Courage C30LM

Note: These statistics are based only on the results available in the RSC archive database.
They cannot be modified or updated on their own and do not necessary cover all events ever held
but rather just major sports car events plus meetings selected by RSC.

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General figures:
Data covers years:1993
Number of events:3 (including 1 official test)
Total entries:8 (contains 4 finishes and 1 retirement, finishing ratio: 80%)
Photos in Gallery:6 (75% of all entries)
Wins:0Additional class wins0
Second place finishes:1Top 3 finishes0
Third place finishes:0Races finished on podium1
Best result (count):2nd (1x)Pole positions0
Notes of interest:
Most frequent drivers:Lionel Robert (4), Carlos Moran (3), Alessandro Gini (3), Jean-François Yvon (2), Derek Bell (1), Jean-Louis Ricci (1), Pascal Fabre (1), Tomiko Yoshikawa (1), Pierre Yver (1)
Most frequent chassis:C30-011 (2), C30-010 (2), C30-009 (2)
Most frequent tracks:Le Mans (6), Mugello (2)
Most frequent countries:F (6), I (2)

Chassis Numbers:

13T - Courage C30LM Porsche - Courage Competition12 - Courage C30LM Porsche #009 - Courage Compétition
Random Photo
49 - Fiat - BSG Motor Mitte Neukirchen