton Park [Sports]44Brian NaylorBrian NaylorDNF
7.5.1960Preliminary Continental Divide [Main] #CM/7/59Hap Sharpraced
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