(People's Republic of China)

Note: These statistics are based only on the results available in the RSC archive database.
They cannot be modified or updated on their own and do not cover all races ever held on the track
but rather just major sports car events plus meetings selected by RSC.

General figures:
Data covers years:2018
Number of events:2
Total entries:20 (contains 18 finishers and 2 retirements, finishing ratio: 90%)
Photos in Gallery:no photos available
Wins by drivers:Ye Hongli (1), Josh Burdon (1), Andrew Waite (1), Nigel Moore (1)
Wins by makes:Ligier (2)
Notes of interest:
Most frequent drivers:Taylor Cockerton (2), Liu Zexuan (2), Nathan Kumar (2), Yan Cheuk Wai (2), He Xiaole (2), Ye Hongli (2), Constantin Schöll (2), Martin Cao (2), Josh Burdon (2), Jake Persons (2), Henning Enqvist (2), Garnet Patterson (2), Neale Muston (2), Kevon O'Hara (2), Tim Zimmermann (2), Tim Macrow (2), Andrew Waite (2), James Winslow (2), Nigel Moore (2), Dave Stevens (2)
Most frequent makes:Ligier (20)
Most frequent championships:Chinese LMP3 (2)