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Year: 1965

25.4.1965SM Knutstorp [GT+1.15]5Jan SöderströmDNA

Year: 1966

2.12.1966Governor's Trophy & Nassau TT20Mike Rothschild19th

Year: 1967

3.2.1967300 miles Daytona36Mark DonohueRoger Penske RacingDNF
3.2.1967300 miles Daytona39John MooreDNF
3.2.1967300 miles Daytona40Craig Fisher2nd
3.2.1967300 miles DaytonaRoger West6th
5.2.196724 h Daytona16Chitwood / McClureJoie Chitwood, Sr.DNF
5.2.196724 h Daytona36Wintersteen / Welch / BrownRoger PenskeDNF
5.2.196724 h Daytona40Fisher / EatonCraig FisherDNF
11.3.1967SCCA Regional Willow Springs [AP+BP+CP+DP+AS+BS]56Dick GuldstrandDana ChevroletDNF
12.3.1967SCCA National Willow Springs [AP+BP+CP+DP+AS+BS]56Dick GuldstrandDana Chevrolet?th
31.3.19674 h Sebring1Joie ChitwoodJoie Chitwood, Jr.DNS
31.3.19674 h Sebring2Guldstrand / BondurantDana Racing Div.18th
31.3.19674 h Sebring3Craig FisherCraig Fisher34th
31.3.19674 h Sebring4MooreHRH Corp.17th
31.3.19674 h Sebring5Bob BrownR. P. Brown6th
31.3.19674 h Sebring6DonohueRoger Penske2nd
31.3.19674 h Sebring7Gary GoveAlan Green ChevroletDNF
31.3.19674 h Sebring9Jerry ThompsonDon YenkoDNF
31.3.19674 h Sebring10Jim SwanM. S. ResearchDNA
31.3.19674 h Sebring21?Don YenkoDNS
31.3.19674 h Sebring22Kolb7th
31.3.19674 h Sebring26Nickey ChevroletDNA
31.3.19674 h Sebring27Phil SeabornNickey ChevroletDNF
31.3.19674 h Sebring75Campbell / CooperCreitz RacingDNF
31.3.19674 h SebringBaird / West11th
31.3.19674 h SebringTom LynchLynchDNF
31.3.19674 h SebringBud Gates16th
1.4.1967ICNSCC Westwood [Novice 2]Bob Stevens1st
16.4.1967Trans-Am Green Valley3Craig FisherDNF
16.4.1967Trans-Am Green Valley16Mark DonohueRoger Penske Racing4th
16.4.1967Trans-Am Green Valley54Charlie KolbDNF
16.4.1967Trans-Am Green Valley75Vic Campbell15th
6.5.1967Harewood Acres [Main]Craig Fisher4th
7.5.1967ICNSCC Westwood [Novice 1]Fred BestDNA
7.5.1967ICNSCC Westwood [Novice 1]Bob Stevens7th
13.5.1967SCCA Regional Lime Rock [Main]Bob Brown?th
14.5.1967SCCA Regional Wilmot [GSR+CP+DP+AS]Richard Hoffman4th
21.5.1967Tourist TrophyTom Lynch7th
21.5.1967Tourist TrophyBrian Muir5th
28.5.1967SCCA National Shelton [Main]Gary Gove?th
30.5.1967Trans-Am Lime Rock6Mark DonohueRoger Penske Racing2nd
30.5.1967Trans-Am Lime Rock55Gary MorganDNS
30.5.1967Trans-Am Lime Rock71Craig FisherDNF
30.5.1967Trans-Am Lime RockDan HoffmanDNS
30.5.1967Trans-Am Lime RockBob BrownDNF
30.5.1967Trans-Am Lime RockRoger WestDNF
30.5.1967Trans-Am Lime RockPruyn / Pulver18th
11.6.1967Trans-Am Mid-Ohio1Roger WestJoie Chitwood Ent.8th
11.6.1967Trans-Am Mid-Ohio4John MooreH.R.H. Corp.DNF
11.6.1967Trans-Am Mid-Ohio16George FollmerRoger Penske Racing3rd
11.6.1967Trans-Am Mid-Ohio48Richard HoffmanH.H. Racing Ent.10th
