All Results of Aston Martin DB4 GT

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Year: 1959

26.4.1959Le Mans Test19 #DP199/1Hubert PattheyEcurie 3 Chevrons7th
26.4.1959Le Mans Test20Renaud CalderariEcurie 3 Chevrons12th
2.5.1959Silverstone International [GT]54 #DP199/1Stirling MossDavid Brown (Aston Martin)1st
21.6.195924 h Le Mans21 #DP199/1Patthey / CalderariEcurie 3 ChevronsDNF
29.11.1959Preliminary Nassau TT [GT+2.0]35 #0103/LStirling MossFrank de Arellano1st
29.11.1959Nassau TT35 #0103/LStirling MossFrank de ArellanoDNF

Year: 1960

26.3.196012 h SebringRosales / MerinoPuerto Rico RacingDNA
18.4.1960Fordwater Trophy Goodwood #0124/RStirling MossTommy Sopwith/Equipe Endeavour1st
30.4.1960Aintree 200 [GT]30 #0124/RJack Sears1st
7.5.1960Oulton Park [GT] #0124/RJack Sears1st
14.5.1960Silverstone International21Jonathan SieffTaylor & Crawley Ltd.DNA
14.5.1960Silverstone International22 #0124/RJack SearsEquipe Endeavour Ltd.10th
22.5.19601000 km Nürburgring75Sieff / GrahamTaylor and Crawley Racing TeamDNS
22.5.1960Snetterton [GT]124 #0124/RJack SearsEquipe Endeavour1st
12.6.1960GP Rouen #0125/RJonathan SieffEssex Racing/John Ogier6th
26.6.196024 h Le MansLino FayenKen RuddDNA
1.8.1960Brands Hatch International [GT]115 #0124/RJack SearsEq. Endeavour1st
20.8.1960Tourist Trophy9 #0125/RSalvadoriEssex Racing Team2nd
20.8.1960Tourist Trophy10 #0151/RIrelandEssex Racing Team3rd
27.8.1960Redex Trophy Brands Hatch92 #0124/RJack SearsEq. Endeavour2nd
23.10.19601000 km Paris9 #0125/RSalvadori / IrelandEssex Racing Team6th
23.10.19601000 km Paris10 #0151/RClark / MaggsEssex Racing TeamDNF
27.11.1960Nassau TT33Rafael Rosales6th
3.12.1960Governor's Trophy33Rafael Rosales42nd

Year: 1961

25.3.196112 h Sebring7 #0133/LGrossman / BlackDavid AshDNF
25.3.196112 h Sebring8 #0135/LDecker / BucherDavid AshDNF
25.3.1961Lombank Trophy Snetterton26 #0125/RRoy SalvadoriJ. Ogier3rd
3.4.1961Fordwater Trophy Goodwood91 #0200/RStirling MossR. Wilkins and R.R.C. Walker3rd
3.4.1961Fordwater Trophy Goodwood92 #0151/RInnes IrelandJ. L. E. Ogier2nd
9.4.1961Le Mans Test1 #0180/LJean KerguenJean Kerguen9th
9.4.1961Le Mans Test #0134/L?Claude Le GuezecClaude Le Guezes10th
15.4.1961National Open Oulton Park [GT]Innes IrelandEssex Racing Team2nd
21.5.1961SCCA Regional Thompson [BP+CP+DP]Henry DingleyDNA
28.5.19611000 km NürburgringSalvadori / MaggsEssex Racing TeamDNA
4.6.1961GP Rouen14 #0134/LClaude Le GuezecAston Martin France18th
11.6.196124 h Le Mans1 #0180/L"Franc" / KerguenJean KerguenDNF
11.6.196124 h Le Mans2 #0182/RFairman / ConstenEssex Racing StableDNF
11.6.196124 h Le Mans3 #0183/RDavison / StillwellEssex Racing StableDNF
8.7.1961British Empire Trophy34 #0183/RLex DavisonEssex Racing Stable3rd
9.7.1961Trophée d'Auvergne10? #0180/LJean KerguenPozzoliDNF
15.7.1961GP Aintree6 #0183/RLex DavisonEssex Racing Team1st
15.7.1961GP Aintree #0151/RJohn WhitmoreEssex Racing Team3rd
19.8.1961Tourist Trophy1 #0182/RRoy SalvadoriEssex Racing Team3rd
19.8.1961Tourist Trophy2 #0151/RInnes IrelandEssex Racing Team5th
19.8.1961Tourist Trophy3 #0183/RJim ClarkEssex Racing Team4th
10.9.1961Coppa Inter-Europa [GT+1.3]62 #0180/LJean Kerguen"Franc"4th
10.9.1961Coppa Inter-Europa [GT+1.3]68 #0182/RTony MaggsEssex Racing Team2nd
24.9.1961SCCA Regional Reno [BP+CP+DP]64Jack DaltonKjell QvaleDNA
24.9.1961Hockenheim [GT+1.6] #0166/LPeter Lindner2nd
30.9.1961Molyslip Trophy SnettertonInnes Ireland3rd
8.10.1961Coupes du Salon2? #0134/LClaude Le GuezecDNF
22.10.19611000 km Paris14Kerguen / "Franc"Jean Kerguen14th
22.10.19611000 km Paris15 #0182/RClark / IrelandEssex Racing Team6th
22.10.19611000 km Paris16Maggs / WhitmoreEssex Racing Team9th
1961Pferdsfeld [GT+1.6] #0166/LPeter Lindner?th

