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All Results of Ginetta G55 GT4

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Year: 2014

21.4.2014British GT Oulton Park41Mann / DraperOptimum21st/24th
21.4.2014British GT Oulton Park42Parfitt / OliphantCentury MotorsportDNF/DNF
21.4.2014British GT Oulton Park43Dons / SchjerpenCentury Motorsport23rd/20th
21.4.2014British GT Oulton Park46Barwick / EllisTwisted Team ParkerDNF/25th
21.4.2014British GT Oulton Park48McNeilly / StanleyFox MotorsportDNF/26th
21.4.2014British GT Oulton Park55Basey-Fisher / Nicoll-JonesAcademy Motorsport25th/DNF
5.5.2014British GT Rockingham41Mann / DraperOptimum22nd
5.5.2014British GT Rockingham42Parfitt / OliphantCentury Motorsport23rd
5.5.2014British GT Rockingham43Dons / SchjerpenCentury MotorsportDNF
5.5.2014British GT Rockingham46Barwick / EllisTwisted Team Parker21st
5.5.2014British GT Rockingham48McNeilly / StanleyFox Motorsport19th
5.5.2014British GT Rockingham55Basey-Fisher / Nicoll-JonesAcademy Motorsport16th
1.6.2014British GT Silverstone41Ratcliffe / DraperOptimum18th
1.6.2014British GT Silverstone42Parfitt / OliphantCentury Motorsport24th
1.6.2014British GT Silverstone43Dons / SchjerpenCentury Motorsport21st
1.6.2014British GT Silverstone46Barwick / EllisTwisted Team Parker17th
1.6.2014British GT Silverstone48McNeilly / StanleyFox Motorsport23rd
1.6.2014British GT Silverstone55Basey-Fisher / Nicoll-JonesAcademy MotorsportDNF
22.6.2014British GT Snetterton41Edwards / DraperOptimum28th/DNS
22.6.2014British GT Snetterton42Parfitt / OliphantCentury Motorsport20th/18th
22.6.2014British GT Snetterton43Dons / SchjerpenCentury Motorsport21st/19th
22.6.2014British GT Snetterton46Barwick / EllisTwisted Team Parker23rd/17th
22.6.2014British GT Snetterton48McNeilly / StanleyFox Motorsport24th/25th
22.6.2014British GT Snetterton55Basey-Fisher / Nicoll-JonesAcademy Motorsport25th/23rd
5.7.2014Britcar GT Oulton Park38Hankey / YolucOptimum Motorsport5th/NC
12.7.2014British GT Spa41Edwards / DraperOptimum31st/DNF
12.7.2014British GT Spa42Parfitt / OliphantCentury Motorsport26th/25th
12.7.2014British GT Spa43Schjerpen / DonsCentury Motorsport27th/DNF
12.7.2014British GT Spa46Barwick / EllisTwisted Team Parker28th/26th
12.7.2014British GT Spa48McNeilly / StanleyFox Motorsport30th/27th
12.7.2014British GT Spa55Basey-Fisher / Nicoll-JonesAcademy MotorsportDNF/DNS
26.7.2014GT4 Spa24Bakker / IbranBuggy Experience Javier Ibran20th/14th
26.7.2014GT4 Spa120Lee MowleOptimum MotorsportDNF/DNF
31.8.2014British GT Brands Hatch42Parfitt / OliphantCentury Motorsport23rd
31.8.2014British GT Brands Hatch43Schjerpen / DonsCentury Motorsport22nd
31.8.2014British GT Brands Hatch46Barwick / EllisTwisted Team Parker25th
31.8.2014British GT Brands Hatch48McNeilly / StanleyFox Motorsport20th
14.9.2014British GT Donington42Parfitt / OliphantCentury Motorsport15th
14.9.2014British GT Donington43Schjerpen / DonsCentury Motorsport22nd
14.9.2014British GT Donington46Barwick / EllisTwisted Team Parker17th
14.9.2014British GT Donington48McNeilly / StanleyFox Motorsport18th
1.10.2014Britcar GT Donington38Yoluc / HankeyOptimum Motorsport4th/7th