11.6.1967Trans-Am Mid-Ohio55Gary MorganHeinrich MotorsDNF
11.6.1967Trans-Am Mid-Ohio71Craig FisherCraig Fisher Racing6th
11.6.1967Trans-Am Mid-Ohio75Vic CampbellCreitz Racing Eq.DNA
11.6.1967Trans-Am Mid-Ohio77Pete LakeDNA
11.6.1967Trans-Am Mid-Ohio84Don HamiltonDon YenkoDNF
16.7.1967SCCA Regional Kent7Gary GoveGary GoveDNA
22.7.196724 h Spa6Boulanger / Duvigneaud20th
22.7.196724 h Spa7Lynch / ThompsonDNF
22.7.196724 h Spa8Greder / GiorgiDNF
6.8.1967Trans-Am Bryar16Mark DonohueRoger Penske RacingDNF
6.8.1967Trans-Am BryarJohn Moore10th
6.8.1967Trans-Am BryarPruyn / Pulver15th
6.8.1967Trans-Am BryarCraig Fisher16th
6.8.1967Trans-Am BryarRichard HoffmanDNF
12.8.1967Trans-Am Marlboro16Donohue / FisherRoger Penske Racing1st
12.8.1967Trans-Am MarlboroUnderwood / SalernoDNF
12.8.1967Trans-Am MarlboroHoffman / Horchler / Hofstader7th
12.8.1967Trans-Am MarlboroMoore / McDanielDNF
13.8.1967SCCA Regional Southport [CSR+DSR+ESR+FSR+AP+BP+AS+BS]22Russell LindRussell LindDNA
13.8.1967Golden Gate [AP+BP+DP+AS]28Dick StantonDNA
20.8.1967500 miles Watkins Glen55Gary MorganHeinrich ChevroletDNA
27.8.1967Trans-Am Continental Divide7?Gary GoveAlan Green ChevroletDNF
27.8.1967Trans-Am Continental Divide36?Mark DonohueRoger Penske Racing8th
27.8.1967Trans-Am Continental DivideCampbell / Jones16th
10.9.1967Trans-Am Modesto16Mark DonohueRoger Penske Racing3rd
10.9.1967Trans-Am Modesto28?Stanton / Nola11th
10.9.1967Trans-Am Modesto32?Max DudleyDNF
17.9.1967Trans-Am Riverside56?Dick Guldstrand8th
17.9.1967Trans-Am RiversideBob JohnsonRoger Penske Racing3rd
17.9.1967Trans-Am RiversideDeckman / Hitchcock22nd
17.9.1967Trans-Am RiversideTony SettemberDNF
1.10.1967Trans-Am Las Vegas6?Mark DonohueRoger Penske Racing1st
1.10.1967Trans-Am Las Vegas28?Dick Stanton13th
1.10.1967Trans-Am Las Vegas32?Max DudleyDNF
1.10.1967Trans-Am Las VegasLynch / WestDNF
1.10.1967Trans-Am Las VegasBob JohnsonDNF
8.10.1967Trans-Am Kent6Mark DonohueRoger Penske Racing1st
8.10.1967Trans-Am Kent7Jerry GrantAlan Green ChevroletDNF
8.10.1967Trans-Am Kent8Deckman / HitchcockKen Deckman8th
8.10.1967Trans-Am Kent16Johnson / FisherRoger Penske Racing4th
8.10.1967Trans-Am Kent22Laurie CraigLaurie Craig15th
8.10.1967Trans-Am Kent24Phil SeabornMid-Way Auto WholesaleDNF
8.10.1967Trans-Am Kent27Florence / HarnessDavid Phelan9th
8.10.1967Trans-Am Kent32Max DudleyBothell Chev. & CadillacDNF
15.10.1967Laguna Seca [AP+BP+CP+AS+CSR-GSR]28Dick StantonDNA

Year: 1968

4.2.196824 h Daytona13McLaren / HallSamato, Ltd. (Smokey Yunick)DNS
4.2.196824 h Daytona16Craig FisherRoger Penske Racing Ent.DNA
4.2.196824 h Daytona75Mastandrea / NosedaMastandrea/Mar ShippingDNA
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