Note: These statistics are based only on the results available in the RSC archive database.
They cannot be modified or updated on their own and do not necessary cover all events ever held
but rather just major sports car events plus meetings selected by RSC.

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General figures:
Data covers years:2017-2021
Number of events:6
Total entries:18 (contains 13 finishes and 5 retirements, finishing ratio: 72%)
Photos in Gallery:4 (22% of all entries)
Wins:0Additional class wins2
Second place finishes:0Top 3 finishes0
Third place finishes:0Races finished on podium0
Best result (count):9th (1x)Pole positions0
Notes of interest:
Most frequent drivers:Heiko Hahn (3), Hans-Martin Gass (3), Niki Schelle (2), Thomas Heuchemer (2), Christian Heuchemer (2), Christopher Dreyspring (2), Klaus Faßbender (2), Andreas Tasche (1), Charles Oakes (1), Markus Fischer (1), Torsten Schubert (1), Rainer Partl (1), Francesco Merlini (1), Jan Willem van Stee (1), André Seinen (1), Léonard Hoogenboom (1), Matthias Malmedie (1), Einar Thorsen (1), Tom Moran (1), Roland Waschkau (1), Rudi Speich (1), Uwe Ebertz (1), Guido Wirtz (1), Christoph Hewer (1), Michael Bonk (1), Christian Gebhardt (1), Jörg Weidinger (1), Dirk Adorf (1), Ricardo van der Ende (1), Christopher Brück (1)
Most frequent tracks:Nürburgring (12), Spa (6)
Most frequent countries:D (12), B (6)

Chassis Numbers:

40 - BMW M2 Competition - Schubert Motorsport53 - BMW M2 - Team Schirmer
Random Photo
37 - Opel Commodore GS/E