Year: 1962

24.3.1962BARC Goodwood [S/GT]52Mike SalmonM. Salmon3rd
24.3.1962BARC Goodwood [Handicap]52Mike SalmonM. Salmonraced
24.3.1962BARC Goodwood [Handicap]53Edward PortmanE. H. B. Portmanraced
24.3.1962BARC Goodwood [S/GT]53Edward PortmanE. H. B. Portman5th
7.4.1962National Open Oulton Park [GT] #0125/RGeorge Pittraced
7.4.1962National Open Oulton Park [GT] #0182/RTony MaggsEssex Racing Team3rd
7.4.1962National Open Oulton Park [GT]Mike Salmonraced
8.4.1962Le Mans Test2Kerguen / "Franc"David Brown7th
23.4.1962Sussex Trophy GoodwoodMike Salmon?th
23.4.1962Sussex Trophy Goodwood #0182/RGraham Warner7th
28.4.1962SilverstoneMike Salmon2nd
5.5.1962AMOC Silverstone [Handicap]101Edward Portman1st
5.5.1962AMOC Silverstone [Handicap S+1.5]101Edward Portmanraced
5.5.1962AMOC Silverstone [Handicap S+1.5]Mike Salmon1st
6.5.1962Hockenheim [GT+2.0]4Peter LindnerDNF
12.5.1962Silverstone International [GT]33Hill / SalvadoriJohn CoombsDNA
12.5.1962Silverstone International [GT]34 #0182/RJim ClarkEssex Racing Team4th
12.5.1962Silverstone International [GT]35Mike SalmonM. Salmon6th
12.5.1962Silverstone International [GT]36Edward PortmanHon. Edward PortmanDNA
20.5.1962GP Spa [GT+1.3] #0183/RLucien BianchiEquipe Nationale Belge/David BrownDNF
20.5.1962GP Spa [GT+1.3]Mike Salmon5th
25.5.1962Brands Hatch [GT] #0190/LRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs2nd
27.5.19621000 km Nürburgring58Essex Racing StableDNA
24.6.196224 h Le Mans12 #0193/RKerguen / "Franc"Jean KerguenDNF
24.6.196224 h Le Mans14 #0200/RSalmon / BaillieMichael SalmonDNF
1.7.1962Norisring [GT+1.6]60 #0166/LPeter Lindner2nd
8.7.1962Trofeo Nuvolari Montjuich90Francisco Godia-Sales1st
12.7.1962Silverstone [GT+ser.S]Mike Salmon2nd
12.7.1962Silverstone [S+GT]Mike Salmon4th
15.7.1962Trophée d'Auvergne2Tony MaggsEssex Racing Team7th
15.7.1962Scott-Brown Memorial Snetterton82Mike SalmonMike Salmon10th
5.8.1962Rheinland Nürburgring8 #0166/LPeter LindnerPeter Lindner2nd
6.8.1962Peco Trophy Brands Hatch71Mike SalmonM. Salmon7th
18.8.1962Tourist Trophy2 #0183/RJim ClarkJ. L. E. OgierDNF
18.8.1962Tourist Trophy3 #0182/RGraham WarnerJ. L. E. OgierDNF
18.8.1962Tourist Trophy4 #0200/RMike SalmonM. SalmonDNF
23.9.1962Coupes de Paris [S2.0+GT Handicap]50?Le Guezec8th
29.9.19623 h Autosport40Mike SalmonM. Salmon?th
21.10.19621000 km Paris9 #0183/RClark / WhitmoreEssex Racing Stable (J. Ogier)DNF
21.10.19621000 km Paris10 #0193/RKerguen / "Franc"Jean KerguenDNA
27.12.1962Brands Hatch [GT]Mike Salmon2nd
1962Longford [GT]Doug Whiteford1st

Year: 1963

7.4.19636 h DakarKerguen / Duffour2nd
15.4.1963Sussex Trophy Goodwood46Mike SalmonAtherstone Engineering Ltd.5th
3.5.1963GP Japan [Race 1]José Rosinski5th
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