Year: 2015

21.2.2015GT Open Winter Series Jerez Test60Pattison / DavenportTolman Motorsport5th
28.3.2015Britcar GT Silverstone32Anderson / BlackLifetime Racing7th/8th
28.3.2015Britcar GT Silverstone59Barclay / HollingsOptimum Motorsport4th/5th
6.4.2015British GT Oulton Park43Schjerpen / BirchCentury Motorsport15th/22nd
6.4.2015British GT Oulton Park46Barwick / EllisTwisted Team Parker20th/17th
6.4.2015British GT Oulton Park48McNeilly / StanleyPaul McNeilly/Fox Motorsport24th/14th
6.4.2015British GT Oulton Park50Johnson / RobinsonProfessional Motorsport World Expo/Optimum11th/13th
6.4.2015British GT Oulton Park56Pattison / DavenportTolman Motorsport17th/15th
3.5.2015British GT Rockingham41Walewska / GarofallUniversity of Bolton21st
3.5.2015British GT Rockingham43Schjerpen / BirchCentury Motorsport17th
3.5.2015British GT Rockingham46Barwick / EllisTwisted Team ParkerDNF
3.5.2015British GT Rockingham48McNeilly / StanleyPaul McNeilly / Fox Motorsport16th
3.5.2015British GT Rockingham50Johnson / RobinsonPMW Expo Racing / Optimum Motorsport15th
3.5.2015British GT Rockingham56Pattison / DavenportTolman Motorsport LTD14th
31.5.2015British GT Silverstone41Walewska / GarofallUniversity of Bolton22nd
31.5.2015British GT Silverstone43Schjerpen / BirchCentury Motorsport19th
31.5.2015British GT Silverstone46Barwick / EllisTwisted Team Parker16th
31.5.2015British GT Silverstone48McNeilly / StanleyPaul McNeilly / Fox Motorsport17th
31.5.2015British GT Silverstone50Johnson / RobinsonPMW Expo Racing / Optimum Motorsport24th
31.5.2015British GT Silverstone55Barclay / HollingsPMW Expo Racing / Optimum Motorsport27th
31.5.2015British GT Silverstone56Pattison / DavenportTolman Motorsport LTD25th
21.6.2015GT4 Spa56Pattison / DavenportTolman Motorsport9th/12th
11.7.2015British GT Spa41Garofall / WalewskaUniversity of Bolton / RLR24th
11.7.2015British GT Spa43Birch / SchjerpenCentury MotorsportDNF
11.7.2015British GT Spa46Ellis / BarwickTwisted Team ParkerDNF
11.7.2015British GT Spa48Stanley / McNeillyPaul McNeilly / Fox Motor17th
11.7.2015British GT Spa50Robinson / JohnsonPMW Expo Racing / Optimum Moto18th
11.7.2015British GT Spa56Davenport / PattisonTolman Motorsport Ltd.19th
25.7.2015Britcar GT Donington32Anderson / BlackLifetime RacingDNA
2.8.2015British GT Brands Hatch41Walewska / GarofallUniversity of Bolton16th
2.8.2015British GT Brands Hatch43Schjerpen / BirchCentury Motorsport24th
2.8.2015British GT Brands Hatch48McNeilly / StanleyPaul McNeilly/Fox MotorsportDNF
2.8.2015British GT Brands Hatch50Johnson / RobinsonPMW Expo Racing/Optimum Motorsport12th
2.8.2015British GT Brands Hatch56Pattison / DavenportTolman Motorsport Ltd.11th
23.8.2015British GT Snetterton41Walewska / GarofallUniversity of Bolton21st/19th
23.8.2015British GT Snetterton43Schjerpen / BlomstedtCentury Motorsport16th/15th
23.8.2015British GT Snetterton48Mussi / StanleyPaul McNeilly / Fox MotorsportDNF/14th
23.8.2015British GT Snetterton50Johnson / RobinsonPMW Expo Racing / Optimum Motorsport17th/18th
23.8.2015British GT Snetterton56Pattison / DavenportTolman Motorsport Ltd.19th/16th
13.9.2015British GT Donington41Walewska / GarofallUniversity of Bolton21st
13.9.2015British GT Donington43Schjerpen / BlomstedtCentury Motorsport17th
13.9.2015British GT Donington48McNeilly / StanleyPaul McNeilly / Fox Motorsport22nd
13.9.2015British GT Donington50Johnson / RobinsonPMW Expo Racing / Optimum Motorsport20th
13.9.2015British GT Donington56Pattison / DavenportTolman Motorsport Ltd.19th
13.9.2015British GT Donington73Stinton / FrekeCentury Motorsport14th

Year: 2016

17.4.2016British GT Brands Hatch40Byrne / SchjerpenCentury Motorsport23rd
17.4.2016British GT Brands Hatch45Stilp / PhillipsRCIB Insurance Racing12th
17.4.2016British GT Brands Hatch50Johnson / RobinsonPMW World Expo Racing / Optimum Motorsport10th
17.4.2016British GT Brands Hatch51Foster / ReedLanan Racing16th
17.4.2016British GT Brands Hatch66Jones / MalvernNick JonesDNF
17.4.2016British GT Brands Hatch73Freke / WalewskaCentury Motorsport11th
17.4.2016British GT Brands Hatch75Barrable / ThompsonRCIB Insurance RacingDNF
1.5.2016British GT Rockingham40Byrne / SchjerpenCentury Motorsport13th
1.5.2016British GT Rockingham45Stilp / PhillipsRCIB Insurance Racing19th
1.5.2016British GT Rockingham50Johnson / RobinsonPMW World Expo Racing / Optimum MotorsportDQ
1.5.2016British GT Rockingham51Foster / ReedLanan Racing14th
1.5.2016British GT Rockingham73Freke / WalewskaCentury MotorsportDQ
1.5.2016British GT Rockingham75Barrable / ThompsonRCIB Insurance RacingDQ
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